Release Notes

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  • Improved touch input emulation for mobile configurations
  • Enhanced filters functionality in the main window (Folders, Groups)
  • Browser Fingerprints substitution improved
  • Configurations with Windows 11 are now displayed correctly in the program
  • Integration with partner proxies Asocks has been fixed
  • Added profile unlock option to the profile card context menu
  • Added the ability to change IP for proxies in the proxy manager with a link to change the address (Relevant for mobile proxies)
  • Updated the Chromium core to version 126;
  • Optimized the profile manager and the main screen when working with a large number of profiles;
  • Added the ability to transfer cookie files to the cookie tree for import;
  • Improved work with the basket, a button for opening the basket has been added to the profile manager, the ability to disable the basket and configure the number of days before emptying the basket has been added to the settings;
  • Updated the program framework;
  • When logging into the application, the Enter button no longer redirects to the site;
  • Added an option to the settings to automatically update the browser version in profiles when they are launched;
  • Added configurations from IOS + Chrome to the config shop;
  • Added ABCProxy to the list of partner proxies;
  • Fixed an issue where cookies were not being imported into profiles that had ever been launched;
  • Update Chromium core to version 125;
  • Mass import of accounts using the profile manager, you can select multiple profiles and upload multiple account files for them, if there are more selected profiles than account files, the accounts will be imported in a loop;
  • Added the ability to change the cloud profile group in the context menu of the profile list;
  • Updated Chromium core to version 124;
  • The “Dublicate” function has been redesigned as “Clone,” allowing the selection of the number of clones and the creation of either a partial or full clone (A partial clone creates a new profile with the same settings as the main one, retaining the browser type, OS, additional settings, language, proxy, tags, folder, group, profile type, core, home page, and bookmarks, but it does not transfer cookies, profile cache, accounts, or notes. A full clone transfers all data, similar to the old “Dublicate” function);
  • Redesigned the main settings interface;
  • Fixed the “Clear not important cache when closing profile” function, which caused extensions to close incorrectly, requiring a profile restart for their operation;
  • A “Feedback” button has been added to the left menu of the program for sharing ideas, suggestions, and reporting issues;
  • A “Random” mode for font substitution has been added. When activated, it generates a unique list of fonts, even if the same configuration is used. By default, fonts are taken from configurations;
  • Functions for working with a proxy manager have been added to the API;
  • Multiple profiles and cookie files can now be selected for import. If more profiles are selected than files, cookies will be imported in a round-robin fashion;
  • Updating the Chromium kernel to version 123;
  • Redesigned the Main tab in the main settings;
  • Added the ability to set the time zone to the create and update APIs;
  • When launching a profile via the API, with the option “Do not run the profile if proxies are not active” enabled, an error text has been added if the proxies are not working;
  • Fixed a recycle problem where cloud profiles were incorrectly restored from the recycle bin;
  • The API has added the ability to clear only profile cookies, without clearing other data;
  • Added the ability to request a list of time zones to the API;
  • A checkbox has been added to the settings that will hide the profile name in the browser address bar;
  • Added a button to copy the IP address when checking a proxy;
  • Added proxy cloning function in the proxy manager;
  • Updating the Chromium kernel to version 122;
  • In the default settings for new profiles, the Random option has been added for the Screen, RAM, CPU parameters; when enabled, these parameters will be randomized each time a profile is created, and not taken from the configuration;
  • The ability to check proxies has been added to the API;
  • Fixed a bug where the profile’s group changed in the program, even when an error was received from the server;
  • Fixed a bug where the program would close if you created a profile using the “Fast start” button, log out of your account and log in again;
  • Added a local recycle bin for profiles. When you delete a profile, it will first be sent to the trash for 2 weeks, from where you can restore it. After 2 weeks, the profile is automatically deleted. To see the profiles in the cart, in the profile manager you need to select the “Deleted” status in the filter;
  • An option has been added in the settings, when enabled, profiles with non-working proxies will not be launched;
  • An option has been added to the bot to launch profiles in Headless mode;
  • Added the choice of an alternative proxy checker to the settings;
  • Fixed a bug due to which cookies were not imported into profiles that were ever launched;
  • Updating the Chromium kernel to version 121;
  • Improved font substitution in new configs;
  • In the config shop, the OS version is more accurately determined (later we will add it to the program);
  • Added a timeout to the profile launch queue (When launching several profiles at the same time, if one profile does not start for a minute, an error is thrown and the next one in the queue is launched);
  • When creating a profile with an unknown UA, Accept language will be automatically filled in with default values;
  • Added the ability to edit saved proxies in the profile settings;
  • Added the ability to search by accounts in a running profile;
  • Mass installation of proxies through the profile manager (In the profile manager, you can select several profiles and select several proxies for them, proxies will be assigned in turn to profiles);
  • Added the ability to set the start page for new profiles;
  • Bulk installation of the start page and launch options through the profile manager;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Private storage setting failed and profiles were not created;
  • Fixed a bug when using the –headless=new; flag.
