Bright Data - Proxy Service Review

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Bright Data helps bypass restrictions and maintain anonymity. Moreover, the service offers not only simple connection through a proxy server, but also advanced products for data collection.

Let's start describing its capabilities with a $100 bonus for registration.

Conditions for receiving the bonus

Today, Bright Data offers very favorable tariff conditions for new user registration. To receive the bonus, you need to:

  • Go to the Bright Data website by following this link
  • Complete a simple procedure by filling in the necessary fields
  • Deposit $100 into your account

After that, the system will automatically credit the bonus in the same amount - $100.

Service description

Let's start by listing the main areas of application for Bright Data tools:

  • Traffic arbitrage
  • Online gambling
  • Web data scraping, including product verification and price comparison in online stores
  • Checking the compliance of affiliate links with the actual placement of advertisements on websites
  • Checking the proper use of content to protect commercial and copyright rights
  • SEO monitoring using various search engines and multiple IP addresses
  • Comprehensive collection and analysis of marketing data

The whole world at your feet

The review of the Bright Data service should start with the announcement of the most important metrics. In fact, you need to have proxy servers in many countries to bypass maximum national restrictions. And to bypass anti-spam system blocking, you should use as many IP addresses as possible. Currently, Bright Data means:

  • Servers in 195 countries
  • The world's largest IP address network - 72 million

Moreover, this huge pool of addresses can be used in various modes: static, using a network of real P2P IP addresses, with emulation of connection through mobile operators.

Data unblocking tool

When sending a request through a regular proxy service, you don't always receive a response from the desired resource. In such cases, money and time are wasted, and achieving the result is associated with repetitions and inconveniences. The Bright Data Proxy Manager tool helps overcome this drawback. Now the proxy service takes responsibility for obtaining the response. The user has all the necessary information and pays only for successful requests.

Search engine crawler

You need to use different IP addresses and other measures to bypass blocking algorithms in order to get an accurate picture when searching by keywords, collecting results, or influencing query statistics in different countries. This task is solved by the Bright Data Search Engine Crawler in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Data collector

Regular data collection from competitor websites and trading platforms is necessary for marketing and analytical companies. It is practically impossible to perform this work manually, and creating special software is expensive and inefficient. But there is no need for that, because there is the Bright Data Data Collector! The user specifies target websites and selects ready-made templates for data collection and report preparation. From this moment on, the necessary information is automatically and timely delivered.

Using with an undetectable browser

On the Bright Data service website, user instructions for each of the proposed tools are presented in a convenient form - these are detailed step-by-step algorithms with screenshots. Here, we will provide only a brief description of the capabilities of the Undetectable browser. The convenient proxy manager and template export feature allow you to avoid a large amount of manual work when entering multiple IP addresses and accounts. In addition, it is easy to create almost an infinite number of virtual users by specifying:

  • Operating system
  • Browser name and version
  • Screen size
  • Proxy type
  • Network fingerprints
  • System fingerprints (hashes, metadata, fonts, etc.)

This is not a complete list of possible settings, but it clearly demonstrates that the Undetectable browser allows you to create an infinite number of virtual users that visited services will consider real and unique.