How to manage multiple social media accounts?

How to manage multiple social media accounts?

May I tell a joke? A while back, an SMM manager was sitting near a computer, trying to unlock a client account on a social network. He had been trying for a long time… During this time, his eldest grandson has already managed to get married, raise children and retire. Isn’t that a funny joke? But on the upside, it reflects all the despair of this profession. After all, due to stupid anti-fraud systems, it is not so easy to manage the accounts on social networks. But everything can be changed with a proven anti-detect option.

What is the core of the problem?

Social networks have become much larger than a platform for comforting communication. Explicitly, the importance of social media has not changed for ordinary users. But for brands, social networks have turned into rich deposits of a target audience, for which they do not need to dig deep. Therefore, promotion here with the reviews and comments has high conversion rates for advertising using bots at low costs. After which, the word of mouth will soon carried round the news of an interesting product or an attractive offer among the target audience. But this will require a frequently updated profile, which is best to be assisted by a professional SMM manager.

But there are no real pros for all the brands promoted on social networks. Besides, it is unprofitable to conduct social activity and only wind up views on  one page. Therefore, an experienced manager maintains several dozen profiles at once. But how does it possible to manage so many customers’ accounts? It is challenging and dangerous, after all. Because social networks punish severely for multi-accounting. Even if multiple accounts are used for good intentions – to manage client profiles.

The manager shall maintain at least several social pages, to get a decent profit. On the other hand, a specialist can lose an excellent professional standing… And work in general. After all, an account manager with a tainted reputation is not welcome for hiring.

The entire image of a manager can be destroyed in no time due to a singular case of a client account blocking. And, most likely, there will not be any fault of a specialist who just wanted to get a proper income and was forced to manage several social profiles or YouTube channels in this blocking. But why does it happen? Why social media does not recognize the manager’s right to maintain multiple accounts? We can only conjecture about this… Or better just outsmart their anti-fraud systems using the reliable Anti-detect Browser – Undetectable.

In fact, no one forbids a specialist to manage any number of accounts. But not simultaneously. He can work with one profile, then exit it.  Then go to another account using two-factor authentication, work in it, and log out… And in case you need to enter the profile again during account management, then you will have to disturb the customer and request a validating code from him again. And thus a couple of times a day. The customer’s patience will burst in the end, and he will finally reject the manager’s services.

But even the procedure described above account manager can perform with a personal risk. After all, social systems zealously monitor the entry and exit of each user. And at each subsequent authorization, the manager’s fingerprints are compared with the fingerprints left during the previous session. And if they are found on the door handle leading to another user profile, then the end will come to the accounts management. Therefore, you can forget about teamwork in the field of account management and SMM promotion using multi-accounting? Let’s dig deeper…

Is that where the trouble lies?

The problem with anti-fraud systems of social networks can be solved in two ways:

  • Maintain multiple Instagram accounts, but use a separate device to work with each of them.

In other words, if you manage and promote ten client pages with comments and posts, then get ready to buy the same number of laptops or smartphones. The decision is correct, but economically disadvantageous.

  • Try to get around, outplay the defense systems of social programs. Moreover, a reliable tool has already been invented for this – anti-detect browsers.

But how do anti-fraud systems manage to identify their users so accurately… And interfere with social media accounts so effectively? To do this, they use the technology of digital fingerprints, which are left by every user who surfs the Internet.

Digital fingerprints are also called fingerprints. They are a set of signs by which the protective algorithms of social programs are able to recognize users with 94% accuracy.

It is clear that when entering your profile, the user does not leave any fingerprints or footprints. Identification is carried out by a combination of technical characteristics of the user device such as its IP, local settings, User-Agent string values and other parameters.

User-Agent is a string sent to the server by a web application (including a browser) in response to its request. The string contains basic information about the device’s OS and browser engine.

Fingerprints act as the same rake that a manager stumbles over when maintaining client accounts in social networks. They also interfere with the large-scale promotion of social activity of accounts, their mass liking and mass following. But in our time, getting around this obstacle is very simple - with the help of a reliable Undetectable antidetect.

How antidetects work?

Fingerprints are a complex concept. They include many features that can be replaced with the help of an anti-detect browser. It is the functionality for replacing the parameters of digital fingerprints that distinguishes anonymous browsers from ordinary ones. Otherwise, they are largely similar. Because they use the same browser engines.

