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Undetectable 2.4.0 update - Better swaps

Undetectable 2.4.0 update - Better swaps

Moved canvas, webgl image hash, client rects, getBattery, maxTouchPoints swaps to the browser core

The Undetectable update includes important changes to the browser core, including the addition of Moving Canvas, WebGL Image Hash, Client Rects, GetBattery and MaxTouchPoints to the browser core. This technique greatly improves spoofing by making it harder for antifraud systems to detect user actions online.

By incorporating these browser fingerprint spoofing techniques into the Chromium kernel, Undetectable provides an even higher level of privacy and security than browsers that rely solely on JavaScript.


Chromium kernel updated to version 110

Anti-fraud systems evolve and adapt to new threats, which requires anti-detect browsers to keep up with current changes and update regularly. In this arms race, using older versions of browser kernels immediately makes security systems suspicious because when a new version of Chrome is released, it is updated almost instantly by a billion users around the world.

By updating the browser kernel, Undetectable maintains its effectiveness as an online privacy protection tool. In conclusion, using an outdated browser to protect against detection is a risk that should be avoided. Regular kernel updates are critical to maintaining effectiveness.


Ending Undetectable Browser Support on Windows 7/8/8.1

Upgrading to kernel version 110 forces us to stop supporting software on outdated versions of Windows. To continue using Undetectable, upgrade to a more up-to-date version of OS.

Browser version update feature added to the profile manager

What to do with browser profiles on older versions? One of the key features of this update is the ability to update browser versions via the profile manager. You can now easily update the version of the browser in your already created profiles to the latest version, which will change the User agent.

A checkbox to enable/disable clientRects spoofing has been added to the system fingerprints settings

The anti-detect browser update also includes a checkbox to enable or disable clientRects swapping in the system settings when creating a new profile. For reference, clientRects provide information about the location and position of an item on a page, and has become not so long ago used for detection.

Although the checkbox provides additional control over the footprint, turning it on can make the footprint too unique, causing it to be detected by antifraud systems. This can compromise your privacy and security.

Our developers insist that the default settings are the best option for most users. To ensure maximum privacy and security, it is recommended that you leave the clientRects swapping checkbox disabled.


Intuitive profile import into the browser

Simply drag and drop your profile file into the main menu! Drag&Drop makes working with profiles faster and easier.

Forced verification of cloud profiles

A button to manually check for new cloud profiles has been added to the Account tab. This slight improvement will allow you to use the Undetectable browser faster, without waiting for syncing with the cloud, which automatically happens every 10 seconds.


Profile tag customization

Make it easier to navigate in profiles by customizing your tags! There is a special tab in the settings where you can change the color and customize other parameters of the tags.


Copy all profile information

A button has been added to copy all profile information at once. This will noticeably simplify communication with the technical support and will help you in writing your own scripts through the API.


API works with Chromium flags

Chrome://flags/ gives you access to the experimental Chromium functions: "Send Pages with QR-Code", "Smooth Scroll Function", "Play/Pause Button for Music and Video", and others. This functionality is now available in Undetectable via API. Read more in the documentation!

We also fixed some bugs:

Fixed a bug where Cyrillic characters in the proxy name were changing to question marks when exporting. When downloading a cloud profile, now it will not reset the data entered when creating a new profile. The cloud profiles started to be downloaded again. Feature to disable picture loading in Chromium profiles.

In the next Undetectable updates

We will move fonts, WebRTC and Geolocation to the browser core as well. Also, the cloud panel and payment cabinet will be greatly improved in terms of interface.


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