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Connecting PIA S5 proxy to the Undetectable anti-detect browser

Connecting PIA S5 proxy to the Undetectable anti-detect browser

In order to add a PIA S5 Proxy, you need to follow a few simple steps (the following assumes that Undetectable and PIA S5 Proxy are installed and authorized):

  1. in the PIA S5 Proxy window, using filters, select the desired star and click Search;


  1. then select the required proxy and click RCM on it, select Forward Port to Proxy in the context menu and then select the port (in our case, 40000 is selected);


  1. Next, go to Undetectable and select a new or already created profile (in our case, a new one is already selected) and on the Main tab, select New Proxy;


  1. fill in the information on the proxy:
  • type - socks5
  • address and port (specify the local address and port that you have chosen for the proxy):
  • you can specify a name and save it, then a separate proxy will be created and it will be possible for other profiles without filling in the fields again


  1. make sure that the proxies are working by clicking on the Check Proxy button and save the changes in the profile, the profile is ready to work;


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