2.21: IOS + Chrome Configurations, Chromium 126, New Partner Proxies

2.21: IOS + Chrome Configurations, Chromium 126, New Partner Proxies

Presenting the latest update, Undetectable 2.21, where important details for comfortable use have been refined, and new useful features have been added.

Attention MAC M-Series Users!

To update the program on MAC M-series, you need to download and reinstall Undetectable.

What's New

Automatic Browser Version Update

A new function for automatic browser version updates in the profile has been added to the settings. By enabling this option, you can be sure that your browser will always be up-to-date, updating automatically with each launch.

IOS + Chrome Configurations

New IOS + Chrome configuration combinations have been added to the config shop. A wide range of configurations allows your profiles to look like real user profiles, ensuring maximum anonymity and security.

New Partner Proxies

ABCProxy is now available directly in the program. Use this service to provide additional security and anonymity when working on the internet.

Improvements and Fixes

Chromium Core Updated to Version 126: The new core version ensures more stable and faster browser performance, as well as effective blending with the internet crowd.

Optimized Profile Manager and Main Screen: Working with a large number of profiles is now even more convenient and faster.

Cookie Files Transfer to Cookie Tree: A new feature allows transferring cookie files to the cookie tree for further import.

Improved Trash Bin Handling: Now, in the settings, there is an option to disable the trash bin, where you can also set a timer for its cleaning. There is also a button to open the trash bin directly in the profile manager.

Updated Program Framework: Improved performance and stability.

Login Error Fixed: The Enter button no longer redirects you to the website.