  • Fixed a bug in Android configurations in which touch screen emulation did not work correctly on restored tabs;
  • Improved WebGL metadata substitution
  • Fixed crash when using Paste like human on Macos
  • Updated Chromium kernel to version 120;
  • Improved adding noise to Audio Fingerprint;
  • Added a check of the kernel on which the profile was launched. If a team member has not updated to the latest version, then the profile that was previously launched in the new version will not start for him;
  • Improved connection checking, it works faster;
  • Added the ability to disable WebRTC;
  • Included a prompt to save your password when creating a Google account;
  • In mass creation of profiles, when importing data from a file, the first line with column names is optional;
  • Removed system SpeechSynthesis in profiles with Android configurations;
  • Fixed an error that occurred at the end of a script written using the Playwright library;
  • Fixed installation of extensions via links in the extension manager;
  • The Transfer IndexedDB when exporting profile option has been added to the settings; when disabled, profiles will weigh less when exported to a file or to the cloud, which will save time and traffic when downloading profiles from the cloud;
  • Time zone substitution fixes
  • Lied Device Pixel Ratio error in configurations with DPRs different from the system DPR
  • Updated Chromium kernel to version 119
  • Updated Chromium kernel to version 118;
  • Improved DevicePixelRatio substitution;
  • Changed support for audio formats to better simulate different browsers;
  • Fixed display of Google advertising in mobile configs;
  • Fixed a bug where electronic signature certificates from external media did not appear in the browser;
  • Improved replacement of MediaDevices
  • Changed the speed of Paste like human
  • For profiles with Android configurations, the navigator.contacts parameter has been added, which is available on real devices
  • Improved substitution of Headers, the order of the headers corresponds to a regular browser
  • Fixed the work of some extensions that did not run in the browser
  • Added support for special language characters in the proxy password
  • Fixed substitution of WebRTC with IPv6
  • Display the profile name in the taskbar
  • Added the ability to disable WebGPU spoofing on the Advanced tab
  • Added the ability to disable SpeechSynthesis substitution on the Advanced tab
  • On the Windows taskbar, when you hover over the browser icon, the profile name will be indicated in front of the site name
  • Updated Chromium kernel to version 117;
  • Improved substitution of storage.estimate, now data on free memory is taken from the configuration and noise is added to it;
  • Improved the Paste like a human function, fixed printing stoppage on some sites;
  • Added the ability to open a profile with specific tabs to the API;
  • Improved output of some errors;
  • Fixed a bug where cloud profiles were not unlocked if you closed the profile after closing the program;
  • Fixed a bug where a proxy from another profile was installed when creating a profile via the API;
  • Fixed a bug where information about a cloud profile created via the API was not returned;
  • Profile synchronizer;
  • Import a bookmark file into a profile via the profile manager;
  • API in **/update*- and **/create*- added the ability to import accounts from sites
  • The settings window opens on the same screen as the main window
  • Added a column with the kernel type to the profile manager
  • Added hotkey for Paste like human on MacOS (cmd+b)
  • Minor design improvements
  • Fixed problems when working on the same server at the same time from different users
  • Fixed a bug where cloud profiles could be duplicated when downloading
  • Fixed the Sign out button that could cause the program to be opened multiple times, resulting in errors
  • Fixed a bug where after importing cookies, they could be duplicated on some sites
  • Fixing the Page Json Error
  • Fixed Paste like human operation when pasting some special characters
  • Fixed IP change via IP change link in case of incorrect certificate on the site in the link
  • Profile converter from WebEngine to Chromium
  • In the settings of the roles of the cloud panel, we added the ability to disable the Accounts tab in the program, for those who want to hide logins / passwords from sites
  • Fixed IFrame JSON Error
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when mass launching local profiles
  • Fixed bug in WebRTC substitution
  • Updated Chromium core to version 115;
  • Improved WebRTC substitution;
  • Improved work Paste like a human, fixed work on some sites;
  • API in /list added information about the update date and the date the profile was created;
  • API in /create added a parameter for creating profiles from a specific config;
  • API now returns an error if a request is sent to a non-existent address;
  • API in /create and /update added parameter to change profile type (cloud/local.
