How to use Undetectable for affiliate marketing? - Undetectable.io

How to use Undetectable for affiliate marketing? - Undetectable.io

The article deals with the use of anti detect browsers in affiliate marketing. Advantages of using these tools in traffic arbitration are described.

Many have already heard a lot about miraculous properties of anti detect browsers. But some individuals, even including professional arbitrators, haven’t yet touched this magic artifact… Which is just an efficient tool for traffic arbitration.

Social networks for a webmaster engaged in traffic arbitration represent the unprecedented mine of target audience that can be easily monetized. The problem is that reaching it is not so simple. Especially with one user account, that can be blocked by a social network system at any time. If we could only promote offers in social networks through numerous accounts… But what tool is capable to do this? Of course, Undetectable Browser.

Arbitrator’s headaches

Many partner programmes operate in the Web. And each of them attracts to its folds affiliates that promote offers of partner programmes in target audience. It is reached by several methods:

  • Placing a partner link on a partner Website: the platform visitors follow it to the lending offer and perform a target action. The webmaster receives the certain amount for this.

Most often, partner marketing uses two models of partner income accrual, CPA and RevShare.

  • Campaigns in contextual advertising networks: announcements with the advertisement of an offer being promoted are broadcasted in search output, on the platform partner sites and daughter services.
  • Promotion in social networks, where the most part of interested users is concentrated.

The listed partner marketing methods are used in traffic CPA-arbitration in a sense. For example, when conducting campaigns in social networks, and arbitrator, using a link integrated in the ad, redirects interested users (traffic) from search output and other platforms, where announcements are placed, to offer lending. There, the lead performs the target action for which the certain profit is accrued to the webmaster.

But conducting traffic arbitration in practice is not so smooth. In promotion of CPA networks offers, affiliates face numerous issues, waiting at every bend:

  • Development of creatives

Some partner programmes provide large promo material collections to webmasters. But for promotion efficiency increase, it is better to use unique creatives. For this reason, in most cases, the arbitrator develops ad materials independently.

  • Correct targeting setting

Target audience segmentation is another type of each affiliate’s headache. This process is greatly simplified when promoting through advertising platforms. As parameters of campaigns deployed in them include the settings of audience targeting by geo, gender, age, and language. And at the offer promotion in social networks, forums, and other thematic platforms with CPA marketing, the webmaster has to segment the users by his own through promos and the selection of relevant platforms at promotion.

  • Gray offers

Internet, similar to real world, has no strict distinction into the dark and the light. And each platform establishes the bounds by itself. Including the advertising area. Therefore, topic allowed for promotion on one platform can be prohibited on the other. This trend is expressed the most brightly in social media. Which considerably complicates the gray offers bootstrapping.

But what does the anti detect browser have to do with it? How this software help to solve the aforementioned issues that arbitrators constantly deal with?

Getting rid of gray offers and other issues

Only the deaf webmaster has not heard about the potential of Facebook. This foreign social network is full of swarming three billion users, already segmented by the social network system by interests and purchasing power.

In order to realize what is important for the certain social network user, the arbitrator just has to look at his/her profile. View the person’s gender and date of birth, study the circle of acquaintances, learn the topic of favorite posts, the list of accounts and communities followed by the user, etc.

It would be a sin not to offer the most profitable sought-after offers to this audience. That is, from the niche of crypto currencies, finance, dating, gambling… But these gray themes are prohibited for promotion in Insta and Facebook. For this reason, many members of partner programmesfor arbitration do their best to bypass the ban. And anonymous browsers are used for this the most often. They can do the following:

  • Safe management through one interface by promotion performed in various ad networks lies in saving time fir authorization on ad platforms and each campaign correction.
  • Protect user profiles from blocking: with Undetectable Browser, the webmaster can bootstrap gray offers through purchased accounts in social networks and thus prevent their own pages from possible ban for breaking the rules.
  • Creating any number of browser profiles, allowing the arbitrator to perform promotion with the unlimited number of user accounts.
  • Safe multi accounting: social networks, partner programmes and ad platforms make all the efforts to fight multi accounting. These platforms block all the user accounts for using it. But anonymous browsers allow avoiding the mass ban. Through digital footprints created by them, anti fraud systems identify profiles from the multi account as not interconnected. That is, belonging to different users.
  • Work with numerous social profiles: anti detect browser allows the efficient promotion of partner programmes’ offers in social networks with the unlimited number of accounts.

Anonymous browsers fully solve the issue of bypassing blockings and anti fraud systems. Even the most perfect ones, with which social networks are stuffed up to the brim. But how?

Operation principle of anti detect browsers

Any Internet browsing user leaves digital traces that can be doubled by proxy or VPN services. But they do not provide complete anonymity to the user. As they change only the network footprints.

Digital traces are the unique device characteristics allowing user identification with more than 94% probability. Such characteristics include:

  • Device model.
  • OS used.
  • System capacity.
  • Browser configuration.
  • Language.
  • Time belt.
  • User agent.
  • IP address.
  • Cookies.

Using the aforementioned and many other parameters, anti fraud systems of social and ad networks define the user. And if a footprint with the same characteristics is found on the platform, a profile of a user that left it will be blocked. Which considerably complicates traffic promotion arbitration.

Anti detect browsers allow creating the unique digital footprints of user devices and browsers with the set parameters. Due to which the probability of mass blocking is almost reduced to zero.

Can it be done?

The legitimacy of anonymous browsers use for contextual advertising arbitration.

The use of Undetectable Browser and similar software is fully legal. Anti detect browsers are regular Internet browsers deployed on the basis of one of popular browser sliders.

Anonymous browsers differ from regular browsers only by the presence of functionality for changing digital footprints left by user devices. And for now, no prohibition for their editing is set firth in any legal framework of the world.

So what are the risks?

Anonymous browsers are just tools in human hands. Therefore, he webmaster bears responsibility for their use. At this, the partner programmes’ attitude to the use of anti detect browser for traffic arbitration is rather loyal. Their main requirement is traffic procurement with allowed tactics and without fake engagement. Nevertheless, it is desirable to consult concerning the acceptability of using this tool with representatives of partner program you collaborate with.

But social networks absolutely do not accept operation of anti detect browsers. When using unreliable software, anti fraud systems of social networks may block user accounts used for traffic redirection. For this reason, you should apply only the certain solutions.

Why Undetectable Browser?

In order to provide promotion efficiency, use only services included into the TOP anti detect browsers for arbitration. Undetectable Browser is one of such reliable tools. It has the following differences from competitive analogues:

  • Generation of digital footprints based on real devices footprints.
  • Connection of any number of profiles (available only in paid subscription variants).
  • Fast editing of parameters of digital footprints created.
  • Proxy connection.
  • Change of User Agent parameters.
  • Availability of a free service plan allowing to connect up to 5 cloud profiles, which is delivered with 10 preset digital footprint templates.
  • Teamwork mode support.
  • Fingerprints with a large number of setting parameters.
  • Convenient manager for managing connected profiles.
  • Vast digital footprint base with continuously updated “stock”.
  • Profiles created are stored on a local device.
  • Undetectable Browser is available for downloading in two versions, for MacOS and Windows.
  • The integrated cookies is intended for automatic collection and storage of cookies on Websites in the set profile, specified by a webmaster. Moreover, a number of page for bot review, the procedure of visiting them, the session duration, and other parameters can be established in its settings.

All these things make Undetectable Browser one of th best solutions for efficient traffic arbitration in any partner niche.