FlexCard - review of the service for renting mobile applications

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Virtual bank cards are necessary for mass pouring on Facebook, TikTok, Google, or any other platform. Arbitrageurs have many requirements for such a service, such as trusted bins, unlimited fast issuance, and, of course, price. When it comes to arbitrage specifics, it is impossible to do without team functionality and competent operational support.


The oldest partner network Traffic Light has released its own service for issuing virtual debit cards - FlexCard, which is designed for arbitrage. This means that you can take it, tie it to the cabs, pour without any hassle, and make a profit.

Strong sides of FlexCard

FlexCard is suitable for launching ads on the most popular sources: Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, and can also be used for pouring on Snapchat and Twitter. The cards are processed as debit Visa Business cards. Currently, there are two BINs in the service. The first one, Sophia, is identified as Spain, and the second one, Barcelona, as Brazil. The team's balance is distributed between these two financial services. But more on that later.

The cards are issued in unlimited quantities and, most importantly, quickly. The issuance cost is low: €2 for the Sophia BIN and €4 for the Barcelona BIN.


The cards can be topped up via Wire transfer, USDT, as well as from the balance of partner networks. The minimum top-up amount for cards via USDT or PP is only 50 euros, and via a bank card - 100 euros. Each BIN has separate fees. The service charges a top-up fee of 6.5% (for the Sophia BIN) and 4% (for the Barcelona BIN).

As you may have guessed, the currency of the cards is euro, and there will be a 1% fee for topping up with a different currency.


The user-friendly interface allows you to issue cards for yourself and other team members. The service's distinctive feature is easy budget management for advertising. The funds are tied to the account, not the cards, and card expenses are regulated by personal limits.

The team functionality and role distribution in the FlexCard personal account greatly facilitate work when pouring on large volumes.

Cards can be issued by: Owner - team leader, Manager - manager/TeamLead, who manages finances and monitors the status of the bearers. And a Teammate - a bearer, who can be subordinate to the team Owner or team Manager, or not. Funds are debited with 3DS confirmation, and the code is sent directly to the personal account.

Convenient statistics on expenses, available balance, the number of active and blocked cards are kept for each team member.

If you pour alone, only you will be listed.

Weak sides of FlexCard

There are only two BINs, but they promise that a third one will be available soon.

The service also strictly prohibits being the first to pour.

How to start working with FlexCard, features of the personal account

To start working, you need to register with FlexCard. Enter your details, confirm your email, and contact support to activate your account.


After activation, you top up your balance in the system, issue a card, and connect it to your advertising account. The Barcelona BIN is better suited for Google, and both BINs work well with FB and TT.

The interface of the personal account is intuitive, thanks to the developers for that.

All new users can get one free Sophia BIN card with the Undetectable promo code. Contact support and get your cards.


Write to support for a promo code and get 2 free cards!