  • Fixed a bug where proxies were not saved correctly without a login password in the mass creation of profiles in proxy formats;
  • Fixed work of developer tools in profiles with configs from mobile devices;
  • Fixed a bug with the mass launch of profiles through the profile manager;
  • Fixed duplication of profiles during synchronization API;
  • Fixed hanging of profiles in case of any error when running them through the API;
  • Fixed bug clearing notes when changing tags via update API;
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when importing identical cookies, now cookies are overwritten.
  • In the Default Profile Bookmarks settings, you can now select a bookmarks file exported from any Chromium-based browser and the bookmarks will be imported into each new profile;
  • Added the ability to go to the profile folder through the context menu of the profile list;
  • Added profile name in the browser icon on MacOS (need to allow notifications);
  • API action /configslist for issuing a list of configurations;
  • API action /updatebrowser to update the browser version in the profile;
  • API action /getinfo to get full information about the profile;
  • API action /groupslist to get a list of groups;
  • API action /tocloud for bulk sending profiles to the cloud;
  • API action /tolocal to bulk change the type of profiles to local.
  • Improved error log from Chromium
  • Fixed a bug where IndexedDb was not passed in cloud profiles and when exporting/importing profiles, because of this some sites could be logged out
  • Fixed a bug where links from localhost did not work in profiles
  • Fixes in WebRTC operation when using the System option in the profile settings
  • Fixed launch of many cloud profiles at the same time, the launch sequence did not work
  • Correction of a bug with the disappearance of cookies in the profile
  • Added the ability to set the profile language when creating a profile via the API
  • Minor graphic improvements
  • Fixed a bug where the state of the On start up option in WebEngine profiles is not saved
  • Added the ability to check proxies from the list of profiles
  • Added ability to set tags via /profile/create and /profile/update/ APIs
  • Added the ability to set geolocation via API /profile/create and /profile/update/
  • Improved spoofing related to device memory detection
  • Changed substitutions of some browser request headers
  • Minor graphic improvements
  • In the local API, when creating a profile with empty parameters, the default settings are now taken into account, and no random data is taken
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Dark theme
  • A checkmark has been added in the settings to enable the ability to synchronize a Google account in a profile
  • Autologin to the program if there is saved data
  • A new format has been added to the mass creation of profiles with the ability to set geolocation coordinates
  • Improved font substitution, now font changes are done inside the browser, harder to detect
  • Improved geolocation substitution
  • Blocked installation of extensions from the Windows registry
  • Saving the state of the Use Ip change link checkbox in the bot
  • Added ability to set CPU, Memory and profile screen resolution in API /profile/create
  • Search by configuration ID in configuration manager
  • Added the ability to specify a specific version of Windows when creating a profile via the /profile/create API
  • New settings design
  • Improved Bluetooth API spoofing, for Android and MacOS configurations Bluetooth will always be enabled, for Windows it will be set to a random value
  • Added the ability to enable notifications and other permissions from sites in profiles
  • Added modification time and creation time (not just date) in proxy manager and profile manager
  • Other minor graphical improvements
  • Fixed an issue that caused a profile to be downloaded after uploading to the cloud through the profile list in the main window
  • Correct closing of profiles launched via the API with the –headless flag
  • Fixed a bug when running a large number of profiles at the same time, added a launch sequence
  • Chromium core update to version 113
  • Set CPU and Memory when creating a profile
  • Added Paste like human function to Chromium
  • Added navigator.gpu substitution in Chrome 113 and higher
  • Fixed an issue where proxies gave out a blank error when checking
  • Changes in integration with proxy service Asocks
  • added hint with proxy insertion formats for adding new proxy field
  • Fixed problem with cloud profile update hanging up if the connection is bad
  • Fixed validation error when adding proxy
  • Fixed problem with missing configurations
  • Added error explanations in authorization window
  • New design of main profile settings tabs
  • Creation of new tags in the profile manager in the context menu at the Enter button
  • Other minor graphical improvements
  • Fixed an issue where API created profiles from archived configurations
  • Fixed issue with Locale swapping on MacOS
  • Fixed problem with extension window size on scaled down systems
  • Fixed availheight and availwidth when window size is disabled
  • Fix for integration with Asocks proxy service
  • Other minor fixes
  • Bot for Chromium core profiles
  • Added Copy button for Notes
  • Added ability to show profile window on top of all windows in profile list via context menu
  • Added button to close profiles in Profile Manager
  • Added button to clear profile data in Profile Manager
  • Fixed the “Profile is already in use” error when launching a profile that was improperly closed, preventing further issues with profile usage.
