How to use Undetectable for Multiple traffic arbitrage accounts?

How to use Undetectable for Multiple traffic arbitrage accounts?

If you’re working in the traffic arbitrage sphere, you need to be sure your multiple accounts won’t be blocked tomorrow. We’re happy to say that we’ve found a great solution for you – an anti-detect browser, Undetectable, which allows specialists to simplify their hard work. Today’s article will tell you everything you need to know about it: the way it works, whether Undetectable usage is legal, what the risks of the browser’s absence are, and so on. So read carefully, and let’s get started.

How does Undetectable work?

As we’ve already told you, Undetectable is a special program that allows users to create multiple browser profiles with unique settings simultaneously – in such a way, it becomes possible for each one to look like a new device for websites. But how does it exactly work? Let’s take a closer look at this question.

First of all, an anti-detect browser offers you the possibility of opening another arbitrage account in each tab, using personal digital prints for it. It means that a website’s spam filters won’t be able to identify you as the same user. Accordingly, Cookies will be different for each account, and their values won’t meet in any way.

By the way, you won’t have any problems with such a browser itself since it has an easy-to-use interface, which doesn’t distinguish the usual one. Besides, anti-detect browsers mostly use the chromium engine, so you won’t be just a black sheep on the Internet – conversely, you’ll easily merge with the general mass of users.

And what about the digital fingerprints such a browser hides? Actually, it works as follows: it loads Cookies every time you’re visiting the websites, but they’re completely different. Below are all of such files:

  • Preferences (includes the interface display, its appearance, and available functionality, as well as regional and language settings);
  • Security (used to prevent unauthorized access);
  • Processes (these files allow the site to function properly);
  • Advertising campaign (for example, for displaying personalized ads arbitrage);
  • Session status (information on how to interact with content).

When you’re visiting the website, it checks Cookies on your computer and generates individual settings. In addition, Cookies allow us to identify whether you’re a new user or not. Thanks to anti-detect browsers, such as Undetectable, you’re able to create a user without Cookies or use others.

There is another way to track a person on the Internet – through an IP address. The IP address is a set of numbers that is used to identify a device, and it’s able to monitor which online resources you’re visiting, as well as your accounts and geolocation. If you use the anti-detect browser, you also have an opportunity to change this parameter.

Moreover, a digital fingerprint has “hidden” data. The websites always query the software for unique and specific browser settings, including the following:

  • User-Agent (what software, what operating system, what software versions, and much more);
  • Browser language (English, Chinese, Spanish, and any other);
  • Time zone;
  • Screen size and color parameters (color depth);
  • Supported HTML5 technologies (each software has its own differences);
  • Do Not Track settings;
  • Plugins, their characteristics;
  • Fonts, their drawing (depends on many parameters: processor, video card, preinstalled programs, libraries, etc.).

On the basis of this information, the websites build an identifier (sequence number) for every user, fixing this parameter subsequently and using it for their own ends. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation study, the browser’s uniqueness is about 90%. So it’s great that there are many anti-detect browsers like Undetectable that allow hiding the user’s identity.

Yes, it’s absolutely legal. Operating principles of Undetectable, along with other anti-detect browsers, don’t violate any laws – instead, such programs help users to protect their personal data, as well as minimize the risks of getting the critical information in the wrong place as a whole.

How and why should we use Undetectable?

Let’s start with the first question – how to use an Undetectable browser? Actually, it’s not as challenging as it may seem. Below you’ll see a special step-by-step guide, which will help you make things right on the first try.

  1. First of all, it’s required to register on the anti-detect browser’s official website – https://undetectable.io/.
  2. After you’ve successfully registered, you need to verify your account with the help of the link that you’ll receive by email.
  3. Then, the homepage will be automatically opened, and you’ll see that you’ll be asked to choose the license – just press “Add new license”.
  4. Further, choose the most convenient plan for you. Remember that when you’ve purchased the license, you’ll have the possibility to modify your plan. Besides, if you have a promo code, don’t forget to enter it into the required field.
  5. Finally, the payment window will automatically appear on your screen once you’ve chosen a suitable plan. There, you’ll see all the available payment options, including payment by Visa and Mastercard, сryptocurrency through Coinbase, and others.
  6. That’s it! After the payment, you’ll see your license in the Licenses section. Now, you’re totally ready to work with Undetectable!

