How to get started with Undetectable

Last updated 9 September, 2021

General issues

How to find out about all the intricacies and capabilities of the browser?

In order for your work with this software to be as comfortable and safe as possible, carefully read the documentation.

What operating system does the browser support?

The browser runs on 64-bit Windows and MacOS operating systems (tested on High Sierra and Catalina).

How can a Undetectable help me?

Undetectable is an application that allows you to create multiple browser profiles with unique settings to make each one look like a new device for websites. Its peculiarity is that, for example, you do not need to configure multiple virtual machines. Instead, you can work on your PC. Undetectable is especially useful if you need to create and work with different social media accounts and different websites at the same time.


What format should the cookies be loaded in?

Cookies are loaded in json and netscape format.

Can I use my account on different computers at the same time?

You can purchase a group license for simultaneous operation of several users. The solo license is for single user use. There is no binding to a specific computer, so by closing the license on one PC, you can open it on another.

Can I simulate a user from a mobile device?

With Undetectable, you can create browsers with configurations from Android and IOS, while sites will think that you are working from mobile devices.

Does Undetectable work with VPN / PROXY?

With built-in tools you can use Socks5 and HTTP / HTTPS proxy. Also, our browser supports any third-party software for working with VPN and Proxy.

Print Screen does not work in Lightshot.

If you are using Lightshot application, you may have problems with “Prnt Scr”, this is a common error related to the active application running as administrator. There are two methods to resolve this error. 1. Change the “Prnt Scr” hotkey in Lightshot to another one. 2. Make Lightshot run as administrator.

Account and licenses

I cannot log in, an error is displayed that the license limit has been reached, what should I do?

It is possible that you left the session open on another computer or the session was closed incorrectly. Please contact support, we will disable active sessions. Also, if you suddenly think that someone else is using the license without your knowledge, then we recommend changing the license password.

What if I forget my account password?

If you have forgotten your account password, please use the password recovery form.

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