How to use the Undetectable browser for ticket reselling?

How to use the Undetectable browser for ticket reselling?

Do you fail to find a spare ticket for a game? You do? That’s a pity! And you? Do you have tickets only to the exhibition of musical spoons? It is plain to see! No, thanks! Do you have tickets? More than one, but how many do you need? But where did you get them? The tickets were already sold out a few months before the match. The Undetectable helped me. Could you please introduce us to this software? Maybe I can also start making money on ticket reselling.

How we can make money from the fans eager?

Every person has favorite singers, bands, artists… Same as favorite sports teams and athletes whom you cheer for and feel for with your whole heart. Therefore, attending a concert by a singer whose songs make your soul sing usually turns into an actual event. As well as the match of the favorite team, where you can personally witness their long-awaited victory! One minor thing that remains is getting a ticket to this significant event. But long since, they have already been sold out. Or maybe a lucky ticket will appear for you? Even at a higher price!

And most of the users think in a similar way. Therefore, you can buy a few extra tickets and later resell them and recoup the cost of your own ticket. Although it would be more profitable to take a dozen at once. Thus you can still make some money. Because a couple of days before a big game, tickets will cost much higher. But it would be wiser to start with a small margin to form a customer base for subsequent resales…

The business plan is really perfect. Only It has a few drawbacks:

  • You will need to find sites where you can resell tickets.
  • And somehow, you will have to outwit the ubiquitous anti-fraud systems all ticket-selling services are stuffed with.

The first problem is easy solving. But with the second problem, you will need to potter for a while. Just to figure out how to neutralize it. After all, many other people manage to get a good income by selling tickets in some way. But how do they make it?

Bought a ticket – sold a dream.

Resale of “passes” to concerts, championships, premieres of performances, films, and other noteworthy events has become a separate niche. The advent of the Internet significantly boosted its development, letting you buy and sell tickets without leaving your home. But first, let’s look at how this process occurs:

  • The upcoming event announcements appear on the street posters and the Internet – concerts are frequently announced 5-6 months in advance. At the same time, the dates of sports matches and competitions become known a year before or earlier.
  • Then, the sale of tickets initiates on specialized services – after which those wishing to resell tickets online are immediately reviving. Most important at this moment is to be in time to buy out most of the tickets with the best places for spectators.
  • After a successful purchase, the seller waits for a certain period to assess the power of the excitement arising around the event. Various tools are used for this: SEO platforms for evaluating the search query frequency, analytical services, etc.
  • At the moment of the highest heat on the market, when all the ticket reserves of specialized services and other sellers run out, it will be time to put your tickets up for resale. At this time, several dozen tickets can be held on and thrown onto the market three to five days before the date of the upcoming event. This is the best way to resell tickets online. Thus, predicting the right moment will make it possible to get a profit several times higher than the profit from earlier ticket sales.

Services where you can purchase tickets: Яндекс.Афиша, Kassit-Ru, Ticketmaster, AXS.com.

It is not that easy to make money from reselling tickets. Practical intelligence and an analytical mind are not enough; in this case, you will also require specialized tools, such as an anti-detect browser. But we will return to this issue later.

Tickets have been bought, and the moment for selling has been chosen. It remains to find the best sites for reselling tickets or any other ways to earn money from this activity:

  • Participation in partner programs of ticket services – the affiliate of such program most often receives a fixed income according to the CPS or RevShare model.
  • Self-selling is a more challenging option for implementation. Finding the best places to resell tickets falls on the retailer. That can be social networks, forums, message boards, or your own website.

At the same time, we should keep in mind that the independent purchase and sale of tickets is associated with many risks:

  • High competition – the market is overflowing with large aggregators (web scraping tools) offers. Therefore, it will be difficult for small retailers to compete with them.
  • Single sellers have a low level of trust – this area of activity is usually referred to as a gray niche. Therefore, you will need time to develop your customer base.
  • As sales mechanisms are relatively sophisticated – social networks are the best channel for reselling concert tickets online. They make it easy to find communities or groups full of fans of the music bands whose concert tickets you purchased for resale.
  • The danger of blocking ticket aggregators – many services regard the wholesale purchase of tickets as a violation of the rules. Since speculative transactions negatively affect their reputation and lead to decreased sales. Therefore, services are actively struggling with “wholesale” buyers of tickets. But this fight can be effectively countered with the Undetectable.