Now, let’s move on and take a closer look at the second question – why should we use Undetectable?

We’ve already highlighted that the main feature of this program is privacy. Of course, nothing can provide you with a 100% guarantee against a data breach, but there are several ways to minimize the risks of getting the crucial information into the wrong place, and, in this case, Undetectable isn’t the exception. Actually, it becomes possible thanks to its unusual principle of work – such a browser guarantees anonymity by substituting data and customizing the user’s digital fingerprint while leaving a minimum of traces on the web. So it means that users can be sure about the most significant: if you’d like to protect yourself, Undetectable will be your perfect solution, since its efficient use practically excludes the possibility of being detected.

Why cannot we use an ordinary browser?

Actually, everything is straightforward – a usual browser doesn’t offer you any security assurances.

It’s not a secret that the protection of private information is one of the major problems worldwide, and almost everything, including smartphones, computers, software, etc., is under control. First of all, an ordinary browser collects Cookies, which means that a significant part of your data is fully accessible, and hackers can easily steal it. As we’ve already noted, the anti-detect browser, in turn, allows you to open a single account in each tab, using personal digital prints. Thanks to that, Cookies will be different for each account, and their values won’t overlap in any way.

Besides, such an anti-detect browser is protected against Flash and WebRTC plugins, so any website that you’ve visited won’t be able to check whether you’re using a proxy, and, respectively, won’t receive your browser’s characteristics for identification. It’s quite vital, especially when you’re working with multiple arbitrage profiles, isn’t it?

What risks can you face without the Undetectable browser?

Summing the whole thing up, we can say that the main risk you can face is the accounts’ blocking and personal information loss. Actually, fingerprinting technology may be interpreted as a considerable vulnerability in information security and a violation of users’ privacy and confidentiality simultaneously. Why, you may ask?

The thing is that unification of the elements such as plugins, bookmarks, screen resolutions, etc. we have in our browser can be conditionally compared with a person’s biometric data – real fingerprints. In this case, any Internet user may be identified without his knowledge and consent.

It may seem that the concept of anonymity on the Internet gives you the feeling of freedom, inaccessibility, and impunity, but actually, it’s not true. So if your job is closely connected with multiple accounts, you need a special tool that helps to work with them quickly, and it’s precisely the anti-detect browser. Such a program gives you some security guarantees, minimizes all the possible risks, and allows you to always be sure about all your personal data.

What are the advantages of using the Undetectable browser?

Here are the main undeniable advantages you’ll take by using the Undetectable browser:

  • Unlimited generation of profiles for any plan. Using the Undetectable browser, you won’t have any limits for the number of profiles created – conversely, it allows and helps to work with several browser profiles;
  • Convenient and straightforward profile manager. It doesn’t even matter what you need – everything works super fast, including launch, delete, archive, rename profiles, etc. As for the profiles’ management, there are various possibilities, such as different prints, cookies, proxy, browser fingerprint, user agent, languages, screen resolution, and more;
  • Export and import profiles for efficient teamwork. You’ll be able to quickly export/import profiles as a file and send them via the Internet;
  • Great configuration arbitrage opportunities to create a unique profile. Since the database is regularly updated with new prints, you’ll have a chance to use fingerprints from the latest versions of browsers and operating systems;
  • Instant launch and preservation of profiles. Undetectable offers its users the local storage of browser profiles. It means that you won’t need any synchronization with the server, and will have no worries about possible data loss while working with multi-accounts as well;
  • Built-in Cookies Bot to warm up the profile. Loading lists of URLs and running a bot to visit sites and collect Cookies is also available – each profile reliably stores everything of importance, including your Cookies and cache, making it possible to save your precious time;
  • Technical support. If you’ve faced any difficulties while using the Undetectable browser, you can always contact its professional technical support team, which will solve all of your problems as soon as possible.