  • Optimized updating and downloading of cloud profiles, reduced number of requests to the server
  • Fixed possibility to run one profile multiple times
  • Quick profiles are correctly deleted after closing
  • Fixing proxy country selection in the Asocks service

When a filter is selected, if you perform sorting, profile cards that are not in the filter appear Closing the program via tray or button Closing in MacOS closes the program and all profiles correctly Fixed a bug on importing old profiles Fixed a bug that appeared on the Cookies tab of new profiles created via Bulk Creation

  • Optimized work speed on large number of profiles
  • When creating a profile, the list of configurations shows the number of profiles created with this configuration
  • Added option to enable/disable obsolete cookies import into default profile settings
  • Added possibility to sort profiles manually
  • Graphic improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the folder list was not cleared when you change profiles folder
  • Fixed bug that occurred at the moment of editing or creating new profile
  • Added possibility to create profile, export and import cookies, clear data and change profile folder in API
  • Added a checkmark in settings that allows to clear not important profile cache when closing them (saves space)
  • Folder filter added selection of profiles without a folder
  • Fixed folder selection issue in Folders tab
  • Fixed update of cloud profiles if there are too many profiles
  • Fixed error when launching a profile with Chromium browser with a large number of proxies
  • Graphical improvements
  • Swap improvements
  • Chromium kernel updated to version 110
  • It became possible to run profiles with Chromium flags in local API
  • Main menu now allows to import profiles via Drag&Drop
  • Now you can select color for tags, tag manager was moved to Settings
  • Fixed an issue where Cyrillic characters in a proxy name were changing to question marks when exporting
  • When downloading a cloud profile, now no data is dumped when creating a new profile
  • Fixed a bug that caused cloud profiles to start downloading
  • Fixed function to disable picture downloading in profiles on Chromium
  • A checkbox to enable/disable clientRects swapping has been added to the system fingerprints settings
  • A button to manually check for new cloud profiles has been added to the Account tab
  • Added function to update browser version in profile manager with Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox browsers
  • Added button to copy all profile information
  • Popup messages of the same type in the program are now merged into one
  • Fixed the save button for Notes when the profile is active
  • Added integration with ASocks proxy service
  • Fixed an error related to the creation of a profile on the free tariff
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the program from starting on some systems
  • Swap Improvements.
  • Import/export accounts from sites now in Google Chrome format
  • Optimized group operations with cloud profiles
  • Favorites pane in Chromium profiles now always displayed
  • Added profile data update and deletion requests to API
  • Profile ID is now added to “Profile info” field
  • Updated manager design
  • Account and license information moved to a separate tab “Account”
  • Proxy verification now also checks access to Google, FB, Yandex services
  • Various graphical improvements
  • Fixed an issue with extensions not showing up in the running profile
  • Fixed bug that scripts in chromium default tabs didn’t work
  • Fixed bug that browsers Opera and Edge were not detected for Android configurations
  • Proxy manager added integration with ipidea.net service
  • Added saving of Notes when profile is running
  • Added hotkeys when working with profiles from main window (select profile by up/down
  • arrows, open/close information by left/right arrows, start profile enter, delete profile delete)
  • Improving font swaps
  • Fixed bug with substitution of locale in the browser
  • Optimized program performance when there are a lot of profiles
  • Improved substitution for profiles created on Chromium core
  • Fixed bug with installation of some extensions (e.g. EditThisCookies, TrustWallet, etc.)
  • Added local API v1.0 to automate profile handling via puppeteer, playwright, etc.
  • Improved work with some proxy services in profiles on the Chromium core
  • Improved and accelerated the work of some substitutions in profiles on the Chromium core
  • Fixed a bug where sites were not placed in profiles on the Chromium core with Android or IOS
  • Fixed an issue where clearing profile data would reset the setting to open recent tabs
  • Fixed bug with redirects in profiles on Chromium core
  • Fixed a bug with resetting Metamask extension data when transferring a profile from Windows to MacOS
  • Fixed a bug where the Bot did not collect all cookies
  • Profile import process accelerated
  • Graphic Improvements
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the Start button in the profile card
  • Localization fixes
  • Added saving profile changes by pressing Ctrl + S
  • Fixed a bug related to installing extensions on MacOS
  • Fixed a bug related to the Kyiv time zone
  • A Top Website Generator has been added to the bot window;
  • Interface Improvements
  • Fixed bugs related to saving the profile
  • Fixed errors related to sending a profile to the cloud storage
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added functionality for mass creation of profiles from data files
  • Added a second browser “Undetected” based on Chromium with WebGL 2 and with the ability to install extensions
  • Added extension manager
  • Technical update of the program to add a new browser core based on Chromium
  • Fixed a bug where the program was closed after a mass change of cloud profiles;
  • Fixed a bug related to the inactive button “Quick start” when creating a new profile;
  • Fixed a bug related to resetting network fingerprints (time zone, geolocation);
  • Fixed a bug related to the appearance of an indication about the need to save changes for a new profile.
