Databay Residential Proxy Network

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Databay is a residential proxy service offering access to 7 million rotating or static proxies, both HTTP and SOCKS5. It gives the option to choose the location at multiple levels: Continent, Country, State, City, Postal Code, ASN, and GPS coordinates. This platform provides a user-friendly interface for users to interact with and manage their proxy connections. It is a powerful tool for those who require wide-ranging, geographically-differentiated access to the internet for their data needs.

Databay provides residential proxy services for both individuals and businesses who require secure and reliable internet usage. This service allows users to access the internet confidently, without revealing their true location and identity. It also aids in unlocking content that has been geographically restricted and allows easy data collection without limitations.

Extensive IP Pool

Databay provides users with over 7 million unique IP addresses. Each new request from a user is assigned a different residential IP. This large pool of IP addresses contributes to increased online security and enables the circumvention of geographic restrictions on the internet.


The pricing model for Databay's residential proxy services starts at a competitive rate of $0.65 per GB, which requires some level of commitment. Even then, this pricing structure places Databay as an affordable market player in providing high-quality proxy services, making it accessible to a wide range of businesses and individuals across the economic spectrum.

Customizable Locations

Users have the option to choose the location of their proxy from different levels:

Persistent Sessions

For tasks that require continuous activity, Databay offers sessions which can last up to 2 hours. This means users can maintain the same IP address over several connections, providing a more consistent browsing or data collection experience.

Protocol Support

Databay's residential proxies are compatible with both SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols. This ensures that the proxies can function with a wide array of software and tools.

Secure Authentication

Databay implements two methods of secure authentication - users can either authenticate through a username and password, or by whitelisting their IP. These authentication options cater to a range of user preferences and security needs.

These alternatives serve different user needs and preferences.

Comprehensive API for Reselling

For businesses or individuals with intentions to resell, Databay offers a comprehensive API. This API primarily allows users to manage their Databay account effectively. Users are given the ability to create, manage, and delete their proxy users, allocate bandwidth accordingly and monitor their usage statistics, providing users a high degree of control and flexibility over their proxy users' management.

In summary, Databay's residential proxy services offer a range of advantages including cost-effective pricing, a large pool of unique IP addresses, the ability to customize proxy locations, consistent session persistence, compatibility with key protocols, secure authentication methods, and a comprehensive API for resellers. Usage of Databay's services ensures reliable and secure internet access, with the additional ability to unlock geo-restricted content.


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