Overview of the IPFoxy proxy service

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IPFoxy is a premier global high-quality proxy services provider, offering a range of clean proxies including Dedicated ISP Proxies, Dedicated Data Center Proxies, and Rotating Residential Proxies. Our services help users efficiently expand their online business operations.

For more details, please visit our official website. Here is a brief introduction to the features of IPFoxy's services.

Various proxies types

We provide High-speed Data Center IPv4 proxies、IPv6 proxies, Real Residential ISP proxies, Rotating Residential proxies and other types of exclusive IPs, which are fully optimised according to business objectives.

Competitive Pricing

IPFoxy offers highly affordable proxy prices, starting at $3.99 for datacenter proxies and $5.99 for ISP residential proxies. Perfect for users seeking value for money, with additional discounts available periodically for even more savings.

Free trial

To reduce user trial and error costs, we offer a free proxy trial for every user.

Customised Sevices

All proxies support socks5 and http protocols free switching and free positioning, and support for API calls, batch operations, QR code integration, and more.

220+ Location Options

Supports proxy positioning in over 220 popular countries/regions, helping to expand business across various locations and accurately simulate target region users. View coverage regions

Stable performance

Proxy efficient and stable operation, 100% network uptime, to ensure the highest success rate with maximum speed!

24-hours online service

Provide 7 * 24 hours uninterrupted personal service, pre-sale and after-sale protection!


IPFoxy offers exclusive discount links and free trials. By entering from the exclusive link, you can enjoy a 10% discount on proxies, and get free access to Data Center IPv4, IPv6 proxies for 3 days, as well as 200MB free traffic for dynamic residential proxies.

If you would like to receive further discounts, please contact our business manager.

How to use IPFoxy proxies in the Undetectable browser

If you have purchased a small number of IPFoxy proxies, you can copy the proxy information from the proxy list, including the host, port, username, and password. Then, enter the Undetectable browser and input the specified host, port, and password in the input form.

If you have purchased and are using a large number of IP addresses, using the batch export function will be more efficient.