How to manage multiple advertising accounts for agencies? - Undetectable.io

How to manage multiple advertising accounts for agencies? - Undetectable.io

No digital agency is able to function without multi accounting. However, customer accounts may suffer from its use. Undetectable Browser may be helpful in avoiding this.

The anti detect browsers solve numerous issues of market specialists. Due to them, agencies will be able to protect customer accounts from blocking. But how? The article provides detailed information about this.

How agencies managing several advertising accounts would protect them from blocking?

Discomfort, despair, self-frustration… This list of directologists’ emotions includes many more items. And the reason of these bitter feelings is only one, the absence of an efficient tool for manageing multiple ad and social accounts… Or lack of knowledge, ignoring of the Undetectable Browser existence.

Promotion efficiency decreases, customer dissatisfaction increases, and the agency marketing specialists’ faith in their own professional skills falls to the abysmal level. What to do? To close?

In the most cases, the problem is hidden in ad management optimization. Therefore, implementing a correct tool is able to increase client loyalty and return professional self-respect to the marketing specialists. But how to implement this strategy?

Why do marketing specialists have sleepless nights?

Modern marketing reposes on two pillars: contextual advertising platforms and social media. But due to obsession of both platform types on safety and the wish to track every single movement of their users, account management in their space turns into the obstacle race. Why:

  • No possibility of fast switching between ad accounts: when managing client profiles on ad platforms, the marketing specialist has to switch between them all the time. Logging off one profile and immediately logging in another account. Anti fraud systems treat all these actions as suspicious. Therefore, the platform systems requires from the logging in user to enter a code from an SMS that came to the account owner phone. And this procedure can be repeated two times a day. As the result, clients lose their patience. And together with this, the target audience has more and more doubts concerning the agency specialists’ professionalism. Which, together with the action of other negative factors, leads not only to reputation loss, but also to serious finance loss to the company.
  • Ban of client profiles in social media – but this problem is intensified when managing social network accounts. Though their safety systems are more meticulous about multi accounting, and all profiles with which the SMM marketing specialist works can be banned for its use. Following this, it will be very hard to unlock them and to prove the social network moderators that you do not manage many accounts on legal basis. Such situations don’t also add points to the agency reputation. Therefore, they should better be avoided.
  • Delegation of account management to other agency members is also connected with the emergence of the aforementioned issues.
  • Safe use of bots for increasing brand reputation is achieved through comments ad feedback posted on company pages in social networks, feedback sites, forums, etc.
  • Managing roles and accesses provided to each agency employee: increases the safety of client profiles.
  • Protect client data from theft: modern anti detect browsers allow delegating the client account management to a specialist without disclosing authorization data to him/her. For this, browser profiles are used, the access to which is provided by file local transfer or via the cloud.

But what to do in such situation? How to save the agency reputation and to protect client accounts in social networks and on ad platforms?

In for a penny, in for a pound for the marketing specialist

For regret, most ad networks have no agency accounts. Adding such a tool to platform functionality would make life better both to digital agencies and clients. And meanwhile, the issues described above can be solved only with anonymous browsers, that simplify work with client profiles for the marketing specialists. And protect them from blocking. This effect is achieved due to several talents of headless browsers:

  • Anonymizing the marketing specialist’s activities on ad platforms and in social networks due to neutralization of anti fraud systems actions is implemented through “feeding” them with digital and net footprints generated based on real fingerprints.
  • Multi account management optimization: anti detect browsers provide common interface for fast switching between client profiles.
  • Painless transfer of the agency and clients’ accounts between the employees is reached through the use of digital footprints.

Reference information:

Digital footprints are the set of the unique characteristics of a device, net connection and a browser, used by dedicated safety system for user identification. Such characteristics include: IP address, device OS, type, capacity, time belt, language, country, etc. Digital footprints are also known as fingerprints.

Operation principle of anti detect browsers

Anonymous browsers provide safe multi accounting through digital footprints of devices and browsers, perceived by protection systems of ad platforms and social networks as regular users.

