How to create many profiles in a few seconds

How to create many profiles in a few seconds

If there is a task to create several profiles with different configurations, you can use the Mass creator:

  1. Fill in: Start ID, OS, Browser, choose the required configurations, tags for further grouping, screen, proxy, language and quantity.

For the most convenient and fast creations of profiles we made some additional functions , which simplify the work and save your time:

  • mask, where you can select the params in the name, which will be in each created profile:

  • the ability to select several configurations at once:

  • and also we develop custom unloading of your profiles, where you will be able to change their parameters;
  1. Next press the Generate button - you can check if you have filled in everything correctly.

is possible to show / hide detailed information of each profile:

  1. Next press the Create button - profiles are created.