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Undetectable browser 2.5.0 update - time to optimize!

Undetectable browser 2.5.0 update - time to optimize!

Browser optimization for big projects

Store thousands of browser profiles? - Easy! Thanks to improvements in this area, you have the ability to deploy large-scale projects on performance-challenged devices. Now you won't have any problems swiping and loading a large number of profile cards.

Rational use of memory

Profiles regularly accumulate information, be it cookies or cache. If you work locally with a large number of profiles or have your own server to store them, you will like the new feature! A checkbox has been added to the "Settings" tab that allows you to automatically clear non-essential profile cache when you close them. claer_cache.webp

Obsolete Cookies

A checkbox has been added to Profile Settings to enable/disable the import of obsolete cookies. cookies.webp

Undetectable browser is now even more convenient

Frequency of configurations when creating profiles

It is important to know how many profiles have been created with one configuration? This value is now sewn into the interface, in the list of configurations when creating a profile. This will allow you to better understand and plan your current resources. Combined with the configuration naming functionality already available through the cloud dashboard, you can not only keep track of configurations, but also expertly select the best combinations for your project and real-world devices. contig_use.webp

Sorting assigned profiles

A new feature has been added to move docked profiles through the standard Undetectable interface.

More possibilities in Undetectable API

Creating profiles, exporting and importing cookies, clearing data and changing the profile folder. You can read the new features in help. As always, feel free to contact technical support if you have any difficulties.

Fixed bugs in Undetectable 2.5.0

  • Bug fixed - folders list was not cleared on profile folder change
  • Fixed a bug where synced cloud profile was in focus when editing or creating a new profile

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