The functionality of headless browsers include fingerprints of real users, based on which, the marketing specialist can generate other footprints. Safe work with large amount of user profiles is implemented through switching between the saved digital footprints. At this, user profile management in the anti detect browser for multi accounting looks like switching between open tabs in a regular Web browser.

Delegation of accounts management to another digital agency employee in the anonymous browser is also implemented in a safe way. The best software samples, to which Undetectable Browser belongs, also include the manager for user role management and their permissions. Dye to this, the agency director can freely coordinate the tasks of marketing specialists. They include management of customer accounts, each of which has the assigned footprint with the unique charateristics.

That is, transfer of the customer account management is carried out on the anti detect browser side. Therefore, this process remains unseen for the anti fraud social system.

In other aspects, the operation principle of anti detect browsers is similar to mechanism of regular browsers. As both are based on the same browser sliders. Such as Chromium.

What are the benefits of anti detect browsers for a digital agency?

Characteristics of anti detect browsers are as follows:

  • Simplify work with multiple user accounts.
  • Provide efficient promotion in social networks with the use if numerous accounts.
  • Safe multi accounting use.
  • Provide the vast set of available parameters for editing, including the device type, OS, geo, local time, and language.
  • Change of User Agent values.
  • Generation of browser profiles based on real digital footprints.
  • Proxy connection.
  • Support multiple accounts.
  • Connection of the unlimited number of footprints to each account.

Setting the browser for multi accounting and its operation:

  1. Installing the application desktop version on the PC.
  2. Logging in the service system.
  3. Creating one user account and setting data for logging in the social network or ad platform.
  4. Setting proxy.
  5. Connecting one of default digital footprints.
  6. Changing the fingerprint parameters or generating a new digital footprint on its basis.
  7. Setting access to client account of the agency marketing specialists.
  8. Enjoying the promotion results, customer gratitude, and counting the profit obtained.

Information obtained in previous sections roves the anti detects efficiency. But how does the law treat their use?

Use in good health!

The use of anonymic browsers is fully legal. Regulations prohibiting their use are not included into Russian and international laws. For this reason, these tools are widely used by marketing specialists worldwide.

The only thing for agencies to beware is non-checked raw software that does not provide reliable anonymity. And, moreover, is delivered with low quality fingerprints, that may cause blocking of customer accounts.

Before selecting an anti detect for your agency, study feedback in the Web. And, being governed by it, define the best anti detect browser for multi accounting. Most probably, it will be Undetectable Browser.

Why it?

In distinction from competitive analogues, Undetectable functionality is being continuously updated. At this, its reliability was proven by hundreds of favorable reports by the marketing specialists. There, they indicate the following advantages of our solution:

  • Free tariff: allows the anti detect use on regular basis. At this, this subscription option supports up to 5 cloud profiles and includes ten digital footprints with actuality being updated every month.
  • Ability to add the required number of paid profiles, summed even with five those available in a free service plan.
  • Storage and generation of the unlimited number of browser profiles, limited only by the PC technical capacities. At ths, using local profiles allows avoid their synchronization through the cloud.
  • Profile exchange via the cloud storage simplifies their export and import between the agency specialists. Moreover, it simplifies the management of profiles and roles by users and tracking their sessions and statuses.
  • Uses only real browser footprints, the set of fingerprints can be enhanced by buying the required configurations in the specialized store. Its footprints base is updated 2 times a month.
  • The import of accounts and mass generation of new ones; at this, each of generated profiles can be made unique by importing User-Agent, cookies, logins, passwords, and other parameters.
  • The integrated cookies bot for the profile warm-up automatically forms the browsing history from the loaded URL list. Using a bot saves the marketing specialist’s time and increases the digital footprints trust rate for anti fraud systems.
  • Personal cloud storage allows an agency to connect its own server to the service and to store the unlimited amount of profiles there.
  • Detailed Undetectable Browser documentation in several languages.

Anti detect browser for multi accounting Undetectable is the best solution for any marketing agency that values its reputation. It does not only simplify management of multiple customer accounts but also provides safe and efficient promotion. And if you aim for it, the time has come to go to the next stage of digital marketing evolution. To do this, it’s enough to register an account at the Undetectable Browser website and to test out all the aforesaid… Your own experience!