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Latest Chrome updates and why is it important for Undetectable users to know about them?

Latest Chrome updates and why is it important for Undetectable users to know about them?

Undetectable's capabilities are not only limited to ensuring user privacy on the Internet and bypassing the algorithms of antifraud systems. They also make it easy to visit websites. That is, without functionality for editing finerprings, they would turn into ordinary browsers. But to realize this versatility, the antidetector must be deployed on a popular engine.

Most Internet browsers use Chromium. It is the basis for Google Chrome, which is the most popular browser in the world. The browser owns more than 65% of the entire market. So using it as the basis ensures cross-browser friendliness across all Undetectable versions, and also allows you to install browser extensions from the official Chrome store.

What changes has Chrome undergone in 2023?

Chrome 110 was released in early February of this year. This is the latest version of the browser, which supports Windows 7 and 8. That is, in the future, all devices on the listed editions of this OS will not receive browser updates.

Chrome also supports CHIP (Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State). Its use increases user privacy through the separate storage of cookies. Thus, only the top-level sites, from which cookies have been collected, have access to the data of the session.

Google introduced the next version of its web browser in March. Chrome 111 had 40 vulnerabilities fixed. This included eight critical and 11 medium-risk bugs. Interestingly, several of the bugs were found by third party developers.

The latest browser update focuses on extending support for Privacy Sandbox technology. This allows advertising networks and analytics platforms to track user interests and do cookie-free targeting. Chrome 111 includes a help section that explains the benefits of using Privacy Sandbox. After reading the information, the user is prompted to go to the browser settings and activate the technology.

And do not forget that Undetectable also receives the innovations mentioned above. In addition, its capabilities are constantly being expanded by the development team. Therefore, Undetectable provides not only a high-quality multi-accounting, but also a user-friendly experience, just like in the familiar Chrome.

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