  • Fixed “Stop” button functioning in the bot
  • Fixed locking of all selected cloud profiles in the bot
  • Added functionality to connect private storage for cloud profiles
  • Saving modified profile settings now requires confirmation with the Save button
  • Added notifications on unsaved changes
  • fixed a bug where, after importing cookies, they were displayed in a new profile;
  • fixed a bug related to incorrect display of the group and proxy when updating the cloud profile;
  • fixed a bug with deleting cloud profiles from the profile manager;
  • fixed a bug that blocked the Delete and Check proxies buttons if there were no rights to export them;
  • blocking buttons for adding accounts and cookies when a profile is running or blocked.
  • Time and date of creation, modification of profile added to Profile Info;
  • Improved display of proxy checking data;
  • Graphic improvements.
  • The last opened tabs in the browser are saved when transferring via the cloud;
  • The link to the site generator in the bot window was fixed;
  • If a profile is saved or changed, it is not moved from the folder to the main directory;
  • Fixes a bug where the Save and Start buttons are unlocked with a 5 sec. delay after closing the profile;
  • Fixes the localizations.
  • Mass sending profiles to the cloud from the profile manager;
  • Profile manager added columns: profile type, group, profile status;
  • In the settings added an option to disable local proxy redirection (for those who use local proxies directly);
  • A folder can be set when creating profiles in bulk.
  • added the ability to import cookies with the expires parameter
  • fixed bug with configuration store token
  • fixed bug with saving Notes in cloud profiles
  • Fixed a bug with saving cookies from the old profile when creating a new one
  • fixed a bug with an infinite error during authorization
  • on the panel, the Partner button was replaced with a Help button, where there are links to documentation, partners, tech. support
  • minor graphical improvements.
  • fixed a bug with saving the login / password, in which the values were sorted out in the save window;
  • fixed a bug with displaying the last connection flag in a new profile;
  • minor bug fixes;
  • added cloud storage of profiles;
  • new web panel - cloud.undetectable.io, for managing users, groups, roles, sessions;
  • new admin account - app.undetectable.io
  • new tariff plans: Free, Base, Professional, Custom;
  • changes in discounts for the license renewal period;
  • added saving the payment method (bank cards) for automatic renewal;
  • new automatic payment method: Capitalist;
  • the balances of the account store and the configuration store are separated. From the account balance, you can pay for a subscription and replenish the balance of the configuration store. From the balance of the configuration store, you can only pay for configurations;
  • affiliate program 7% for all users;
  • timer for closing a window with errors;
  • updated home page;
  • Added search when selecting proxies and tags in the profile manager
  • Added selector for back/forward keys in browser (RBM), you can choose which page to go to
  • Autosubstitution of login/password for coinlist.co
  • When deleting a profile, its name is indicated in the message
  • Context menu (RBM) was added in configuration manager, where you can archive configuration or copy information
  • Added possibility to copy account data (login/password) in profile settings
  • Fixes related to localization
  • Minor graphical fixes
  • Fixed bug related to displaying of connection country for new profile
  • Improved browser spoofing related to Client Hints
  • Fixed errors related to changing IP via proxy link
  • Fixed bug related to cache clearing
  • The values in the “New proxy” fields when changing proxy and returning to a new one, also keeps the type of proxy
  • Fixed new tab display for mobile configurations
  • Cosmetic fixes
  • Localization fixes
  • Added “delete all cookies” button in the profile settings in the browser
  • Added zooming in for mobile configurations (Shift + hold LMB)
  • A new tab now opens to the right of the current one, not at the end
  • The proxy IP change via a link in the profile settings has been accelerated
  • Smart proxy insertion supports link to change IP
  • “Delete all data” function closes all tabs in the browser after clearing
  • Fixed problem with redirects on some sites
  • The main window can be minimized through the Windows taskbar
  • Values in the fields “New Proxy” when changing proxy and return to the new proxy, also saves the link to change IP and name
  • Small improvements to the program interface
  • The expires_timestamp parameter is taken correctly when importing cookies
  • The link to change ip was missing when exporting/importing a profile
  • Fixed widget for tag selection and item mass selection
  • Fixed minimize/unmount to/from tray(s) and maximize when trying to re-launch the software
  • Deleting a lot of cookies crashed the software
  • Fixed bug with displaying a big amount of proxies when adding a proxy with context menu in the Profile Manager window.
