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Update Undetectable browser 2.8.0 - Dark theme and small usefulness

Update Undetectable browser 2.8.0 - Dark theme and small usefulness

The Undetectable browser 2.8.0 update pleases users with new functionality and a dark theme. Night mode is very popular, creating a pleasant atmosphere in low light conditions and reducing eye strain and device power consumption. The update also includes bulk location-based profiling, Google account syncing, autologin, and improved spoofing to protect against detection. Users can use the new features through the local API. More about everything - further.

Dark theme in Undetectable browser

The update brought a long-awaited functionality to the application - a dark theme. This significant update is designed to provide a more comfortable and safer use of the program for all its users. The dark theme, or night mode, has long been one of the most popular and sought-after interface design options, and now Undetectable users will be able to enjoy this aesthetically pleasing feature. A dark theme not only creates a pleasant atmosphere when working in low light conditions, but can also help reduce eye strain and reduce device power consumption, which is especially important for long periods of using the program.

To activate the dark theme, go to “Settings”, on the first tab “Basic”, in the “Application” subsection, find the “Theme” drop-down list that allows you to activate the new design.

Small technical improvements in version 2.8.0

New bulk profiling functionality

A new format for importing files has appeared in the mass creation of profiles, which allows you to set geolocation coordinates. Select Bulk Create → Format and it will appear in the drop down list. A file with an example of filling can be obtained by clicking “?” next to the "Format" field.


Google Account Synchronization

In the settings, in the same section where the dark theme appeared, a checkmark “Enable Google sync” has been added. It allows you to enable the ability to synchronize Google accounts in browser profiles.


Autologin to the program

Now, if the “Remember me” checkbox is selected at the start of the program, the program will automatically open, bypassing the authorization window. If someone else has access to your work computer, we recommend disabling this feature. To uncheck the checkbox, find the “Account” tab and exit the program.


Quick proxy check from the list of profiles

In the main menu, in the list with profiles, small icons have been added, next to the flags, allowing you to quickly check information about the connected proxy.

Improving substitutions

We can't help but improve the browser's core functionality - detection protection. This update has improved spoofing related to device memory detection. Also, changing the substitution of some browser request headers.

New Undetectable API functions

Added two new features for the local API:

  • ability to set tags via /profile/create and /profile/update/ APIs
  • ability to set geolocation via API /profile/create and /profile/update/

For more information about the API, see help center.

Corrected mistakes

  • In the local API, when creating a profile with empty parameters, the default settings are now taken into account, and no random data is taken.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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