How to use Undetectable for multiple bets? - Undetectable.io

How to use Undetectable for multiple bets? - Undetectable.io

Guessed, so didn’t lose. And even if I hadn’t guessed, I still would have won… Thanks to multi-accounting, which bookmakers are so vigorously fighting against, and winning. But only those who use the wrong tools for multiple access to betting services. And Undetectable Browser users become winners in this unequal battle.

Betting, in essence, is also an extraordinary type of sport. After all, along with the victory of a favorite team, a person who makes express bets experiences the same emotions as its fans. And you can double or triple the level of player’s happiness… But bookmakers are actively opposing this. Otherwise, the income of the betting service will decrease, and all players will become rich and stop making bets.

Although customers of bookmakers have a different opinion on this matter. After all, with an accurate forecast, you can earn more, not only through multiple bets.

Why do players need anti-detection tools?

One player equals one account - this is the rule followed by betting services in all countries. And to control compliance with this immutable law, bookmakers use anti-fraud systems that can recognize multiple users trying to get rich through multi-accounting.

Reference information?

Multi-accounting is the simultaneous use of multiple accounts on a platform to increase the effect. In the case of bookmaker platforms, we are talking about increasing the income that players receive from placing simultaneous bets.

In order to get more profit, professional players create multiple accounts in the betting platform system. With their help, the income from successful sports forecasts increases several times. But bookmakers do not agree with this approach to increasing the profitability of forecasting. Therefore, companies are actively fighting against multi-accounting in bets using specialized systems that can recognize users only by their digital fingerprint.

But what prevents a player from creating accounts in different betting services and earning money through arbitrage betting? At first, no one will interfere and punish the user. But after three or four successful forecasts placed with different bookmakers, the lucky user’s fingerprints end up on a common blacklist. And then all the user’s accounts on all “affected” betting services will be blocked for using bookmaker arbitrage. And the user will not be able to create new accounts.

How do anti-detection browsers increase profits from sports forecasting?

Betting arbitrage, when used skillfully, can bring high income. But it reduces the profits of the betting services themselves. Therefore, they actively fight against the use of multi-accounting on their platforms. And most often, bookmakers come out as winners in this fight. But why?

In order to effectively fight against arbitrage betting and multi-account access, betting services spare no expense in developing security solutions. Therefore, their anti-fraud systems can identify players who violate the “rules” by their digital fingerprints. They are also called fingerprints.

Every user who surfs the Internet leaves digital fingerprints. A fingerprint is understood as a set of characteristics of the user’s device and the browser used to access the Internet. These characteristics include:

  • Device operating system, its type and bit depth.
  • User’s language.
  • Local time.
  • User’s IP.
  • User-Agent headers.

When a user visits a website, the browser sends a User-Agent string in response to the server’s request. This string contains information about the browser engine version, local time, language, and other information that allows the user to be identified. Brokerage platform security systems use User-Agent to identify the user. And also to fight against the use of multiple accounts for betting.

Anti-detection tools can bypass the security systems of betting services. This allows players to place bets from multiple accounts and thus increase the profitability of forecasting.

To bypass blocks, anonymous browsers use fingerprints taken from real user devices. In combination with proxies, fingerprints are an effective weapon against bookmaker anti-fraud systems.

To better understand how anti-detection tools work, let’s step by step look at the process of using them for betting accounts:

  1. After installing the anti-detection tool, the player selects the desired fingerprint option.
  2. Based on it, the player generates fingerprints that do not distinguish them from the general mass of other users of betting services.
  3. Edits the parameters of the obtained configuration or selects the desired one from the catalog.

The best anti-detection browsers, such as Undetectable, allow changing the values of many fingerprint parameters. Including those specified in the User-Agent headers.

  1. Connects pre-purchased proxy packages and launches the created account.
  2. Opens a betting account in the first betting service and places a bet.
  3. Then the player creates another fingerprint in the anti-detection tool and launches a new profile based on it.
  4. Registers in the second bookmaker’s office and places another bet.
  5. The player can also create an unlimited number of fingerprints and place multiple bets on the same forecast at the bookmaker without any obstacles.
  6. Thanks to the use of an anonymous browser, the security systems of betting platforms do not block the player’s multiple accounts. As a result, the income from correct forecasts or arbitrage bets increases several times.

It should be understood that an anti-detection browser for betting works effectively only in conjunction with high-quality proxies. In this combination, proxies ensure the correct identification of the user by the broker’s security systems based on IP, geolocation, and internet service provider. And the responsibility of the anti-detection tool is to dispel doubts about other parameters that are part of the fingerprints and are taken into account by bookmaker anti-fraud systems when establishing the user’s digital identity.

In other words, an anti-detection browser for multi-accounting is an effective tool for bypassing the blocking of user profiles. And also a guarantee of the longevity of player accounts. But which anti-detection tool is the best? And why do many professionals who earn money from sports forecasting prefer Undetectable Browser?

Why Undetectable?

There are many anonymous browsers available on the Internet. But Undetectable Browser stands out from them. And not only because of its extensive functionality. So let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this tool.

Advantages of the best anti-detection browser for multi-accounts in betting:

  • A large number of positive reviews from players - Undetectable is popular among specialists from various fields whose internet activities are related to multi-accounting. Including those who earn money from sports forecasting.
  • Supports command mode - which allows using the anonymous browser for collective work in the betting niche.
  • Free tariff plan - this subscription option allows players not only to test the capabilities of the anti-detection tool but also to work in it without any obstacles.

Under the free tariff plan, Undetectable Browser users receive 10 monthly updated fingerprints. And also five cloud profiles, the number of which can be increased to 40. In addition, purchased accounts are added to the five provided for free.

  • Only high-quality fingerprints - the official store of the anonymous browser for multi-accounting offers fingerprints taken from real user devices. Thanks to this, Undetectable ensures the safe placement of arbitrage bets even with a large number of accounts in one bookmaker’s office.
  • Suitable for large-scale activities - within the Custom tariff plan, players with a capital letter can connect their own server to the anonymizer. After that, they can place any number of cloud profiles on it and receive colossal profits from team forecasting.
  • Paid tariff plans with flexible settings - allow adding from 25 to 100 cloud profiles to an existing subscription, an unlimited number of local profiles. And also increase the number of launched instances of the Undetectable Browser application to five.
  • Easy data transfer - the anti-detection browser for betting ensures fast exchange of cookies and proxy packages between accounts and local profiles.
  • Built-in bot for collecting cookies - designed for quick warming up of the profile by automatically visiting specified websites. As a result, a browsing history is formed, which increases the validity of the digital fingerprint for bookmaker anti-detection systems.

The ability to predict the outcome of sports competitions is an intellectual gift possessed by only a few. Other players have to learn to earn high income from multiple bets through their own analytical mistakes. Therefore, sports forecasting must bring significant income, which should not be influenced by any, even the most sophisticated anti-fraud system. And to protect yourself from this negative influence, install Undetectable Browser and enjoy the high profits you receive!