  • Added functionality to check the compatibility of the entered User-Agent with the config
  • Added ability to expand field with notes
  • Profile information now includes: number of CPU cores, amount of RAM, creation and modification date.
  • Added button to clear all profile data except: Cookies, Settings, Bookmarks and Accounts
  • Optimized config manager loading
  • Time zones sorted by zones
  • Improved work with cookies in the browser
  • Mass profile generation optimization
  • Improved UserAgentData (Client Hints) substitution
  • Expanded ID value for Mass Creator
  • Fixed sorting by port in proxy manager
  • Fixed sorting by date in config and profile manager tables
  • Fixed a bug when the bot stops during operation and then starts
  • New design and functionality for editing cookies
  • Added the ability to delete several different cookies at once
  • Add ability to change cookie values
  • Ability to add new cookies to current ones
  • Export multiple cookies to clipboard
  • Running profiles can be displayed on top of other windows using the “To Top” button in the context menu of the profile card.
  • Improved time zone substitution
  • Minor improvements to the program interface
  • When Mass creating profiles, proxies are distributed evenly, but randomly
  • Bug fix when stopping bot on macOS
  • Fixed freezing of the bot when pressing the “stop” button before opening the browser window
  • Fixed the interval selection when the bot is running
  • Fixed the work of a modal window of the Prompt type on sites
  • Added display of information about the country, city, ISP in the proxy manager when checking
  • Fixed saving of changing the scale of pages of sites on MacOS
  • Fixed bug when stopping the bot
  • Fixed the work of stopping the profile by the button (in the profile card)
  • Improved profile screen resolution emulation
  • Improved substitutions and passing pixelscan test (Chrome configurations + system OS and turn off WebGl image hash)
  • The selected page scale is saved after closing the browser
  • Minor improvements to the program interface
  • Bug fix when updating
  • Fixed the ability to launch the bot without tabs
  • Fixed closing of the browser when saving pictures
  • Fixed issue with autocomplete passwords (coinlist.co)
  • Emulation of touch events in profiles on mobile configurations
  • Added saving the permission to access the camera / microphone on a specific site, without confirming a second request. And also the ability to reset all permissions.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for browser in MacOS version
  • Many improvements to the program interface
  • If the filter of configs by Mac OS is selected, then configs from Mac OS + FF are not shown
  • When importing a large number of proxies, the program freezes
  • After launching the bot and closing the bot window through the toolbar, the software crashed
  • Bug with an inactive Open button in the Profile Manager window
  • When quickly deleting profiles from the main window, you can accidentally manage to delete a profile twice, a crash occurs and undetectable.exe closes

Added a profile filter by tags and folders in the bot Added limitation on the number of characters in the profile name and in the proxy name Added custom tooltips Proxy manager: added search by host and external ip and the ability to copy values in fields Added the ability to leave the Start page field blank in the settings window


Fixed bug with server certificate

  • In the Authentication window we added the ability to log in by pressing Enter
  • In the default profile settings, the choice of proxy type was added as a separate field
  • In the profile manager, added a search by columns: Name, Config, User-Agent, Notes
  • When launching the profile with the Bot window running, the program would close with an error
  • Fixed process freezing after closing the Authentication window on the first run
  • Added possibility to open several windows of the same profile

Fixed a problem with logging into Google accounts.

  • Fixing various program errors.
  • Translation of the program into Portuguese.
  • Translation of the program into Chinese.
  • Mass export of cookies and accounts from the profile manager.
  • Update the design of the main profile settings in the browser.
  • Rambler registration form was not displayed.
  • Problem with saving the home page.
  • Mass assigning of folders via the PCM
  • Added folder filter
  • “Folder” column added
  • Adding to the settings folder a file with ID and profile name matching.
  • Improved fingerprint substitution.
  • UI design improvements.
  • Fixed the problem of positioning the browser window after export / import of the profile.
  • Added functionality of folders for grouping profiles.
  • Added export and copying of individual cookies.
  • The tags can be changed in an already running profile.
  • Small interface design fixes.
