How to check purchased Facebook accounts: quality criteria

How to check purchased Facebook accounts: quality criteria

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, providing enormous potential for brand advertising. Many companies and marketers use Facebook to promote their products and services, often resorting to buying accounts.

However, there is a problem: how to check the quality of purchased Facebook accounts? In this article, we provide several criteria that will help you determine whether it is worth buying an account for your campaign.

1. Authenticity

The first step in checking a purchased Facebook account is to verify its authenticity. To do this, pay attention to whether posts or comments have been previously published on the account, and also check the account registration date. If it was recently created and has no activity, this may be a sign that the account has poor farming. Purchased accounts should be well farmed, at least initially, for example, using the convenient cookie bot from our Undetectable browser.

2. Profile Completeness

If you are buying a Facebook account to advertise your brand, its profile should be fully completed. It is extremely important for the account to be linked to a Fan Page with activity and good nurturing. This will significantly increase the chances of gaining trust on Facebook.

3. Friends and Followers

Another way to assess the quality of a purchased Facebook account is to check for friends. If the account has a large number of followers, this can work in favor of promotion. At the same time, it is worth considering that the number of friends and followers does not always guarantee the quality of the account, as not all of them may visit even their own pages equally often.

4. Activity

Another important factor is the activity of the account. The more comments, likes, reposts, games, etc., the better. It will also be a plus if there are transitions to third-party offers and sites with subsequent authorization. However, if the account has a lot of activity only on certain posts, this may indicate that the account has already been purchased before to increase activity.

When purchasing a Facebook account for advertising purposes, it is necessary to ensure that there are no bots in it, as they have a negative impact on trust. There are several tools that allow you to determine the presence and quantity of bots. For example, you can use services like SpamGuard or TrendHero, which analyze the account and provide a report on its quality.

6. Two-Factor Authentication

It is worth taking into account the presence of two-factor authentication in the account, as it allows for profile authorization from a new device, regardless of browser fingerprints. It will also be beneficial to have a working email address and the same IP address. All of these are the first signs of good farming for the account.

7. History

It is necessary for the account to have a history of existence and activity. This can be a history of publications, comments, likes, etc. If the account has no history, it is likely that its farming was initially of poor quality. It is unlikely that you will be able to immediately launch advertising on Facebook and expect high limits and spends from such an account.

In conclusion, when checking the quality of purchased Facebook accounts, it is necessary to consider all of the above factors. Remember that buying a low-quality account can have negative consequences for your advertising campaign and brand as a whole. Be attentive and thoroughly check each account before purchasing.

We hope these tips will help you check the quality of purchased Facebook accounts and avoid negative consequences for your brand.