9Proxy Reviews: Unlock Global Access Effortlessly

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9Proxy offers a powerful and versatile residential proxy service that enhances your online experience by providing seamless access to an extensive network of IP addresses. With 9Proxy, you can effortlessly bypass internet restrictions, ensuring uninterrupted access to content from around the globe. Whether you're into market research, competitive analysis, or just enjoying geo-restricted content, 9Proxy is your reliable gateway to the internet without limits. Easy to use and secure, it offers everything you need to stay anonymous, avoid blocks, and surf the web with freedom and confidence.

An Introduction to 9Proxy

9Proxy provides over 9 million residential IP addresses in the pool allowing you to access over 90 countries right down to the city level without billing invalid IPs. The service enables precise targeting options based on country, city, zip code, and ISP, and it supports seamless API integration for automated data extraction.

Designed to circumvent restrictions such as bans, penalties, and captchas, 9Proxy also ensures enhanced security with support for HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.

The aim of 9Proxy is to offer a dependable resource for a variety of applications, including price aggregation, SERP & SEO optimization, multi-account management, data scraping, advertising technology, and market analysis, providing access to proxy servers in over 90 locations worldwide.

The 9Proxy Solution

Web Scraping Proxies

9Proxy stands out with its residential proxies designed for high-efficiency web scraping. These proxies are unique and whitelisted, ensuring a high success rate in extracting data from competitor websites and various online sources. This capability is essential for those aiming to stay ahead through data-driven decision-making and thorough market analysis.

Creating Multiple Accounts

9Proxy's multi-accounting features simulate real user activities, distinguishing them from automated bots. This feature is perfect for managing numerous social media accounts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It simplifies automation, allowing users to expand their online presence by creating multiple accounts and followers without setting off security alerts.

Avoid Blocks and Restrictions

For sneaker enthusiasts and resellers, 9Proxy provides an edge by offering undetectable residential proxies that bypass typical bans from stringent websites like Nike. These proxies are compatible with various bots including Another Nike Bot AIO, Better Nike Bot, and SupremeSlayer, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted purchasing during high-stakes releases.

Data Intelligence

With its global reach, 9Proxy facilitates extensive data operations such as price comparisons, data mining, and screen scraping without geo-restrictions. The proxies are optimized for speed and support multiple connections, enhancing project efficiency while safeguarding user privacy and maintaining high connection speeds.

Ad Verification

In advertising, where transparency is crucial, 9Proxy's residential proxies prove invaluable for verifying ad placements and preventing ad fraud. Its broad network minimizes disruptions caused by bans, ensuring continuous and effective ad verification processes.

Pricing Information

9Proxy provides targeted residential proxies that grant access to geo-restricted content and services, ideal for diverse applications like flight pricing, retail analysis, or competitor research. By mirroring a local user's digital presence, 9Proxy enables authentic and unrestricted data collection. The service’s pricing structure is versatile, catering to both personal and enterprise-level needs, ensuring a suitable option for every user.

Key Features of 9Proxy

Stay Anonymous Anywhere:

With 9Proxy, maintaining your online anonymity is effortless, thanks to authentic IP addresses from various global locations. You can browse the internet without the worry of being tracked.

No More Blocked Access:

Say goodbye to the frustration of website blocks. 9Proxy's residential proxy IPs ensure you have continuous access to your favorite sites without the risk of bans.

Access Restricted Content:

Overcome geo-restrictions with ease using 9Proxy. Whether it's streaming services, websites, or online games, you can access content that's otherwise restricted in your region.

Gain a Competitive Edge:

Stay ahead of the competition with 9Proxy's residential proxies, which allow you to gather valuable data without limitations. Researchers, marketers, and curious users alike can access insights and trends to maintain a competitive advantage.

Secure and Private Browsing:

Security is paramount with 9Proxy. By ensuring your online activities are untraceable and secure, you can browse the internet with peace of mind. No need to worry about hackers or prying eyes – 9Proxy acts like a personal bodyguard for your online activities.

Global Proxy Network:

9Proxy offers over 9 million residential proxies across more than 90 countries, facilitating effective data scraping, ad verification, and geo-targeting. Popular regions include the United States, Canada, France, and South Korea, with a detailed list of available IPs in each area.

How to Use 9Proxy?

Using 9Proxy is incredibly straightforward, thanks to its intuitive app. Here’s a quick guide:

Start with the App:

Begin by opening the 9Proxy app. This is your control center for all activities.

Pick a Proxy:

Within the app, select the proxy you wish to use. It’s like choosing the country from which you want your internet traffic to appear.

Route Your Internet Through the Proxy:

Once you select a proxy, the app automatically routes your internet traffic through it. For example, if you choose a proxy from Japan, websites will perceive your location as Japan.

Switch Proxies Anytime:

If you need to change your proxy, perhaps to appear as if you’re browsing from France instead, simply select a new proxy in the app. It’s that simple.

With 9Proxy, there’s no need to deal with complicated settings or multiple steps. The app handles everything, ensuring you can browse the web securely and privately, appearing as though you’re browsing from any location you choose.

How to Set Up 9Proxy

Using the 9Proxy application, follow these steps to configure your settings:

Step 1: Configure Port Numbers

Navigate to More > Settings > Numbers of Port > Set.

Decide on the start port for your tasks and the number of ports you’ll need. If you skip this step, a default port number will be assigned.

Step 2: Filter and Locate Proxies

Use filtering options to find the specific proxy you need by country, state, or city.

For a quicker search, enter the zip code or a specific range of IP addresses for the desired location.

After setting your preferences, click “Search” to view a list of available IP addresses matching your criteria.

Step 3: Assign Proxies to Ports

Once you locate a suitable proxy, right-click on “Forward Port To Proxy” and select the option to link it with a specific port, such as port 6000.

