Top Websites Generator by Сountry

Top Websites Generator is a micro-service from antidetect browser "Undetectable" that allows you to generate randomized lists of the most popular sites according to the selected geography. The generated lists can be used to warm up browser profiles (collect cookies) through scripts or in cookie robots.

Generate websites list

In the anti-detect browser Undetectable, the generator of popular sites by country is already built into the cookie bot, so you only need to select the geography of interest and the profiles for which you need to collect cookies.

Run the Cookies Bot

The bot will sequentially launch profiles in headless mode and open pages from the selected list.

Download the Undetectable browser now to take advantage of this feature.



The browser runs on 64-bit Windows 7 and above, as well as macOS (tested on High Sierra, Catalina and Big Sur).

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