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Digest of the latest events in the life of major advertising platforms

Digest of the latest events in the life of major advertising platforms

An arbitrageur should always be aware of the latest news in the life of the advertising market. And here's what's happened in recent months...

VK Advertising

In early 2023, the platform unveiled several tools that expand promotional opportunities on the social network. Among them is a service for automatically generating promotional videos from uploaded static components (text and images). And also new settings of retargeting - the launch of mobile application promotion campaigns among existing users.

In addition, VK advertising has expanded the list of verticals that can be advertised in product feeds. Now it is possible to promote ticket sales and hotel booking services with the help of commodity feeds.


Yandex advertising platform has launched the promotion of VKontakte communities on its advertising platforms. Their ads are broadcast in search results and RNSN.

Also in the arsenal of a new mobile format promotion - Top Ad. It is a banner that appears and is fixed at the top of the web page in 2 seconds after you start viewing it. In addition to static graphics, media content can also be placed in Top Ad. The new format is available for use with all Yandex.Ads. This includes Adfox.

Google Ads

The platform has launched automatically generated objects in beta. They are generated by the network's algorithms from advertiser-specified headlines and descriptions. The new functionality is only available for use in campaigns deployed based on adaptive search ads.

The functionality is now being openly tested among the English-speaking audience of Google search services. According to the initial data, the use of automatically created entities increases the conversion rate of search campaigns by an average of 2%.

In addition, the advertising platform presented masthead banners with payment per hour of display. Previously, this format was available only with one payment model - per thousand impressions.

Ads masthead are used in native advertising campaigns on YouTube. Banners are aired in the home page feed on all types of devices.

And in general?

Right now, the advertising market is leaning more and more toward automation. Most platforms are phasing out manual bidding strategies in the ad auction. This has a positive effect on the cost of campaigns, but has a negative effect on the effectiveness of smaller scale promotion with small ad budgets.

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