Confirm the port selection to start routing your internet traffic through the chosen proxy.

The proxy will begin operating once the port selection is confirmed.

Step 4: Access Detailed Proxy Parameters

After completing the above steps, you can:

  • Access Proxy Details: A comprehensive view of proxy parameters can be found by clicking on “Port Forwarding List.”
  • Copy Parameters: To copy the local IP and port of a proxy, simply click the “Copy” button next to the desired proxy.

This process ensures you have all the necessary details for seamless proxy use.

9Proxy Dashboard Overview

Once your subscription is active, you can manage it through the website dashboard. To access it, go to your account at the top right of the website and click ‘Dashboard.’

Dashboard Features:

  • Redeem Share Code: Receive proxy from other account's shared code
  • Billing History: Payment history when purchasing proxies
  • Usage Log: Information about proxies used during the day
  • Pricing: Proxy package prices are provided and can be paid
  • Affiliate Program: All information about affiliate programs will be available here
  • Share Code: Share your proxy code with others
  • Sub-Account: Create and manage your sub-accounts

Customer Support of 9Proxy

9Proxy provides assistance through various channels including chat, email, and social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. They are available to answer questions, resolve issues, and listen to your feedback. For detailed contact information, visit their contact page.

Support Resources:

Help Center: A comprehensive Help Center includes frequently asked questions (FAQs), step-by-step proxy guides, and information on API integration.

Guides and FAQs: Designed to help users understand and optimize their use of 9Proxy’s services, offering detailed guides and answers to common questions.

For more in-depth assistance, explore the specific guides or review the common questions that other users have asked.

9Proxy: Pros and Cons


Competitive Pricing and Promotions: 9Proxy offers affordable rates compared to the market, starting at $0.04 per IP (~1,000 VND/IP). Customers are encouraged to contact 9Proxy directly for the most current promotional offerings.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlike many competitors who sell bandwidth packages (e.g., 1 GB, 2 GB), 9Proxy sells individual IPs that allow unlimited data usage for downloading and uploading, helping customers manage costs effectively and handle data-intensive tasks.

Exclusive, Clean Proxy Pool: 9Proxy provides over 9 million proxies, maintaining a clean and unique pool which greatly minimizes the risk of blacklisting compared to shared pools with other providers.

Proxy Replacement Policy: 9Proxy offers a unique feature where if a proxy fails within 60 seconds of assignment, customers can check the Today List and receive a replacement proxy, protecting users against rapid proxy expiration.

Today List Feature: This feature allows users to reuse any proxy that comes back online within 24 hours at no additional cost, helping further manage expenses.

Support for SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS: This increases security, enhances performance, and ensures faster and more reliable connections.

Trial Packages: 9Proxy offers trial packages during special occasions, allowing new users to experience their service by contacting them directly via their homepage for information on available free trials.

Platform Compatibility: Seamlessly works with all platforms, ensuring genuine and fully functional proxies.

Infinite Network Uptime: Allows unlimited concurrent sessions, guaranteeing continuous operation.


No Private Proxy: Does not offer private proxy services.

No UDP Support: Lacks support for UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

No Rotating Proxies: Does not provide rotating proxy options.

Pricing Plan

9Proxy offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to meet different needs, providing flexibility for users at different levels. Here's a breakdown of their offerings:

100 IPs:

  • Price: $0.20 per IP
  • Total Cost: $20
  • Ideal for beginners or those with minimal needs.

500 IPs:

  • Price: $0.12 per IP (reduced from $0.17)
  • Total Cost: $60
  • Suitable for users with growing needs, offering a solid discount.

1,000 IPs (+500 IPs):

  • Price: $0.07 per IP (originally $0.11)
  • Total Cost: $105
  • Includes a bonus of 500 IPs, providing 1,500 IPs in total. Great value for extensive usage.

2,500 IPs:

  • Price: $0.07 per IP (reduced from $0.17)
  • Total Cost: $175
  • Targeted at heavy users with specific geo-targeting needs, saving users $75.

5,000 IPs:

  • Price: $0.06 per IP (reduced from $0.17)
  • Total Cost: $300
  • Designed for enterprises, offering substantial savings for large-scale operations.

15,000 IPs:

  • Price: $0.04 per IP (reduced from $0.08)

  • Total Cost: $600

  • The best value for bulk users, providing significant cost efficiency with a half-price deal.


How does 9Proxy work?

9Proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet, concealing your real IP address and enabling anonymous browsing.

Can 9Proxy access geo-restricted content?

Yes, 9Proxy can help users bypass geo-restrictions and access content that may be blocked in their country by routing their connection through servers in different locations.

Is 9Proxy secure?

9Proxy aims to provide a secure browsing experience by encrypting your internet traffic, which helps protect your data from hackers and snoopers.

How fast is 9Proxy?

The speed of 9Proxy can vary depending on several factors, including the server location and the user's original internet speed, but it strives to offer fast and reliable connections.

Is there customer support available for 9Proxy users?

Yes, 9Proxy provides customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they might encounter while using the service.

Can I switch servers easily with 9Proxy?

Yes, 9Proxy allows users to switch between servers easily, offering flexibility to choose the most suitable server based on location or specific needs.

Is 9Proxy compatible with all devices?

9Proxy is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, 9Proxy stands out as an exceptional choice for anyone seeking reliable and efficient proxy services. With its extensive global network, high-speed connections, and robust security features, 9Proxy ensures that you can access the internet anonymously and without restrictions. Whether you're looking to gather data, bypass geo-restrictions, or ensure your online activities remain private, 9Proxy offers a comprehensive solution that meets diverse needs. Embrace the power of seamless, uninterrupted internet access and take your online activities to the next level by choosing 9Proxy today.