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The best browser fingerprinting test services 2022

The best browser fingerprinting test services 2022

Today we are going to promote cryptocurrencies on Facebook, and then gambling on TikTok, or vice versa. After all, thanks to anti-detect browsers, you can now go everywhere and in the plural. The main thing is to change digital prints to relevant ones in time. What if a fingerprint turns out to be defective? So anti-detects aren't such an ideal tool for multi-accounting?

Beginner marketers and arbitrageurs, after trying such a reliable anti-detect browser like Undetectable, immediately begin to praise other anonymous browsers At the same time, they are sure that the anti-detects work on the power of magic and do not want to understand the principle of their work. And in the case of failure they blame the anti-detect browser that lost its magic powers for all the troubles. Although the reason for failed multi-accounting may not be the anti-detection itself, but one of its components. Therefore, it is so important to understand the mechanism of this software. Otherwise, the "magic" of multi-accounting will turn into a headache, the cure for which will be difficult to find.

Do antidetects get sick too?

To understand the cause-and-effect relationship of possible problems that can arise when using anonymous browsers, let's dive into theory. And then we will move on to a deeper analysis of the failures caused by fingerprints.

There is no need to believe in the magical essence of anti-detects. In essence, they are the same as normal browsers, with which you can visit sites, register in them, and even install extensions. But only professional tools like Undetectable can do this.

Nevertheless, there is one peculiarity of anti-detects, which contains all their multi-account power - the possibility to replace fingerprints and edit their parameters. This is what makes anti-detect browsers provide seamless access to any site and protects the user from being tracked. But how do anti-detects work? And what does this have to do with digital fingerprints?

How does the anti-detect work?

Any anti-detect includes the following basic components:

  • Browser engine - it is responsible for the exchange of data between the application and the World Wide Web. That is, it provides the user the opportunity to visit a particular site.
  • User interface - includes tools for controlling the browser engine and setting program parameters. The anonymous browsers interface includes tools for managing profiles, proxy packs, and other specific functionality.
  • Digital prints – they are also called fingerprints. These are a set of attributes, the combination of which allows the antifraud systems of specially protected sites to identify the digital identity of the user.

The first and second components of anti-detects, as a rule, work without failures. Therefore, they are rarely the reasons for blocking user records used for multi-accounting. So the whole problem is digital prints? Then you should put away your fear of all things high-tech and learn more about fingerprints.

The basic concept of fingerprints

Digital fingerprints should be perceived as a composite element, according to the values of the parameters of which the security systems of online services are able to identify users. Fingerprints include the following features:

  • Technical characteristics of the user's device - the OS, its bit, the number of CPU cores, their clock frequency, the amount of RAM, etc.
  • Local settings – language, time zone, country.
  • Browser – type of browser, its version. As well as parameters sent by browsers in the User-Agent line.

This string is part of the HTTP header that is sent by the client application (in our case the browser) to the server. User-Agent is used for the site to determine user characteristics such as language, software type and version, OS, and regional settings (language, time zone). These indicators allow sites to personalize the content provided to the audience. But they are also used to identify the digital identity of the user.

Most often, anti-detects are supplied with a set of fingerprints. The best of them, such as Undetectable, update the collection of default digital prints on a monthly basis. And also include specialized stores where the user can purchase the desired fingerprints.

In addition, anonymous browsers allow you to change the values of all the parameters included in the prints. But to use this functionality you must have at least a minimal knowledge of the mechanism of anti-detects and the principles of interaction between the components of the Internet. Otherwise, you can lose both proxies and purchased accounts in social networks, and the results achieved with their help.

How not to become a victim of a clumsy fingerprint?

A vivid practical example that describes the extent of the consequences of using ineptly edited digital prints will help to understand the pain of this problem.

