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How to use 922S5Proxy with Undetectable browser?

If you need a proxy for your business and you are looking for the best proxy, you are in luck because you have the best proxy solution.

922S5Proxy is a resident SOCKS5 proxy application with over 200 million resident IP addresses that are regularly updated to provide the cleanest pool of IP addresses. Proxies come from over 190 countries and regions to meet your global business needs. Readers of this article will also receive a 10% discount when ordering proxies!

Register and use the promo code to get a discount

This article is very useful for you. 922S5Proxy is known for its cost-effective service. Unlike IP address vendors who bill for time/traffic, the IPs you purchase are actually your own resources. The 10% discount on the already available price will also save you a lot of money, which is very reliable. To get the offer, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Go to the official website
  • Click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner
  • Register as a 922s5 user (You can complete the registration by confirming your email address)
  • Select a professional plan on the pricing page, then enter the promo code "UNDETECTABLE10" and you will receive a 10% discount.

922S5Proxy: Key information and service advantages

922S5Proxy is a major provider of resident IP proxy services, covering over 190 countries and regions, with 99% IP address cleanliness, providing solutions for enterprise market research, data analysis, e-commerce, and other business needs.

The IP resources of 922S5Proxy are real resident IP addresses from different countries around the world, with excellent speed, connection stability, and security. You can choose IPs from any country, city, or operator to conduct business. It is suitable for business scenarios such as account registration, e-commerce, data collection, market research, SEO monitoring, internet marketing, brand protection, ad verification, etc. It also integrates easily with software such as fingerprint browsers and simulators.

The main reasons for the popularity of 922S5Proxy among customers are as follows:

  • 100% anonymous resident proxies
  • Payment only for used IPs, invalid IPs are not charged
  • Regular updates to the proxy IP pool
  • Payment based on the number of IPs, not traffic

Resident proxies primarily act as intermediaries using IP addresses assigned by internet service providers (ISPs). When a user accesses the internet using a resident proxy, the resident proxy IP is displayed instead of your real IP address.

Unlike data center IPs, a resident IP is considered a real home IP, and using a resident proxy for internet access is safer. Since the IP resources of 922S5Proxy are real resident proxy IPs from around the world, you will have more security in conducting business, reducing the risk of blocking, etc.


922S5Proxy is different from IP address vendors who bill for time/traffic. The IPs you purchase are actually your own resources. 922S5 has a unique proxy connection protection system to ensure that you are connected to the proxy. You can filter proxy IP addresses by country, region, city, and postal code in the application. 99% of the proxies are verified and available, so you won't waste your proxy balance!

How to use Undetectable browser with 922S5Proxy service

The first part of this article describes the process of getting a discount. Finally, to complete the review of 922S5Proxy, we will provide you with a simple explanation of how to set up the Undetectable browser to use the proxy that works with this service. The installation is simple and won't take much time.


After ordering the service on 922S5Proxy, download and install the application program (Windows/Mac OS/Linux). 922S5Proxy provides working information - filters needed for regional IP addresses, forwards IP addresses to ports, and obtains the host address and port number associated with the IP address, then enter this information into the Undetectable browser configuration file.

This option is useful if you are using a small number of proxies - you need to enter the above data directly into the configuration file editing window, you can also click to view the complete guide on connecting 922s5proxy to Undetectable!


10% discount