How to use Undetectable for e-commerce and dropshipping?

How to use Undetectable for e-commerce and dropshipping?

Modern users even buy their slippers on the online marketplace instead of common store. Thanks to e-commerce, a merchant no longer needs to freeze in the market in winter or suffer from the heat in the summer, because users will come to the trading floor themselves… Maybe they will. After all, there are enough retailers on the Web. So, the merchant needs to do whatever it takes to get buyers to prefer his selling proposition. That would require a reliable anti-detect browser. Such as Undetectable.

Online commerce is different

Retail on the Internet has gone a step further. Now the seller does not even have to invest in the purchase of goods, their storage and delivery. After all, there is dropshipping, through which you can sell products at retail cost without buying them from wholesalers, which distinguishes this trade option from the traditional e-commerce scheme.

Let’s compare these online sales models more clearly:

  • In conventional retail, the merchant invests in the development, launch and promotion of a commercial website or online store on the marketplace. Then he buys the goods, pays for their storage and delivery. In the case of the sale of defective products, he pays for their return.
  • In dropshipping, the merchant does not spend money on the purchase of goods, their storage and delivery. All these worries, as well as the processing, payment acceptance and delivery of purchases fall on the shoulders of the product supplier, thanks to which the task of the Internet merchant is narrowed to the promotion of its trading platform and placing orders.

Therefore, dropshippers make the same income as classic merchants but without risking their own money and bypassing several stages of the classical trading chain.

Nevertheless, this direct-delivery model has several significant drawbacks:

  • Lack of seller’s control over the cost – the retailer cannot change the prices of the goods sold independently. This can only be done with the permission of the product supplier.
  • Limited ways to protect e-commerce reputation – long built customer loyalty to the trading brand can collapse because of delayed delivery dates or deteriorating quality of goods.
  • High competition – many retailers are engaged in dropshipping due to the simplicity of the sales process, which creates high competition in this niche.

But despite such significant differences, both dropshippers and classic internet sellers are plagued by a single headache – the promotion of their business, which will not succeed without an anti-detect browser for e-commerce.

Why would a merchant need an anti-detect?

Many online retailers have not even heard of the existence of anonymous browsers, and those who have heard, attribute this toolkit more to professional marketing chips. But in fact, anti-detects can take online sales to a more meaningful level.

Sellers should use a reliable anti-detect:

  • To increase sales on marketplaces – most shopping aggregators do not welcome the use of multi-accounting. The merchant’s account can be permanently or temporarily banned by the security systems of marketplaces like Amazon and eBay for the use of more than one account. As a result, the merchant loses his main sales channel and source of constant income. Of course, you can start a new trading profile or try to unban the old one, but it will take time and a significant financial investment to develop a new account and the appeal to remove the ban from the old account can take more than a month.

Anti-detect allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts in trade aggregators and use them to increase the reach of your target audience and increase your sales.

  • Brand reputation management – feedbacks are the main measure of brand reliability for any user, but a few negative reviews left by unscrupulous competitors can destroy the long-established loyalty of the target audience. Anonymous browser for e-commerce allows you to return customer faith in the reliability of the brand by “overlapping” negative reviews with a large number of positive ones. This would require the retailer to have secure multi-account access provided by anti-detects.
  • Competitor analysis – it is not easy to become a successful online merchant. First, a businessman needs to conduct a market analysis to understand which categories of goods are profitable to trade in a particular region. Then assess which manufacturers’ products are in the greatest demand. To do this, the retailer must visit more than a dozen competitive websites, look through the catalog of goods and fix their costs… A painstaking job that can be accelerated with the help of parsers.

Parsers provide multi-user access to specified marketplaces and online stores. Parsers extract the data you need for analysis from these resources and save them. The retailer can analyze the collected information and highlight popular product categories, as well as products that are in demand among the audience of a particular region, but you need a reliable anti-detect to implement multi-accounting in e-commerce. It allows secure multiuser access to parser-defined sites.

  • Global market analysis – local marketplace and commercial websites deliberately close access to their platform to users from other countries, but they can learn effective methods to increase sales and promotion from foreign colleagues. With the help of anti-detects you can bypass these blocks and parse these websites.

How do anti-detects solve the pressing problems of online retail?

It turns out that anti-detect browsers are a powerful tool for driving sales and reputation management using feedbacks for e-commerce. But how do antidetects achieve such effectiveness? In order to understand this, let’s consider the principle of their work in more detail.

Anti-detects are based on popular browser engines. For example, Undetectable uses the Chromium engine. Like Internet browsers, they can be used to visit websites… Any websites. To do this, anti-detect browsers use digital fingerprint spoofing left by each user during surfing the Internet.

Digital fingerprints are a set of attributes that allow specialized solutions to identify the digital identity of almost any user. They allow systems of websites and services to collect analytical information about the audience, as well as to segment visitors by specified indicators, blocking access to the content and functionality of the resource to those who do not meet the established parameters.

Fingerprints that anonymous browsers use for e-commerce include the following components:

  • Device type.
  • Operating system.
  • Digit capacity.
  • Local settings: language and time.
  • User-Agent parameters – the string sent by the client application to the server. It contains the basic characteristics of the user application and browser.

Anti-detects can spoof digital prints and edit them, which allows the antifraud systems of marketplaces and other platforms to recognize you as a user who meets the specified criteria.

Professional anti-detects allow you to use an unlimited number of fingerprints, so you can use Undetectable to run any number of accounts in marketplaces and social networks. At the same time, each of them will be perceived by the defense systems as natural account.

A quick tutorial on how to use anonymous browsers

To start using the anti-detect browser for e-commerce and dropshipping:

  1. Go to the Undetectable website and sign up.
  2. Download the desired desktop version of the app.
  3. Install it.
  4. Create a new profile.
  5. In the settings, set the operating system, user device configuration, User-Agent and other parameters.
  6. Download the proxy.
  7. Activate the “Auto” mode for ease of further adjustment in the remaining settings. After that, the anonymous browser will automatically substitute values relevant to the proxy.
  8. If necessary, download cookies.

Cookies increase the naturalness of digital prints for anti-fraud systems. From this point of view, fingerprints with a saved history of visits to other sites look more valid. In addition, Undetectable tools include a bot to automatically collect cookies. In the settings of the anonymous browser for e-commerce, you can set the list of resources to visit, the order in which web pages are viewed, and other options.

Is it safe to use anti-detects?

Fingerprint technology is widely used on the Web. Digital fingerprints are used by analytics and advertising platforms to identify users’ digital identities, and the data obtained about them is used for targeting ads or resold to third parties, so the use of anonymous browsers is morally justified and not prohibited by law in any country.

The only thing to be wary of is the illiterate use of anti-detects and the use of low-quality proxies. In this case, the security of multi-accounting is reduced and the probability of blocking profiles increases.

Why Undetectable?

Unlike other anonymous browsers, Undetectable provides more extensive functionality for secure multi-accounting in e-commerce:

  • Advanced functionality for teamwork – cloud and local profiles, separation of users by roles and groups.
  • The official configuration store with a constantly updated assortment.
  • Cookies-bot to automatically generate a history of visits.
  • Easy data import-export – cookies, proxies and local profiles.
  • Free tariff plan – which provides five cloud profiles and 10 fingerprints.

As you can see, even online retailers need a reliable anti-detects. Undetectable has already been tested by tens of thousands of successful arbitrators, marketers and salespeople, whose succeeded only after they started using Undetectable. So, grab your bird of happiness by the wings and hurry up to sign up on the anti-detect website. There might not be enough happiness for everyone!