The anti-detect browsers for mass purchase.

It is not easy to buy and sell tickets online. Buying one or two tickets is not a problem. But if a buyer tries to get more, the problems will occur in the form of an account blocking on the ticket service.

In this case, it is time to use the primary weapon – multi-accounting. To do this, you must create several accounts on the service and buy 2-3 tickets from each. Thus, buyers will already have 15 or more tickets in their hands! At this point, we can finish writing the article. Good luck to everyone and… We are returning because the platform’s anti-detect system blocked the accounts created earlier, leaving the tickets unpurchased. And on top of that, the money invested in the deal will stay frozen. However! Why did it all happen?

Multi-accounting is not welcome on ticket services, as well as on social networks. These sites are vigorously fighting against multi-user access to maintain their reputation, customer trust, and earnings. The platforms use fingerprint technology to track it – digital fingerprints, producing 90% identification of a particular user. Consequently, multiple accounts’ creation becomes impossible – everyone who tries it with digital fingerprints will be immediately tracked and banned. But then, how do hundreds of dealers safely resell tickets and earn thousands of dollars on such trade all over the Internet? Is that a magic?

No magic – they use Undetectable and similar anti-detect programs. Which let them bypass the security systems of services and use multiple accounts to acquire the required number of tickets. To do this, anonymous browsers use the same fingerprint technology.

Digital imprint – represents a set of unique features by which the user is recognized. It includes the following parameters:

  • The OS of the user device and its bitness;
  • Screen resolution;
  • Browser engine version;
  • Local settings – language and time zone;
  • User-Agent string, etc.

Anti-detect Browser allows changing the values of the listed parameters and thus uniqualize the fingerprint. Every account on the ticket service is created based on every unique fingerprint. And such advanced anti-detect programs as the Undetectable support the creation of an almost unlimited number of accounts.

Also, reliable proxies are required for the efficient work of anonymous browsers. They ensure fingerprint matching by country and internet service provider. But the anti-detect program itself is the main guarantee of the multi-accounting effectiveness.

Why should we use this anti-detect program?

The Undetectable is a powerful professional tool. But even an inexperienced user can figure out its functionality.

To securely purchase any number of tickets in Undetectable, just follow a few steps:

  1. Register and download this anti-detect program.
  2. Create a new profile.
  3. In the settings, select the desired combinations of OS, browser, main technical characteristics of the device, and your User-Agent.
  4. Download proxy.
  5. Please activate the “Auto” mode in the network fingerprints option. After that, network parameters will be automatically generated based on the characteristics of the proxy.
  6. Import cookies if necessary.
  7. Launch a profile, log in to the ticket service and buy a couple of tickets.

Then you can create one hundred or two hundred of such profiles in Undetectable… Or any infinite number. But this anti-detect browser has even more advantages:

  • Availability of a free tariff plan. It comes with five cloud profiles and 10 cloud configurations. If necessary, you can always buy the required number of profiles.
  • It has an easy import of cookies and proxies.
  • The ability to separate users by the data access level, using roles and groups.
  • Tool for mass creation of profiles.
  • Built-in cookies-bot to automatically generate a history of each profile visiting – in the cookies-bot settings, you can set a list of sites, the order of their visiting, session time, and other parameters.
  • Creation of an unlimited number of local profiles.
  • Profiles cataloging with labels and tags.

All these Undetectable benefits will help you acquire any number of tickets. Including on foreign platforms. Moreover, this anti-detect program can be used for free. Therefore, let’s register in the Undetectable right away, buy the required number of tickets, and sell the cherished dreams to the fans!