Astro — review of an enterprise data gathering infrastructure

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Working with web data is problematic without geo targeted proxies. Such professional activities as collection of industry datasets, SEO, SMM, price comparison in e-commerce, ad verification, brand protection, QA operations, etc., make it a must to buy residential and mobile proxies along with the best datacenter proxies. We recommend exploring the Astro infrastructure with geo targeted proxies for business objectives. It gives immediate convenient access to an ethically sourced pool of IPs, covering 100+ countries. Each address is scanned and checked manually, with strict KYC/AML guidelines observed. When creating new accounts on Astro, one can benefit from a proxy free trial. Our promocode secures a 10% discount when purchasing geo targeted proxies.

Activating promocodes

Astro’s price tag for geo targeted proxies is cost-effective for organizations, temporary teams, individual freelance contractors, and other job formats. If one opts for their best datacenter proxies, rates start at $3.65 per 1 Gb. In case it is mandated to buy residential and mobile proxies, the fees are $7.3 and $13.14 per 1 Gb. Prepaid packages plus a Pay-as-you-Go approach are available.

10% in a discount is great for your budget and ambiance, even against this affordable background. Getting rebates is simple:

  • Visit the astroproxy.com;
  • Choose “Sign Up”;
  • Fill out a short registration form or apply Google accounts for authorization;
  • Confirm credentials, including your cell phone number;
  • Sign in with your account. In the upper right corner, find “Add port”. Click;
  • A new window emerges. The “Promocode” field is located in the upper right part;
  • Enter Undetectable.io — your promocode;
  • Receive a one-time 10% discount on geo targeted proxies.

Pros of Astro’s geo targeted proxies

It took the Astro team little time to achieve great success in niches of geo targeted proxies. Besides their global reach and size of the verified multi-component IP pool, sufficient for complex corporate missions across public data domains, one could name:

  • Detailed KYC/AML policy of Astro, pursued by manual backup checks and AI-powered monitoring mechanisms;
  • VPN compatibility;
  • Easy switching between HTTP(S) and SOCKS5. Whenever you buy residential and mobile proxies (or, alternatively, the best datacenter proxies) on Astro, protocols may be changed during user sessions via a single click;
  • Dynamic IP rotation capabilities. Three ways exist, i.e. per request, by timer, though links accessible in accounts;
  • Astro referral program, revealing passive income potential. Distribute links, attract new users, top up your balance with steadily growing shares of referrals’ payments;
  • Integration opportunities comprising popular web task management software solutions, be it intelligent data gathering, marketing automation, etc. Astro’s geo targeted proxies are a perfect match for Undetectable;
  • 99.9% uptime.

How to use Undetectable Browser with Astro

To finalize this review, here is a brief manual on utilizing this ethical proxy infrastructure with Undetectable. Detailed instructions are unnecessary, visit the documentation section for them. After ordering geo targeted proxies on Astro, all details become visible, such as hosts, passwords, ports. Then two paths apply:

  • With limited amounts of proxies, enter data separately, via dedicated forms, while generating virtual user profiles in Undetectable;
  • With multiple proxies, rely on "Proxy Manager" and templates for lists’ export and import. There, one has discretion to export a template, a text file where proxy-pertaining properties are outlined, using a delimiter.

The template's instance offers elaborate guidance on efficiently creating lists with copy and paste functions. After editing files, save them to your disk. Next, effortlessly import essential proxy-specific info into Undetectable profiles. The "Import" button makes it possible.

Evaluate how to use Undetectable with Astro’s ethically sourced infrastructure in action. Buy residential and mobile proxies! Undetectable browser profile at once.


10% discount on proxy orders