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If you’re hunting for a discount or haven’t decided on a proxy service yet, here’s all you need to know about IPRoyal and its residential proxies to help you make the decision.

Pairing reliable proxy servers with an undetectable browser offers several advantages. Aside from improving the anonymity of the profiles you create, it allows you to choose the location for your profiles, further improving the authenticity of your operations.

Additionally, using proxies can streamline your performance as they minimize your chances of encountering any IP-related obstacles - blocks, bans, CAPTCHAs, and beyond. If you’re using rotating residential proxies, you can switch between IPs on each request or create sticky sessions with a specific duration necessary for specific tasks or automation.

20% discount code

With so many advantages, there’s no wonder why proxies play a crucial role in modern multi-account management. Today, we’re pleased to introduce IPRoyal, our reliable partner, and offer you the opportunity to save an extra 20% on its residential proxies.

Here’s how to take advantage of this bonus:

  • Follow this link
  • Create an account with IPRoyal
  • When placing an order for IPRoyal residential proxies, enter the promo code “undetectable20” in the corresponding field

You’ll get a 20% discount on your order. Keep in mind that it’s only valid for IPRoyal residential proxies.

Key IPRoyal advantages

Here’s a quick overview of everything IPRoyal residential proxies have to offer. We’ll examine each proxy service more closely, along with key features.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are IPRoyal’s most popular product, and it’s easy to see why. You get plenty of features and customization options at a fantastic price, with great bulk discounts and traffic that doesn’t expire until you decide to use it.

  • Ethically sourced proxy pool (32M+ proxies in 195 countries)
  • Precise targeting (Country, state, and city)
  • Customizable sessions (rotating and sticky up to 7 days)
  • Non-expiring traffic (starting at $7/GB)
  • Zero contract obligations

Additionally, you can use the “high-end pool” feature at zero extra cost. While it reduces the number of proxies available, it ensures you always have the fastest, most responsive proxies ready to go. Users who value speed and high performance will certainly appreciate this unique feature.

You can also create sub-accounts, which is very convenient for teams. There’s no limit to the number of sub-accounts, and the account holder can easily assign traffic and generate proxies for each sub-user. This way, you get full access control for the entire team and a simple overview of available traffic. More importantly, you don’t have to split your orders over multiple accounts, taking full advantage of IPRoyal’s discounts.

Since traffic doesn’t expire, it makes perfect sense to purchase it in bulk. IProyal offers discounts based on the amount of traffic you purchase (up to 75% off), and they stack with your 20% discount code for the lowest price possible!

Finally, IPRoyal’s support is available 24/7 through multiple channels, so you can count on getting help whenever you need it - from proxy integration to solving issues. The website also offers comprehensive documentation, quick-start guides, tutorials, and other content to help you make the most of your proxies.

Datacenter proxies

What makes IPRoyal datacenter proxies stand out is their speed. While they’re easier to identify than residential proxies, they’re a great option for those who value high performance and stability at a great price (starting at $1.39/proxy). Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited traffic and sessions
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Over 40 available countries
  • Easy integration and API support

ISP proxies

These proxies combine the best of residential and datacenter proxies. They offer great performance at a low cost while still maintaining high authenticity. ISP proxies are a great option for long-term projects like social media management, brand protection, and more. Starting at $1.75/proxy, these proxies offer:

  • Unlimited traffic and sessions
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Premium internet service providers
  • Over 30 available countries
  • API support

Mobile proxies

Finally, mobile proxies come from mobile devices in real mobile carrier networks. They have exceptionally high trust ratings, minimizing the chance of bans, blocks, and other interruptions to your workflow. Starting at $117/month, you get:

  • Unlimited traffic and sessions
  • 7 available countries
  • 5G/4G/3G and LTE support
  • Instant IP rotation
  • API support

IPRoyal and Undetectable - common use cases

Undetectable’s exceptional features, combined with IPRoyal’s performance, authenticity, and ethical proxy sourcing, allow you to use them however you want:

  • Web scraping for stock and commodity markets
  • Safely managing multiple accounts on social networks
  • Location-specific search engine optimization (SEO) research
  • Ad fraud prevention, brand and intellectual property protection
  • Website and app testing
  • Bypassing geo-blocks for unrestricted content access

How to use the Undetectable browser with IPRoyal proxies

Adding proxies to Undetectable is easy. You can generate a list in the IPRyal dashboard with an unlimited number of sessions and add it to Undetectable through the Proxy Manager’s import feature. Undetectable recognizes the standard host:port:login:password format.

Alternatively, you can add a proxy when you create a profile. Click the Main icon and select the New Proxy option below. Select the proxy type (HTTP or SOCKS5), and paste the host:port:login:password string from the IPRoyal dashboard. You can perform a quick test by clicking the Check Proxy icon.


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