  • Fixed auto-completion of passwords on some web-sites.
  • New mass import of proxies by a template.
  • Hotkeys are added to the browser
  • The Win/Command+Shift+T key combination opens the last closed tabs in the queue.
  • Ability to edit tags from the context menu of a profile card is added.
  • Improved group operations with the database.
  • Little changes in the interface design.
  • Fixed the context menu items in the browser.
  • Added the ability to change the storage location of profiles in three different ways: Just change the storage folder (empty without profiles), Change the folder by copying the current profiles to it, Changes folder with transferring profiles from the current folder to the new one.
  • Import/export browser profiles with tags.
  • Added a context menu by right-clicking on the profile.
  • The proxy host now accepts the character “_”, and domains with this character will work.
  • Added the ability to create a duplicate profile completely with all settings
  • Browser optimization;
  • When you open a new tab via the context menu, it opens without switching to that tab.
  • The session is closed if you first close the software, then the profile;
  • Small interface design fixes;
  • Small fixes to the websites.
  • The browser will open in the last window used when working on multiple monitors.
  • Speeding up the browser, reducing the ping;
  • The hotkey for the Paste as human: Ctrl+B.
  • The home page opens while launching the profile, when you do mass creation of profiles.
  • Running a bot without images;
  • Mass set up of proxies through the Profile Manager;
  • A checkbox to disable image loading in the browser is added;
  • A checkup for the status of a profile is added: now you can’t make edits to an already launched profile.
  • Support for Netscape abbreviated cookie format is improved;
  • Tags do not vanish when creating a new tag via Enter on a profile, that already had got tags;
  • The program is not closed while closing the Profiles Mass Creation window during generation;
  • Fixed profile sorting;
  • Ability to insert a text with handwriting emulation;
  • Added configuration manager;
  • Updated default settings;
  • Added version types (VM or Windows) next to the version number in the program settings;
  • In the account token field you can now specify the token of another account and connect the configuration storage from it;
  • Added the ability to launch several tabs by default when starting a profile, links are written separated by a space;
  • Added default tabs for sharing;
  • Added scripts to run from the browser;
  • Added resolution 1280x800;
  • The horizontal scroll bar was removed from the browser
  • Added a link to the site in the Release Notes
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the interface on some Windows systems, a black bar appeared on top
  • Fixed a bug with opening the Cookies tab when the browser is open
  • Improved validator for proxy insertion
  • Refactoring code and improving performance
  • Fixed sorting and filtering by tags
  • Fixed standard search, now the search results are shown in the selected profile language
  • The cookie tree was not cleared after creating a new profile under certain conditions
  • Updated browser for Windows and MacOS versions of the program, improved fingerprint substitution
  • Released a separate version for virtual machines
  • Added the ability to open new tabs from the search bar suggestions by clicking the mouse wheel
  • Fixed problem with renaming profiles
  • Mass profile import failed on large number of profiles
  • Improving websites
  • Added functionality to change proxy IP by link
  • Added button in settings to open folder location with profiles
  • Added opportunity to choose a proxy from saved ones in default settings
  • Added partners menu item
  • Optimized work of the Cookies tab
  • Fixed a bug with renaming a profile
  • Minor interface fixes
  • Bulk creation of profiles
  • Instant creation of up to 99 profiles per generation
  • Possibility of multiple choice of configurations, proxy and screen size
  • Dynamic template of names for profiles
  • Saving account data
  • You can now save logins and passwords for logins immediately in profile settings
  • Saving passwords from the browser
  • Autofill login and password fields
  • Ability to import/export authorization data in .tsv format
  • Did not import ipchange link when importing proxy
  • When exporting proxies, all proxies were exported, not just selected ones
  • New Bot
  • Randomized configuration selection based on filt when creating a new profile
  • Small interface design improvements
  • Changed proxy adding window in the proxy manager
  • Bug fixed with import of Netscape cookies
  • Fixes minor bugs in cookies and proxy checker
  • Import Cookies with superfluous text
  • When importing JSON all lines before and after the Json line are removed
  • When importing Netscape, all lines that do not fit the format are removed
  • Main menu design updated.
