Terms and conditions of the affiliate program

1. How much is the affiliate fee?

Our partner receives from 10% of all payments of the users you referred lifetime, that were paid with the user’s money (not with bonuses or cashback, which by definition are the money of the service). 

If you have a proposal for cooperation or you need your own promotional code, please contact support, we will help you with any questions, including the withdrawal of referral funds.

2. What promotional materials do you have?

Banners of different sizes are available for partners, as well as a direct referral link.

3. Who can join an affiliate program?

Everyone can participate in the affiliate program, all those who have the target traffic. For example, bloggers, owners of groups in social networks, active forum users.

4. What methods of withdrawing affiliate commissions do you have?

Withdrawal of affiliate rewards is possible only to WMZ, Capitalist and Crypto wallets.

5. What is the minimum amount to be paid?

The minimum amount to be paid is $50.

6. How often do you make payments?

Payments are made within two working days after the request for payment. In some cases, this period can be increased up to 5 working days.

7. Do you save client cookies?

Yes. Cookie lifetime starts when the customer clicks on the affiliate link. It lasts for 365 days. If a customer with such cookies registers during their validity period, they will be tied to the partner and the partner will receive an affiliate commission from each order of that customer.

8. What is forbidden to do in your affiliate program?

The following are forbidden:

  • all fraudulent and illegal ways of attracting traffic;
  • to use your affiliate link in order to buy licenses and to top up your balance;
  • to use materials from the web-site undetectable.io (texts, images, photos) on the resources available for indexing by any search engines;
  • SEO optimization and contextual advertising to attract branded traffic;
  • to create web-site clones of undetectable.io and/or to use an similar interface similar;
  • to create groups in social networks on behalf of undetectable.io and use the company logo and colors (anything that might confuse the user and indicate that this is an official group);
  • all key-words containing “undetectable” and their derivatives (misspellings, layout change, typos).

The offender’s account will be blocked and all affiliate rewards will be forfeited. Deactivation of the account occurs after when the problem was firstly detected.

9. In what cases is it possible to cancel or reduce the amount of partnership commission?

In case of violation of the rules of the affiliate program (paragraph 8 of these Terms), the return of funds on the order of the affiliate accrual or use when paying for the user’s order bonus or cashback, which, by definition, is the money of the service.

10. Is it possible to change these conditions?

Yes, the service administration reserves the right to change these terms.

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