Antidetects come with a specific set of fingerprints to replace the browser’s natural digital fingerprint. In addition, thanks to the combined structure of fingerprints, this software allows you to edit the values of each fingerprint parameter. This greatly simplifies the management of multi-accounting in social networks.

Based on the fingerprint, one browser profile is created to manage a separate social account. And there can be any number of such profiles in the antidetect. Due to this, the probability of blocking a user account is completely leveled. It also eliminates the need to log in and out of accounts and pull clients to re-pass two-factor authentication.

Maintaining multi-accounting for SMM using antidetect is as follows:

  • To switch to another account, the manager launches or creates a new browser profile based on a unique digital fingerprint.
  • Thanks to anti-detect browsers, each of the profiles looks like a separate unique user for anti-fraud systems of social networks.
  • At the same time, in the anti-detect browser, each account can be opened in a separate tab. Therefore, multi-accounting in Undetectable looks like switching between tabs in a regular browser.

At the same time, it should be understood that for effective multi-user access, you will need not only a reliable antidetect. It ensures the validity of user profiles for social protection systems only for a few sets of parameters:

  • The technical specificatins of the device – OS, its bit depth, screen resolution, etc.
  • Local settings – language and time.
  • The values specified in the User-Agent string.

But the anti-detect browser cannot guarantee the validity of multi-accounts by geolocation, IP and Internet provider. This will require high-quality proxies.

Another advantage of antidetects is the possibility of multi-user access to client accounts. Thanks to this, the manager can delegate account management and SMM promotion to another manager. At the same time, this process will remain behind the scenes for anti-fraud systems of social programs. Since the transfer of the account is carried out at the level of the browser profile in the anti-detect browser. But how does it work in the browser for multi-accounting?

Description of the main stages of work in the anti-detect browser

Anonymous browsers belong to the professional tools. Therefore, most antidetects do not pay due attention to optimizing user functionality. Undetectable is a welcome exception to this rule.

To start using this antidetect to maintain multiple profiles, just follow a couple of simple steps:

  1. Register on the Undetectable software website.
  2. Download and install the required version of the program.
  3. Create a browser profile and install the desired fingerprint.
  4. Import proxy settings.
  5. Warm up the profile using the built-in cookie bot – which will visit the list of sites you specified automatically and in the specified order and, thus, increase the trust of accounts for anti-fraud systems of social networks.
  6. Grant profile access to one or more team members so they can manage multiple accounts at the same time.

Disadvantages of using antidetects

Anonymous browsers are not only effective, but completely legal. There are no legal prohibitions on their use in any country. So take advantage of them. After all, this is the best currently existing way to manage your social media accounts.

The only thing to be wary of is low-quality proxies. Their use may lead to partial or complete blocking of client accounts. Therefore, do not be stingy and purchase residential IPs and only from trusted providers.

But Undetectable is still the best!

Do you think the simultaneous managing of all accounts – is expensive and only rich digital agencies can afford it? Undetectable destroys this myth! This is the first professional antidetect with a free plan, which capasity is enough to freely promote and maintain several profiles:

  • Ten monthly updated configurations.
  • Five cloud profiles.
  • The possibility to purchase up to 40 profiles, which are added to those provided for free.

And three paid subscriptions with more features are available to large digital agencies:

  • Local and cloud profiles – on any Undetectable plan, you can create cloud profiles and an unlimited number of local ones. That makes the manager work with any number of accounts. And also, the possibility of storing them on client devices increases data security.
  • Managing access to profiles using roles and groups – allows to build the desired hierarchy of access to client accounts in social networks in a team without transferring authorization data, but only by delegating their control through profiles in the anti-detect, in which authorization has already been performed.
  • When you purchase the required number of configurations, the configuration store set is updated several times a month.
  • Profile Warming Cookie Bot – increases the reliability of profiles used to manage customer accounts.
  • Mass Profile Creation Tool − saves the account manager time, which he spends on filling out each profile.
  • Connecting to the antidetect browser of your personal server – allows the agency to store any number of profiles in its virtual space.

Now you know, you can safely promote and manage several client profiles without fear for your reputation. It remains only to register on the service in order to put all this knowledge into practice using one of the most reliable anonymous browsers Undetectable!