  • Automatic saving of the last entered proxy
  • Added ability to copy proxy check result
  • Changed data editing process in Proxies and Tag Managers
  • Improved process of adding tags
  • User-Agent substitution fixed
  • Fixed browser launching in case of bad connection
  • Incorrectly displayed data in profile info when Geolocation: Auto
  • Small fixes in interface design
  • Importing expired cookies
  • Import Netscape cookies
  • IPv6 proxy support
  • The list of cookies is now automatically updated after closing the browser
  • Added F5 key to refresh browser page
  • When a profile was open, creating a new one sometimes resulted in resetting to default settings
  • New Profile Manager
  • New columns added
  • Filters by tags and status
  • Ability to customize columns output
  • Editing profile name, tags and notes
  • Proxy manager: ability to edit fields with one click instead of double click
  • Improved proxy checker and proxy spoofing
  • Default profile settings did not save Socks5 proxy type
  • Second default language on MacOS and iOS configurations
  • A confirmation message pops up when deleting profiles and cookies
  • Added OS and Browser filters to the default settings
  • More languages added to the list
  • Time zone names changed to GMT
  • Closing the program after authorization
  • Error when importing profiles
  • The URL was reset when switching tabs
  • Small interface design fixes
  • Saving of the last entered proxies. When switching to No Proxy do not clear the data
  • Cookies: Ability to delete some of the imported files
  • Profile card: Fonts enlargement
  • ✅ Import of Expiration Date cookies in dotted-dot format
  • ✅ Proxy manager: editable column width
  • Menu buttons: highlighting of active sections
  • Finish saving the position of the software, so that it does not open beyond the screen
  • Statuses for the proxy check button (backlight)
  • New styles for system settings
  • Fixed Bot
  • Profile manager: when using search by pressing select all, to select only from found ones
  • Fixes with sudden program closing
  • Small design fixes
  • Fixes to the address bar in the browser
  • Updated MaxMind database
  • Added default proxy type settings: No Proxy, HTTP, Socks5
  • A checkmark was added to disable font swapping in system prints
  • Filter-based randomization feature for configure selection
  • Proxy type selected in default settings did not work
  • Saving the position of the program on the screen
  • Bug fixes on startup after updating to 0.9.130
  • Fixed working with some proxies
  • Creating a new profile without proxy by default
  • Updating the maxmind base
  • Removed whitespace characters in fields at the beginning and end
  • Improved formatting input for proxies with hosts, and removed unnecessary validators to support all hosts
  • Make it possible to delete a cookie file with the Delete button and Command + Delete on macOS
  • Fix bug with checkboxes on google sites
  • Browser tabs were opening/closing haphazardly
  • Fixed update launcher in Windows7
  • Small interface fixes
  • Config manager moved to program settings
  • Proxy manager added! Now you can save, edit, import and export proxies
  • Added Proxy Checker
  • Saving the profile name by Enter
  • Problems with browser rendering on some Windows systems, buttons were moving away
  • Fixed bug with automatic change of network settings
  • When renaming a profile, the save button is blocked if the profile with the new name has already been created
  • HDPI scalling - send settings to the browser
  • Press Esc to close the software
  • Small corrections in translations
  • We added a 1366x768 screen resolution
  • Added start page and proxy type selection to the default profile settings
  • Slight changes to profile card, changed the order and distance of control buttons for convenience
  • Small fixes to the interface design
  • Blocked the public IP field when defining it
  • Tag manager allowed to create empty tags
  • Fix for YouTube site
  • Notes were not saved when creating a new profile
  • Fixing translations of the program
  • Prohibit profile name change while working
  • Ability to use domain in IP field to add proxy
  • Proxy login and password were not changed after saving
  • We added a switch to the main settings to force program rendering (SwiftShaders)
  • Bot translation added
  • Automatic update of cookies list after bot’s work
  • Small fixes in interface design
  • Small fixes in translations
  • Fixed adding tag via Enter in profile settings, fixed profile counter and adding to filter
  • Fixed opening a resource by IP in the browser instead of starting a search
  • Fixed the remaining problems with scaling
  • Language fixes for profiles with Safari browser configurations
  • Added screen size modification
  • Fixed bugs with automatic substitution of network fingerprints
  • Minor interface fixes
  • Added setting to fix problems with scaling (For monitors with high resolution)
  • Automatic filling of WebRTC, Geolocation, Time Zone based on external IP
  • Bot refactoring
  • Sort translation
  • Many small interface improvements
  • Updated design of error notifications
  • Fixed import of cookies
  • Fixed a bug with the counter of the number of profiles
  • Fixed bug with WebRTC
  • When importing, the proxy type was reset
  • Updated settings: Design and Functionality
  • Many small interface improvements
  • Updated interface of the configuration manager
  • Minor changes to the import of cookies
  • Correction of translation into Russian
  • Fixes for profile cards
  • Fixes for tags
  • Added sorting of profiles