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More intuitive and convenient - Undetectable Browser 2.6.0: Chromium cookies-bot, new interface, and more

More intuitive and convenient - Undetectable Browser 2.6.0: Chromium cookies-bot, new interface, and more

New cookies-bot for warming up Chromium profiles

Now the cookies-bot is also available for working with profiles on Chromium! The functionality is the same: select the profiles that need to be "warmed up", specify the geo and the number of sites. This way, newly created profiles will receive cookies from the most popular sites in the specified geo and will be more trustworthy for the anti-fraud systems of various sites. It is better to choose geo corresponding to the proxy. More about the bot's functionality can be found in our knowledge center.

More intuitive

With the update to 2.6.0, the Undetectable browser has become even more user-friendly.

Design of the main profile settings tabs

Visual cleanliness will help you better navigate the main settings and reduce eye strain during prolonged work. new-interface.png

Quick search for the desired profile window

Is it hard to find a profile window if more than 5 are running? Just select the profile in the general list, right-click, and a "To top" button will appear in the context menu. to-top.webp

Session limits? - Everything is simple

Are there errors when logging into Undetectable? Links to the knowledge center will appear next to the error, which will help you troubleshoot the problem and learn how to reduce the number of issues in the future. errors.webp

Even more convenient

Several small but useful features that will help you work with the program faster and easier.

Copying profile notes

A special button will help you copy all profile notes in less than a second! copy-notes.webp

More functionality in the profile manager

The context menu of the profile manager has 3 new functions:

  • Button to clear data;
  • Button to close profiles;
  • Ability to create a new tag and immediately assign it to profiles. To do this, enter a non-existent tag and press Enter. These functions are available for both single and mass profile management. In the profile manager, select the necessary profiles and right-click on them to access the new functions.


Fixed errors

  • Creating profiles from archived configurations via API
  • Locale substitution on MacOS
  • Fixed the issue with the extension window size on systems with scaling enabled
  • Fixed availheight and availwidth when Window size is disabled
  • Fixed integration with the proxy service Asocks

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