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Browser extensions for Undetectable, which every arbitrageur should use

Browser extensions for Undetectable, which every arbitrageur should use

For some reason, many people think that the professional software has only a default set of features. This is true for most programs, but not for Undetectable. After all, it's easy and simple to expand its capabilities. It is sufficient to install one of the specialized extensions to Undetectable. Here is a list of them:

Copy All Urls

A large number of open tabs is a trouble every arbitrator faces on a daily basis. After all, by closing them, you can lose important information (case, an example of effective creativity, etc.). This extension saves the list of opened web pages in a text file, HTML or JSON format.


To promote the offers, the arbitrator uses not only graphical advertising formats, but also textual content. But in order for it to be seen by the target audience, the content must match a lot of SEO metrics. TextOptimizer simplifies this process by automatically analyzing text according to the parameters you set in the settings.

Developing promo videos is financially expensive and takes a lot of time. That's why it's more profitable to use ideas and know-how, which you can get from your competitors. can download videos published in social networks and video hosting channels and easily save them to your device.


A tool for quickly finding posts on social networks on a given topic. The extension allows you to quickly save found content for further editing.

Word Grabber

Correctly chosen keywords - the key to effective promotion. Thanks to Word Grabber the process of semantics collection in Yandex.Wordstat takes only a few minutes. Webmasters do not need to open the service page in their Undetectable.


An extension for generating a cookie-based internet surfing history. It automatically performs site visits. A list of sites is generated based on specified keywords.

10 Minutes Email

Arbitrator has to sign up for a lot of services and create a lot of accounts in them. 10 Minutes Email extension simplifies this task by providing temporary email accounts. Their address is displayed in a separate dialog box.

Of course, the above mentioned tools can't make an ordinary browser an anti-detect. But they can help you to extend Undetectable in the right direction. So do not neglect this feature!

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