How to get started with Undetectable

Last updated 13 September, 2021

The start

Start the bot by clicking the button Bot on the left of the platform working space.

The following window will open:

The Bot Functionality

The functionality of the bot allows you to set up an automatic browsing of web-sites for a selected period of time. How to set it up correctly?

  1. Profiles – one or more profiles with which you will work;
  2. Pages is one moment – an amount of pages the bot opens at the same time;
  3. Script.

At the moment, there are three scripts available for the bot to work:

  • Browse Pages In Order. Each profile goes through to the specified web-sites in the order of the list;
  • Browse Pages Randomly. Each profile goes through to web-sites in a random order;
  • Group Pages by Profiles. Links are shuffled and distributed among all active profiles.

The scripts can be paused and resumed as needed. With the “Timer” option, you can flexibly adjust the time you spend on the site and the intervals between actions. Or select Random interval, so that the bot is randomly located on the site within the time from and to the time set by the user. 

Import links

Links can be imported using the Import links button. To do this, select a text file with a list of links, each on a new line and click the import button.

Top Sites Generator

We have added a small service to generate popular sites, where you can select the desired country and number of sites. In a couple of seconds you will have a list of the most popular sites, which you can copy to our bot.

Also in development are tools such as automatic transition to links on pages, as well as emulation of mouse movements. All of this will allow you to “warm up” your profile before registering on sites.

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