Let's assume that you decided to use Undetectable to buy not just one ticket to the Champions Cup final, but ten at once. Well, to recoup the cost of your visit and earn a hot dog and a bottle of Coca-Cola. For this:

  1. We register on the site in the anti-detect browser.
  2. We download it and install it on your PC.
  3. We create a new profile.
  4. We select the relevant configuration and the User-Agent line in the drop-down lists.
  5. We change the OS value in the line to Mac OS.
  6. We add cookies.
  7. We use this fingerprint to make our first ticket purchase.
  8. Then we go through steps 3 through 6 several times and purchase the next batches of tickets.

And then one day we forget to specify the correct OS in the User-Agent and try to make a purchase ... But the anti-fraud system of the ticket service does not sleep. Its algorithms quickly detect a mismatch between the operating system listed in the fingerprint and the User-Agent. Then comes the final tragedy - the payback for inattention:

  • Non-purchased tickets.
  • Banned profile on the ticket sales service.
  • Frozen funds transferred for the purchase.
  • Blacklisted wallet of the payment system from which tickets were paid for.

It is clear that such a situation is not possible in Undetectable. Since it is the only antidetector that checks if the User-Agent values correspond to the parameters specified in the configuration.

In other anonymous browsers, such a confluence of circumstances is very likely and, accordingly, such severe consequences. On top of that, some anti-detect are negligent about the fingerprints provided. Therefore, you should always check their parameters. But how? By carefully examining each digital print. What if we're talking about a large-scale multi-accounting operation that involves hundreds of fingerprints?

Trust the anti-detect, but check the digital fingerprints!

Validating the values of the fingerprints used for multi-user access is possible without your own hands. After all, there are a sufficient number of specialized services on the Internet for this. And we've selected the best tools for checking digital prints for you.

  1. Whoer

The service gives an assessment of the anonymity and security of the digital fingerprint used. In addition, it displays the values of its main parameters: IP, geo, Internet service provider, OS, type and version of the browser. It also checks if the proxy you are using is on the IP blacklist.

  1. Leaks Radar

A digital fingerprint validation tool recommended by the Undetectable team. That is why this service is set as the main page in the anti-detect. In addition to classic fingerprints, Leaks Radar allows you to check digital prints based on Canvas, WebGL, fonts used, etc.


This service has a minimalistic design, but provides a large number of tools to assess the anonymity of the user. And to check the quality of digital prints by a variety of parameters. Including WebRTC, Canvas and font-based fingerprints. And even by such specific parameters as the version of Flash and Silverlight.

  1. BrowserSPY

The site provides a huge arsenal of tools that allow the user to determine what information they leave behind when they visit sites. The service can also be used to check the parameters of fingerprints. Including the values of HTTP headers. Which is a unique feature of this platform.

  1. Pixelscan

A specialized service for evaluating the quality of fingerprints, which is often used by Undetectable customers. It is characterized by high measurement accuracy. As well as a large number of displayed values of fingerprint parameters: screen resolution, WebGl hash, list of used fonts, etc.

  1. IPper

The platform does not stand out among other services with a large set of measurable parameters. Nevertheless, the service provides a range of data that is not available on more popular specialized sites. For example, a list of active browser plugins, Whois history by IP and other important information.

  1. Cover Your Tracks

First of all, the service is designed for ordinary users who can appreciate the anonymity of their browser. Nevertheless, the information it provides can also be used to verify the quality of fingerprints by key indicators.

  1. IPqualityscore

The efficiency of using fingerprints depends not only on the correctness of the parameters, prescribed in it, but also on the quality of the proxy. IPqualityscore allows you to check the presence of IPs provided by proxy providers in address blacklists.

  1. CreepJS

A tool to quickly check the trustworthiness of the browser part of the fingerprint. The service also displays more detailed information on each parameter. Which prevents digital prints from being blocked by these characteristics.

Protect yourself from defective fingerprints

Anti-detects ensure high efficiency of multi-accounting activity at any site. But in some cases, even they cannot cope with the human factor. Mistakes made while editing fingerprints reduce the effectiveness of multi-user access. To protect against this, it is sufficient to check the fingerprints used in the anti-detect browser using the services discussed above. And only then will you be able to fully enjoy the magic of Undetectable.

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