IPHTML - review of the proxy service

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IPHTML is a public data access platform that provides high-quality IP addresses for various purposes. It offers a pool of over 60 million IPs with the ability to choose the country and city for marketing research, social media management, and online retail. In this review, we will discuss its key advantages, features, and pricing plans.

Advantages of IPHTML

IPHTML has several advantages over other proxy services:

  • It offers different types of proxies: data center, residential, and next-generation. Each type has its own features and is suitable for different tasks.
  • It provides high speed, reliability, and stability of proxies. Its proxies go through networks of clean IPs from 100% local devices connected through commercial providers.
  • It provides convenient tools for proxy management. You can make an unlimited number of requests through its ports with rotation or static IP. You can also authenticate proxies by username and password or by IP address.
  • It has a very competitive price. Its products cost on average only about a quarter of similar products on the market.

Features of IPHTML

IPHTML offers several services for data collection from various sources:

  • SERP Scraper API: a scalable service for extracting data from search engines. It is suitable for SEO and keyword monitoring, as well as intellectual property protection.
  • E-Commerce Scraper API: a service for obtaining product data from the top 50 American e-commerce platforms. It is suitable for price monitoring, competitor analysis, and review monitoring.
  • Web Scraper API: a service for extracting public data from most websites. It is suitable for marketing research, sentiment analysis, and brand protection.

IPHTML Pricing Plans

IPHTML has different pricing plans depending on the type of proxy and traffic volume. Here are some of them:

  • Data center proxies: starting from $0.5 per 1 GB of traffic.
  • Residential proxies: starting from $8 per 1 GB of traffic.
  • Next-generation proxies: starting from $10 per 1 GB of traffic.
  • SERP Scraper API: starting from $0.01 per 1 request.
  • E-Commerce Scraper API: starting from $0.02 per 1 request.
  • Web Scraper API: starting from $0.03 per 1 request.

You can choose a suitable plan on the IPHTML website.


IPHTML is one of the best data collection services on the market. It offers high-quality geotargeted IP addresses, different types of proxies for different tasks, convenient proxy management tools, and affordable prices. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your business, IPHTML is what you need. You can visit their website, IPHTML, to learn more about their services and pricing plans.