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Stop words for Facebook ads

Stop words for Facebook ads

Stop words are phrases that are blacklisted by Facebook by default. The social network only partially warns about such words in its rules. About many phrases, one can only understand by experience that it is not recommended to use them. Let's see what these words are.

Stop words that may appear in offer advertisements

Facebook calculates stop words in creative, text, voice acting, recognizes them if they are written on the image. Due to the use of such phrases, FB will not miss the advertising campaign or may initiate an account verification.

The more trust profile, the easier it is to pass moderation. Undetectable Browser will reliably protect against bans, help increase account trust and start from several profiles.

Stop words are relevant for any language. Facebook recognizes them in different forms, cases, declensions, for example, if it says “lose weight” instead of “losing weight”, this is also a stop word.

Stop words in finance, cryptocurrency, gambling, betting verticals:

  • casino;
  • no risk;
  • income;
  • profit;
  • earn;
  • bitcoin;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • trading;
  • binary options;
  • tokens;
  • investment;
  • remotely;
  • Job;
  • side job;
  • I give work;
  • without registration;
  • credit;
  • pledge;
  • passive;
  • buy;
  • get rich;
  • cash;
  • money;
  • from home;
  • for free;
  • win;
  • entrance;
  • content.

Such offers can be promoted as a financial literacy information article, for example: “Learn 5 habits that will help you manage your family budget properly.”

Stop words in the nutra vertical:

  • weight loss;
  • removal;
  • deliverance;
  • heal;
  • fast;
  • without pain.
  • diet;
  • thin;
  • lose weight;
  • full, thick;
  • depression;
  • stress;
  • fear;
  • anorexia;
  • bulimia.

Also, Facebook may not skip ads if there are specific deadlines: “lose weight in 5 days.”

Stop words can be replaced with neutral and positive formulations, appeal to the feelings, sensations, emotions of the client, to how the quality of his life will improve. For example, instead of “lose weight in 5 days”, it is allowed to use the phrase “feel slim and fit this summer!”.

What other words and phrases are considered prohibited

What else is not allowed:

  • all words associated with obscene language, abuse;
  • phrases about the treatment of incurable diseases;
  • any comparisons, before and after - in images, texts;
  • words typed in capital letters only (CAPSLOCK);
  • phrases associated with appeals of a political orientation;
  • mention of the first persons of the United States, for example, President Trump;
  • words related to adult topics, such as "hot", "pleasure";
  • personal appeals and mentioning the characteristics of people, for example, “Alexander, do you want to buy a watch?”, “Means for those who are 25”, “Would you like to meet a black girl?”;
  • words related to epidemics, coronavirus;
  • words and phrases on controversial topics - feminism, sexual orientation, body positivity, religion, psychiatry, conspiracy theories, politics, discussion of discrimination.

Facebook only allows calls to subscribe or like on personal posts. If the post is advertising, you need to avoid such stop phrases:

  • share this post;
  • comment, leave a comment;
  • put like;
  • subscribe;
  • leave your mail;
  • tag a friend;
  • click here;
  • save it.

FB will block ads that contain words and phrases that put pressure on users. Example:

  • hurry up;
  • only today;
  • ends soon;
  • limited time;
  • only N days left;
  • the doors will close soon.


It is advisable to check creatives before uploading them to the advertising account for stop words. If they contain prohibited phrases, moderation will reject the ad and may block the account. Frequent rejections lead to bans and lower trust. In its rules, FB does not indicate all the words from the black list, so if it failed to start, the reason for this may be the use of such a phrase. In this case, the creative needs to be replaced.

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