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What is forbidden to advertise on Facebook in 2023

What is forbidden to advertise on Facebook in 2023

Facebook's reviewing robots carefully examine creatives and landing pages when a campaign is submitted for moderation. Even after the ad is running, algorithms continue to monitor it regularly. The younger the account and the less trust it has, the more frequent and strict the checks. To obtain a trusted account and facilitate the moderation process, Undetectable Browser can be helpful.

Prohibited Products and Themes in 2023

On Facebook, it is forbidden to advertise products or services that are illegally promoted in the country where the advertisement is shown.

The following are also prohibited from being advertised:

  • Tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and related accessories such as cigarette papers.
  • Dangerous substances, growth hormones, anabolic steroids, ephedrine.
  • Weapons, including hunting weapons, explosives, self-defense items.
  • Pyrotechnics.
  • Adult products, adult content, such as enhancement products for sexual organs.
  • Microloans, loans, and credits with a period of up to 90 days.
  • Network marketing, Scandinavian auctions, financial schemes.
  • Services involving dishonest gain: sale of diplomas and coursework, like boosting, spy programs.

Advertising with Restrictions

Facebook allows advertising with audience targeting restricted to adult users for the following:

  • Products for treating tobacco and drug addictions.
  • Hunting-related products not associated with firearms, such as safes, holsters, and clothing.
  • Family planning products and services, contraception, without emphasizing sexual pleasure.

The following product categories will be allowed on Facebook only if there are no restrictions imposed by the legislation of the country where the ad is shown:

  • Alcoholic products.
  • Dating sites - provided they provide Facebook with a written document with permission to advertise.
  • Licensed casinos - provided the casino has made an agreement with Facebook, proving its legality.
  • Medicines. Only manufacturers and online pharmacies can advertise them. They must get permission from Facebook, show certificates and licenses.
  • Over-the-counter drugs.
  • Subscriptions - as long as the payment policy is transparent and clear.
  • Banking, insurance, financial services.
  • Cosmetic procedures, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery.
  • Addiction treatment centers.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Socially relevant, political content.

What approaches are banned

Facebook prohibits:

  • the "before and after" approach in creatives, on the page;
  • aggressive advertising campaigns;
  • targeting to discriminate or provoke;
  • nudity;
  • images of sexual intercourse or hints of sexual connotations;
  • shock content;
  • discrimination against users and references to their religion, race, financial status, health, age, name;
  • insults, images and content that may lower self-esteem;
  • profanity-laced content;
  • grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors;
  • speculation on social problems, disasters, epidemics, tragedies;
  • copyright violation;
  • misrepresentation.

You cannot ask for confidential information without official FB permission: account numbers and passwords, bank cards, criminal records, amount of income, passport information, health and illness, political and moral beliefs, race and nationality, sexual orientation.


Facebook rejects ads for violating the rules. If there was an attempt to advertise banned items, FB may ban the account. FB's advertising rules change, so it's a good idea to review their list and innovations regularly. It is best to start with a trusted account to successfully pass moderation. Undetectable Browser can help you build up trust.

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