How to get started with Undetectable

Last updated 13 September, 2021

  1. The license settings window opens. Here you can manage your users and license plan.

Adding new users

To add new users, click the Add new users button and a window will open to enter the email addresses and names of the new users to send them access to the license.

  1. To change the password for each user and configure his role, click on the mail of the desired user in the Details column.

In the user settings window, you can change:

  • username
  • user role
  • available configurations
  • maximum number of sessions
  • password
  • also delete the user.
  1. Also in the Licenses setting tab it is possible to re-purchase the same tariff (Renew button) and upgrade the tariff if the purchased one is not enough (Change license edition).
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