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Update Undetectable browser 2.9.0 - Strengthening the API, improved substitutions and new amenities

Update Undetectable browser 2.9.0 - Strengthening the API, improved substitutions and new amenities

Updating fingerprints

In this update, we've made a number of improvements to help make your online experience even more secure and private. We strive to provide a high level of security for your accounts and anonymity, so we have included the following changes:

  1. Updated Chromium core to version 115: We are constantly following the latest updates in the world of web technologies and browsers. In this version, we have updated the Chromium core to version 115, which allows you to use the latest features and functionality, as well as ensure compatibility with the latest web standards.

  2. Improved WebRTC Spoofing: WebRTC is an important technology that allows web applications and websites to communicate through media streams such as audio, video, and data exchange. However, it may provide information about your real IP address, which can serve as a path to identification and tracking. In this update, we've improved the WebRTC spoofing mechanism to prevent your real IP address from being leaked and provide an additional layer of anonymity while browsing.

API got stronger

This update has added new API functions that allow you to:

  • Choose an option to create profiles from a specific configuration
  • Get information about the update date and the date the profile was created;
  • Get a list of all available configurations;
  • Select an option to change the profile type (cloud/local);

Also, the API now returns an error if a request is sent to a non-existent address.

You can read more about the new features in the documentation.

New amenities

You can now import bookmarks from any Chromium-based browser. To do this, export bookmarks from any suitable browser, select a bookmark file in the profile settings, and new profiles will automatically contain the required set of bookmarks when created.

The “Paste like a human” feature has been improved and has been fixed on some sites. Recall that this function allows you to simulate keyboard input when inserting texts into the required fields on sites. To do this, copy the text and right-click on the desired field, and then select "Paste like a human".

Quickly find your local profile folder? – No problem! Select it in the context menu in the list of profiles by pressing the right mouse button.

Also, we added profile names in browser icons on MacOS. To make them appear, allow the program to send notifications.


  • Fixed a bug where proxies were not saved correctly without a login password in the mass creation of profiles in proxy formats;
  • Fixed work of developer tools in profiles with configs from mobile devices;
  • Fixed a bug with the mass launch of profiles through the profile manager;
  • Fixed duplication of profiles when synchronizing API;
  • Fixed hanging of profiles in case of any error when running them through the API;
  • Fixed bug clearing notes when changing tags via update API;
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when importing identical cookies, now they are overwritten.

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