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Classic Scheme traffic arbitrage from the Meta advertising account in Business Manager

Classic Scheme traffic arbitrage from the Meta advertising account in Business Manager

When working with Facebook, especially with grey offers, the classic way of working with the advertising account or Business Manager is not always possible. Therefore, it is worth trying different schemes and methods of filling. Let's consider several options for how you can link accounts.

The classic method can be effective if the BM was created some time ago (that is, not used immediately on the day of creation), is well warmed up, for example, white campaigns were launched from it.

The risks of a ban remain the same: if FB bans the Business Manager, the advertising account will be disabled. Therefore, you can try other schemes.

King and autoregs

King is a high-quality well-warmed account with high trust. King, in a way, spreads its trust to other accounts, and this can reduce the risks of a ban.

Practicing arbitrators advise working with two kings: if FB suddenly bans one, the other will remain. You can tie cards to one king, accept access rights to Fan Page, launch campaigns, and have the other as a backup.

Undetectable Browser can help protect accounts from a ban even more. You need to create a king, accounts with Fan Page, and autoregs in it. It is desirable that the IP address be the same for each king.

Up to 10 autoregs can be tied to the king. It is desirable that their geo is with geo spill. The rights of autoregs are tied to the king. You can launch a campaign from Fan Page.

You can also tie PRD accounts with increased limits, 2 Fan Page, and 3 payments to the king. It is desirable to launch and tie cards from the accounts. If there is a logout or you need to edit a campaign, you can make changes through the king with shared Fan Page.

Business Manager and autoregs

For this scheme, you will need a high-quality farmed account with Business Manager. Through it, you need to request access rights for autoreg accounts and then give them a rest. Autoregs can be tied through auto-filling services.

It is important to add trusted administrators - user accounts that have not been banned. Autoregs should be divided between two Business Managers to avoid the risk of losing accounts when the BM is banned.

Personal account traffic

It is preferable to use trusted accounts as this will affect the lifespan of both the account and the campaign. Accounts that have been active for several months or a year and have run white campaigns may be suitable. This scheme usually works well when working with white offers.


To bypass Facebook moderation, it is important to try different methods of messaging and schemes. Each scheme can be adapted to your volumes and offers. There is no universal combination that would suit everyone: a different approach may be suitable for each situation. Quality consumables such as accounts, proxies, and payment methods play a significant role in extending the life of an account.

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