We continue to introduce readers to proxy services. Today we present Oxylabs, one of the world leaders in this field. Let's talk briefly about the main advantages of the provider, the first of which is 102 million IPs in 195 countries. And those who read the article get a 15% discount when using Oxylabs services!

Overview of Oxylabs 2022

Anonymous and secure work on the Internet requires the use of reliable tools and services. Today we will tell you about one of the leaders in the global proxy market Oxylabs, using its servers together with Undetectable browser. The article will be doubly enjoyable and useful for readers. After all, you will not only learn about the benefits of the service, but you will also be able to use the partner bonus!

How to get a discount on Oxylabs services

You just need to finish reading our article to this point. Thanks to our partner relations, you can easily get 15% discount on all new resident proxies. To receive such a generous bonus, you need to follow the link and when registering, enter the promo code UNDETECTABLE.

Leader in the global proxy services market

Imagine 5-6 largest megacities – New York, Moscow, Shanghai, London… Now imagine that all residents of these megacities, without exception, are constantly using the Internet. Accordingly, to connect such a number of users, 100-110 million IP addresses will be required. Oxylabs has exactly the same number of addresses in terms of volume - 102 million IP addresses - all over the world!

This alone allows the service to be considered one of the leaders on the planet in matters of anonymous online work. And for proxy users, this is an irrefutable argument in favor of Oxylabs. After all, such a large number of IP-addresses, especially those distributed across many countries, will never be able to identify and block the anti-spam algorithms of social networks, large online stores and other portals.

Let's list the main advantages of the Oxylabs proxy:

  • The quality of service is worthy of a world leader
  • 102 million IP addresses
  • Resident proxy servers in 195 countries around the world
  • Round-the-clock first-line support
  • The most productive servers on the market
  • Human-like parsing without IP blocking using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
  • Convenient APIs for search results parsers, e-commerce, web pages

And these are just the main advantages that allow using Oxylabs proxies around the world to solve the tasks of monitoring prices and reviews, summaries, competitors' offers, public data from websites, cybersecurity checks, brand protection and corporate email, checking the output of paid advertising, load testing of resources.

At the same time, in almost every user review of the service, there is a high assessment of the support service. Oxylabs responds to inquiries around the clock, and it's literally a matter of a couple of seconds to reach a live operator.

Configure Undetectable browser to work via proxy from Oxylabs

To hide the true IP address and simulate the work of many users, Undetectable browser works through proxy servers provided by their addresses. Accordingly, the program needs to tell the parameters to connect to the servers, and before that order and pay for the service on Oxylabs. When using a small number of proxies, it is quite convenient to enter data individually in the profile settings window. Select the server type, host, port, username and password from the "Proxy" drop-down list.

If users use a lot of servers, then it is more convenient to use another tool in Undetectable browser – Proxy Manager (Proxy Import). Text files of a certain structure are used here. The parameters listed above (type, host, port, login...) are set in the lines of a text file separated by delimiters. This easy-to-edit form is easy to fill out, and then multiple hosts are immediately entered into the Undetectable browser with a single click of the "Import" button.


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