How to protect your brand online?

How to protect your brand online?

Brand is an elastic notion. And sometimes it is stretched to the extent that breaks it into many pieces. Thereafter, we witness the appearance of “abibas”, “rebok” and other replicas… Making the owner of a genuine brand give up in despair. And incogniton browser has nothing to do with it! Precisely, it is not the reason for stretching the author’s product, but an effective brand protection tool.

How brands are dissipated (get scattered)?

And why we should withstand it?

Original products are highly valued in all areas, and not just as works of art. Every  average man in the street knows that clothes, shoes and appliances produced under a reputable brand are more expensive … But they are comfortable, efficient and rarely get out of order! Because the company that owns the brand does not allow the low quality of its product. After all, “non-standard products” will have a negative impact on credibility… Just like spraying the brand into local nooks and crannies.

Now copyright infringement is easier to trace in real life than online. Is that nonsense? Definitely not. A reality that companies have to adapt to in order to protect the brand. And with them, the trust of customers. And the reliable Undetectable site can help with this.

On the “back streets” where no one can see

Most often, local shops sin with fakes of original products on the Internet. That is, commercial sites operating in those regional markets where there are no representative offices of the brands they counterfeit. And in order to avoid being convicted of a fake by the security service and regulatory government agencies, attackers activate targeting of the audience of their site by IP and browser language settings.

At the same time, many companies mistakenly think that it is necessary to track down and catch replicants only in their native nooks and crannies. And in European countries and the United States, government agencies carefully monitor copyright compliance.

But in fact, on the same Amazon or eBay, you can find replicas of goods from our domestic manufacturers. And the moderators of the marketplaces will not pay attention to this violation until they are poked with their noses at the Chinese fake being sold in plain sight. But how to find this replica? Only with the help of multi-account access to the site, which is closed to users from those countries where the original brand comes from. This is what the Undetectable browser is designed for.

The principle of operation of Undetectable browsers

Anonymous browsers are widely used by professionals from various fields. This tool allows you to freely visit blocked sites and provide multi-account access to them.

Most of those who have ever heard of antidetects consider them to be highly specialized solutions. First of all, for traffic arbitrage, SMM promotion, managing multiple client accounts, etc. But the scope of anonymous browsers is much wider. Because they are able to naturally protect user profiles from blocking. And also freely bypass any barriers provided on the sites. Including in order to hide the fact of selling replicas of goods.

Antidetect is a regular browser that implements the ability to change, generate and configure fingerprints. They are also called digital footprints.

Fingerprints are used by the security systems of services and websites to filter the audience according to certain criteria. And also to block visits to the Internet resource by those users who do not meet the specified criteria.

Based on digital fingerprints, you can sort the audience by geography, language, local time, provider, OS, device type, and other indicators. All these parameters are included in the fingerprints.

An anonymous browser allows you to replace an existing fingerprint with a fingerprint of another user that meets the criteria of a particular site. At the same time, with the help of such incogniton browser as Undetectable, you can manage many prints. This allows brands to carry out a large-scale coverage of “suspected” sites for the sale of fake sites and quickly identify counterfeiters among them.

It is also worth noting that incogniton browsers work in conjunction with proxies. Anonymous browsers ensure that fingerprints meet the requirements only for the parameters listed above. And also by the values passed by user browsers in the User-Agent string.

Proxy IPs allow fingerprints to be matched by geo, ISP, and carrier if mobile proxies are used. Therefore, the effectiveness of the antidetect largely depends on the quality of the IP provided by the proxy provider.

How does everything work in practice?

Let’s simulate a situation in which a brand needs a reliable anti-detect browser:

Let’s say a Finnish hockey puck manufacturer’s website starts getting angry reviews from buyers in Africa and Australia. Although the company has never delivered its goods to these regions that are not winter at all.

All attempts by the manufacturer’s quality service to contact the authors of negative reviews were almost unsuccessful. Only two clients from Australia got in touch and said that they were representatives of the junior Olympic ice hockey team. To reduce the cost of inventory, the washers were purchased by them not on the official website of the manufacturer, but from unknown sellers in the local market.

Hockey pucks purchased for young hockey players can withstand only a few games. After that, they fell apart into pieces. Despite the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on all their products.

The situation worsened when Google began to display negative reviews in the main search results from local Search Engine Results Pages. This negatively affected the overall reputation of the brand, and also led to a drop in online sales of the brand’s products by 7%. In addition to this, angry Australian buyers demanded moral and material damages. They also threatened to file a lawsuit against the sports equipment company.

To determine how extensive the market for fake brand products is, the company’s specialists need to study the region where goods replications are sold thoroughly. To do this, Undetectable will be indispensable for them.

Further steps to protect the brand:

  1. We register on the site in the anti-detect browser.
  2. Verify account via email.
  3. Download the desired version of the incognito browser – it is implemented in versions for Windows, MacOS and as a virtual machine for installation on a dedicated server.
  4. After starting the program, we log in to the Undetectable system.
  5. Create a new profile.
  6. We set the configuration of the digital fingerprint of the user device in its settings – OS, language, browser, screen size and resolution, User-Agent, etc.
  7. In the “Proxy” tab, we download the purchased IP provider packages from the geo where the replica goods were found.
  8. To simplify the configuration, in the “Network fingerprints” section, we activate the automatic configuration of parameters. After that, they will be substituted with values corresponding to the characteristics of the loaded proxies: geolocation, time zone, and other parameters.
  9. We skip the block with the system fingerprint settings.
  10. If necessary, we load cookies.

The presence of a visit history increases the trustworthiness of fingerprints for anti-detect systems of various services. Including the marketplaces.

  1. Then, next to the created profile, click on the start button.
  2. Then we start working in Undetectable as in a regular browser: we indicate the URL of the site in the address bar where counterfeit stampers were noticed.
  3. We bring them to clean water and shut off the oxygen: we collect evidence against intruders and provide specialists with a marketplace where the certain brand replica goods are sold.

To perform this action scenario, you do not need to purchase a paid anti-detect subscription. As part of the free plan, Undetectable provides all the basic functionality, five cloud profiles and a set of 10 fingerprints, the relevance of which is updated monthly. This is quite enough to implement measures aimed at protecting the brand by identifying sites selling fakes.

Risks of antidetect browsers using

Digital fingerprint technology is widely used in online services security systems. Fingerprints provide 95% accuracy of user identification. Which practically negates the anonymity of Internet surfing. Therefore, antidetect browsers are one of the most effective and legal ways to ensure online privacy. Since their use is not prohibited in any country in the world.

Nevertheless, using anonymous browsers requires at least a superficial knowledge of the components of the Internet. As well as minimal experience with such browsers.

Why should we use Undetectable?

High-quality anti-detect browsers, like any professional toolkit, cannot be cheap. There are completely free anonymous browsers on the marketplace… But their gratuitousness in most cases is compensated by the theft of user data.

Undetectable – is the only professional anti-detect browser with a free plan that is powerful enough to protect your brand. And if necessary, you can expand the Undetectable limits by purchasing a paid subscription or purchasing the missing cloud profiles.

Register in the service and install the suitable version of the anti-detect browser to successfully fight those who infringe on the authority of your brand. After all, this Undetectable is within the power … Like many other things!