How to use Undetectable for express betting?

You guessed, you won. And even if you didn't guess, you'd still win thanks to multi-accounting, which bookmakers fight so zealously against, and bookmakers defeat them. But they only defeat those who use the wrong tools for multiple access to betting services. Undetectable Browser users become winners in this unequal fight.

Betting is also an unusual kind of sports discipline, because along with the victory of favorite team, a person who has made express bets, experiences the same emotions as a fan. The degree of happiness of players can be doubled and tripled, but bookmakers are strongly opposed to this. Otherwise, the income of the betting service will decrease, and all the players will suddenly become rich and stop betting.

Although customers of bookmakers have a different opinion on this matter, because you can earn more on the exact prediction, and not only with multiple bets. 

Why do players need anti-detects?

One player equals one account – this rule is followed by betting services in all countries. To enforce this immutable law, bookmakers use antifraud systems, which can detect multiple users trying to get rich through multi-accounting.

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Multi-accounting – the simultaneous use of multiple accounts on the platform to increase the effect. In the case of betting platforms, it is about increasing the income received by players from placing simultaneous bets.

I.e., to get more profits, professional players create multiple accounts in the system betting platform. With their help, income from successful sports forecasts increases manifold. But bookmakers don't agree with this approach to improve predictive profitability, so bettors are zealously combating multi-accounting in betting by using specialised systems that can recognise users by just a single digital fingerprint.

But who prevents a player from creating accounts in different betting services and make money with the help of fork betting? At first, no one will put sticks in the wheels and punish the user. But after three or four predictions played in his favor, placed at different bookmakers, the fingerprints of the lucky user goes to the general black list. And then the user's accounts on all the "affected" betting services will be blocked for the use of bookmaker's forks and the player will not be able to create new ones.

How do anti-detect browsers increase revenues from sports prediction?

If used skillfully, bookmaker's forks can bring a high income, but because of them the profit of the betting services themselves is reduced. Therefore, they are actively fighting the use of multi-accounting on their platforms and most often bookmakers win in this struggle. But why?

In order to fight effectively against betting forks, as well as multi-account access, betting services are not stingy in investing in security solutions, so their antifraud systems are able to detect players who violate the "canon" by digital fingerprints.

Digital fingerprints are left on the Web by every user surfing the Internet. Fingerprint refers to the combination of the characteristics of the user's device and the browser used to visit the Internet. Such characteristics include:

  • The operating system of the device, its type and size.

  • User language.

  • Local time.

  • User IP.

  • User-Agent headings.

When a user visits the website, the browser responds to the server with a User-Agent string. This string contains information about the version of the browser engine, local time, language and other information that allows to identify the user. The security systems of brokerage platforms use User-Agent to identify the user and also to combat the use of multiple accounts for betting.

Anti-Detects can bypass the security systems of betting services, which allows players to bet from multiple accounts and thus increase the profitability of prediction.

Anonymous browsers use digital fingerprints taken from real user devices to bypass blocking. In combination with proxies, fingerprints are an effective weapon against the antifraud systems of bookmakers.

For a better understanding of how anti-detects work, let's look at the process of their application to betting accounts step by step:

  1. After installing the anti-detect browser, the player selects the desired digital fingerprint option.

  2. On the basis of this print, fingerprints are generated that do not distinguish it from the general mass of other users of betting services.

  3. The player then edits the parameters of the resulting configuration or selects the desired one from the catalogue.

The best anti-detect browsers, such as Undetectable, allow you to change the values of many fingerprint parameters, including those prescribed in the User-Agent headers.

  1. The player then connects the pre-purchased proxy packages, launches the created account,

  2. opens a betting account in the first betting service and places a bet.

  3. Then he creates another print in the anti-detect and runs a new profile based on it,

  4. registers at a second bookmaker's office and places another bet.

  5. Also, a player can create an unlimited number of fingerprints and freely bet at the bookmaker many times on the same forecast.

  6. The security systems of betting platforms do not block multiple player accounts due to the use of an anonymous browser. As a result, the income received from correct predictions or wagers increases manifold.

It should be understood that the anti-detect browser for betting works effectively only in conjunction with high-quality proxies. In this tandem, proxies ensure that a user is correctly identified by the broker's IP security systems and therefore by geo and ISP, while antifraud has the burden of clearing doubts on the other parameters that are part of the finerprings and taken into account by antifraud systems when establishing a user's digital identity.

Thus, the anti-detect browser for multi-accounting is an effective tool for bypassing blocked user profiles, as well as a guarantee for the longevity of player accounts. But which anti-detect browser is the best? And why do many sports betting professionals prefer Undetectable Browser?

Why Undetectable?

There are many anonymous browsers available on the internet, but Undetectable Browser stands out from them, and not only because of its extensive functionality, so let's walk through the features of this tool in more detail.

Advantages of the best anti-detection browser for multi-accounts in betting:

  • A lot of positive feedback from players – Undetectable is popular with professionals from various fields whose online activities involve multi-accounting, including those who make money from sports forecasts.

  • It supports team mode of operation, which allows an anonymous browser to be used to collectively trade in the betting niche.

  • Free Plan – this anti-detect subscription option allows players not only to test the anti-detect features, but also to work in it without any problems.

As part of the free plan on Undetectable Browser, the user receives 10 monthly updated fingerprints as well as five cloud profiles, which can be increased up to 40. In this case, the purchased accounts are added to the five accounts provided free of charge.

  • Only high-quality fingerprints – the official shop of the anonymous browser for multi-accounting offers digital fingerprints taken from real user devices, so Undetectable ensures that betting on forks is safe even from a large number of accounts at one bookmaker's office.

  • It is suitable for large-scale activity – as part of the Custom plan, big players can connect their own server to the anonymiser, then host any number of cloud profiles and earn huge profits from team forecasting.

  • Paid plans with flexible settings – allow you to connect from 25 to 100 cloud profiles to your existing subscription, an unlimited number of local profiles, and increase the number of running instances of the Undetectable Browser app to five.

  • Easy data transfer – the anti-detect browser for betting enables quick exchange of cookies and proxy packets between accounts and local profiles.

  • Built-in cookie-collecting bot – designed to quickly warm up your profile by automatically visiting specified websites, resulting in an internet browsing history that increases the validity of your digital fingerprint for the anti-detection systems of betting platforms.

The ability to predict the outcome of sporting events is an intellectual gift that only a few are endowed with. Other players have to learn from their own analytical mistakes for a long time in order to get high returns from multiple bets, so sports forecasting must bring in a solid income, which should not be affected by any, even the most sophisticated antifraud system. To protect yourself from this evil influence, install Undetectable Browser and enjoy the resulting high profits!

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