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Boost Your Anti-Detection Efficiency with These 6 Deep Browser Fingerprint Parameters

Boost Your Anti-Detection Efficiency with These 6 Deep Browser Fingerprint Parameters

Are you sure you know everything about digital fingerprints? And any anti-detection browser is like a memorized poem for you? We don't want to disappoint you, but the technology of fingerprints is much more complicated than it seems. Therefore, there is always something to tell about it. For example, about little-known but no less important components of fingerprints... Which anti-detection publishers often keep quiet about... But not us.

6 Deep Browser Fingerprint Parameters That Will Improve Anti-Detection Efficiency

The efficiency of anti-detection depends not only on the quality of proxies. For quality multi-accounting, the browser must provide as many fingerprint parameters as possible. Including rarely used ones. These include:

  • Canvas Fingerprint - a digital fingerprint obtained as a result of forced rendering of any graphical primitive by the device using the HTML5 Canvas element. Does not provide high device identification accuracy, so it is used as a secondary feature.
  • WebGL - a cross-platform API for rendering 3D graphics in browsers. It can be used in any programming languages that support HTML. Used in conjunction with Canvas to render graphics.
  • AudioContext - a fingerprint generated based on the technical characteristics of the digital equipment of the device. It represents a hash value.
  • WebRTC - a technology that combines standards for exchanging video and audio data between browsers and devices. When used, a tracking system can intercept the real IP address of the user.
  • ClientRects - A JavaScript function that returns an array of coordinates representing the position of inline elements within the viewport. This fingerprint provides high accuracy in device identification due to the unique location of the element on the page.
  • TLS Fingerprint - Based on the cryptographic protocol TLS used for encrypting data transmitted over the internet. User identification is based on the TLS handshake data, which remains unchanged even during repeated sessions.
  • Font Set - A family of fonts installed on a specific device. It is a secondary parameter and does not provide high accuracy in fingerprinting.

Choose the Right Anti-Detection Tool

A highly effective anti-detection browser should support the above fingerprint parameters. However, for simplification of digital fingerprint settings, it is sufficient to emulate their values. These components are present in Undetectable profiles. Therefore, you are dealing with the right anti-detection tool!

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