How to buy

Step-by-step instructions for purchasing a license.

  1. Click the "buy" button
  2. Next, you will be redirected to the authorization page.
  3. If you already have an account, go to your personal account. If a not, go through registration.
  4. In your personal account, choose the tariffs offered to you.
  5. When you click on the buy button, a window will appear prompting you to go to the shopping cart.
  6. The basket will contain your orders and the ability to enter a promotional code.
  7. After that you will need to proceed to checkout.
  8. After making a purchase, you will be redirected to the License. Click the View button to view your license information. Also in this section you can download the software.
  9. Important!!! You need to set a password for each license.
  10. Important! LOGIN and PASSWORD from the account do not match the password for the license. The login to enter the program is the name of the license (Username)

How to install?

Step by step instructions on how to install the software.

  1. Download the installer.
  2. Open it and click next.
  3. The next window will have two items. Create a shortcut and set additional settings. Leave it as it is.
  4. Then select the location where you will install the software.

How to use?


1. Start window

  • - create a new profile
  • After clicking on this button, a window will appear in which you can configure your profile

  • - In developing
  • - In developing
  • - Tag manager
  • In this window, you can create a tag. It is convenient to hang tags on a profile for further filtering.

  • - Profile manager
  • In this window you can manage your profiles. And perform such actions as:

    • Delete
    • Import
    • Export
    • Run
    • Archive
    • Unarchive Profiles

  • - Settings
  • In this window you can manage the main settings:

    • Change interface language
    • Select a theme (in development)
    • Set basic profile settings
    • Update software to the latest version

2. Profile menu.

1. The first thing you need to do is set a name for the profile.
2. In the block with configurations, you are provided with free configs, taking into account your tariff plan, or you can add your own configs.

To install configs. You need to click on the "gear".

In the menu that opens, enter the address of the site with the configs and your token. Then click "Check" and the "Save" button.

Update and select the desired config.

3. Set the languages you need.
4. The block contains 4 settings.
  • - proxy
  • In this section, you are given the opportunity to connect a Proxy

  • - Network configuration
  • In the "Network configuration" section, you can enable WebRTC, as well as configure the location using Latitude and Longitude. It is also possible to set a Time Zone. MaxMind determines geolocation and timezone by IP, if a proxy is installed, then geolocation and timezone is determined by proxy.

  • - System configuration
  • In "System configuration" you can manage settings such as Canvas, WebGL, Audio and Screen Size.

  • - Сookies
  • Cookies, as the name suggests, stores cookies. In this section you can perform such actions as:

    • Save Сookies
    • Download Сookies
    • Delete all Сookies
    • Export Сookies

5. This block contains items such as:
  • - Fast start
  • "Fast Start" is a one-time login, no data is saved. How to use the browser, go to the browser section.

  • - Bot
  • When the "Bot" starts, a window will open in which you can upload your list of sites that the bot should go through, or register them manually. You can also set the timer for the time you need.

  • - Save
  • If you just want to save the profile and not go directly to the browser, click save

  • - Open
  • The "Open" button takes you to the browser.

Browser window

  • - Settings
  • You can change profile settings without leaving your browser.


# Terms Definition of the term
1 Profile A collection of data and settings for a specific browser. Contains cookies, config and other program settings. You can create many profiles, even with the same configs, but different settings.
2 Config A dataset taken from a specific real browser. By choosing a certain config in the program and creating a browser with it, the sites will think that you are using the browser from which the config is removed.
3 Proxy It is used to change the users IP address, there are different types of Proxy, the most popular are Socks5. Undetectable does not provide proxies.
4 Fingerprint A set of data that sites can learn about a user and his devices through a browser.
5 WebRTC An open standard for multimedia communication implemented in a browser. Through it, it is possible to determine the users IP address bypassing the proxy.
6 WebGL WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a software library that extends the capabilities of the JavaScript programming language, allowing you to create interactive 3D graphics in any compatible web browser. Through WebGL, sites can find out the parameters of the users video card and its name.
7 Canvas It is an HTML element used to draw graphics using programming languages (usually JavaScript). With its help, sites can determine what kind of browser and OS the user is using.
8 Сookies These are files that are stored on your computer by your browser when you visit websites. They can contain any information, for example, information about authorization or settings. They are located in directories with browser settings, usually the user profile.
9 Bot A program that performs any action automatically on a specific schedule.
10 Authentication Verification and confirmation of the identity of the subject.


General issues

In order for your work with this software to be as comfortable and safe as possible, carefully read the documentation.
The browser runs on 64-bit Windows and MacOS operating systems (tested on High Sierra and Catalina).
Undetectable is an application that allows you to create multiple browser profiles with unique settings to make each one look like a new device for websites. Its peculiarity is that, for example, you do not need to configure multiple virtual machines. Instead, you can work on your PC. Undetectable is especially useful if you need to create and work with different social media accounts and different websites at the same time.


Cookies are loaded in json and netscape format.
You can purchase a group license for simultaneous operation of several users. The solo license is for single user use. There is no binding to a specific computer, so by closing the license on one PC, you can open it on another.
With Undetectable, you can create browsers with configurations from Android and IOS, while sites will think that you are working from mobile devices.
With built-in tools you can use Socks5 and HTTP / HTTPS proxy. Also, our browser supports any third-party software for working with VPN and Proxy.
If you are using Lightshot application, you may have problems with "Prnt Scr", this is a common error related to the active application running as administrator. There are two methods to resolve this error. 1. Change the "Prnt Scr" hotkey in Lightshot to another one. 2. Make Lightshot run as administrator.

Account and licenses

It is possible that you left the session open on another computer or the session was closed incorrectly. Please contact support, we will disable active sessions. Also, if you suddenly think that someone else is using the license without your knowledge, then we recommend changing the license password.
If you have forgotten your account password, please use the password recovery form.

Have a question? Ask us here, and we will get back to you shortly.