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Leaksradar services, website generator, cookie converter: what are they for, what are they useful for

Leaksradar services, website generator, cookie converter: what are they for, what are they useful for

Under the Resources section of the main menu of Undetectable Browser, there are three services - Leaksradar, a website generator, a cookie converter. Let's consider why these services are needed, how they can help an affiliate marketer.


Leaksradar - allows you to check the work of browser replacements

This free service allows anyone to find out what information various sites receive about them. Leaksradar also makes recommendations for improving anonymity.

With the help of Leaksradar, each affiliate can find out if advertisers, social networks, and hackers can identify him.

Any visitor to the site can be identified by:

  • cookies;
  • IP address;
  • screen resolution;
  • version of the operating system;
  • fonts;
  • equipment identification numbers;
  • battery charge.


Service benefits:

  • Leaksradar shows the exact information other sites get: browser, IP address, ISP, language, WebGL, WebRTC, geo, Canvas.
  • Interactive checks indicating problems in browser settings. This avoids blocking sites that calculate these problems.
  • Recommendations for changing settings and installing extensions to hide information that sites receive.
  • Intuitive interface. The data can be found on one page.

Leaksradar allows you to protect yourself from persistent ads, hackers, blocking various sites. Also, using the service, you can test private browsers for leaks.

Website Generator - quickly generates a list of websites for the bot

Undetectable is equipped with a smart cookie bot. With its help, the process of loading cookies occurs automatically, the affiliate does not need to spend hours visiting the sites of the necessary geos for each account.

You can manually download the list of required sites, or you can use the handy website generator.


Popular Site Generator is a service that creates random lists of popular sites according to the geo where the campaign will be launched. The generated lists can be used to warm up browser profiles, collect cookies through scripts, or in cookie robots.

The website generator is already built into the cookie bot, so you just need to select the geo and profiles for which you want to collect cookies.

The bot will sequentially launch profiles in headless mode and open pages from the list in accordance with the settings. On each site, he can stay for a specified time and perform internal transitions.

Cookie converter - converts cookies from NETSCAPE to JSON

The free converter quickly converts cookies from NETSCAPE to JSON for import into an extension or anti-detect browser. The tool is useful for affiliates, webmasters, SEO specialists, SMM managers. Thanks to this service, launching Facebook accounts, setting up advertising campaigns and search engine optimization will become more efficient and faster.

Cookies are used in the farming process. Before registering an account, you need to set cookies to create a story. This will increase the trust of the account, reduce the risk of blocking.

For cookies, Undetectable provides a cookie bot tool. It automatically visits the necessary sites, saving the arbitrator's time.

Loaded cookies in JSON format are uploaded to a file, then transferred to the anti-detect browser for farming. To transfer the Facebook account purchased in the store to the created profile, you also need to import cookies. Usually these files are in Netscape format, and in order to quickly convert them to JSON, you will need our converter. The JSON cookie format is universal. It is suitable for all anti-detect browsers and extensions.


How to use the converter:

  • Insert cookies in Netscape format into the top field.
  • Click on "Convert".
  • Get the result in JSON in the bottom field.


Undetectable is equipped with useful tools that are aimed at reducing the time of the affiliate, allowing you to get rid of the routine and get more profit. Use our free built-in services - Leaksradar, Website Generator, Cookie Converter to take your business to the next level!

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