KMA.biz – proxy service review

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KMA.biz is an affiliate network specializing in the promotion of beauty and health products. In this review, we will explain why KMA.biz is one of the market leaders, the advantages it offers to its partners and advertisers, and how you can join and start earning.

What is KMA.biz and How Does it Work?

KMA.biz is a CPA network that was founded in 2013. CPA stands for cost per action, which means partners receive a commission for every order made by a customer who clicked on their link. KMA.biz works with advertisers who produce and supply beauty and health products such as creams, capsules, patches, teas, etc. Partners choose suitable offers for their audience and place links to them on their websites, blogs, social networks, email newsletters, and other traffic channels. When a customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the partner receives their commission, which depends on the country, product category, and number of orders.

Why is KMA.biz Better Than Other CPA Networks?

KMA.biz has several advantages that set it apart from its competitors. Here are some of them:

  • Wide selection of offers. KMA.biz offers over 1000 offers worldwide, including the CIS, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other regions. You can choose offers from various categories such as weight loss, diet, detox, beauty, potency, joint health, immunity, etc. You can also filter offers by payment type (COD, prepay, trial), traffic type (web, mobile, social, email), and other parameters.
  • High conversions and stable payouts. KMA.biz has its own range of products that are manufactured and delivered under the company's control. This guarantees high product quality, fast and reliable delivery, as well as a minimal percentage of refusals and returns. Thanks to this, partners can expect high conversions and stable payouts. KMA.biz pays commissions twice a week through various payment systems such as Webmoney, Capitalist, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and others.
  • Partner support and training. KMA.biz cares about its partners and provides them with all the necessary support and training. You can contact a personal manager who will help you choose the best offers, provide optimization and scaling advice for your traffic, and resolve any issues related to working in the network. You can also gain access to exclusive materials such as landing pages, pre-landers, banners, scripts, case studies, and other tools that will help you increase the effectiveness of your promotion. Additionally, you can join the KMA.biz Telegram chat, where you can communicate with other partners, share experiences, and participate in contests and giveaways.

How to Join KMA.biz and Start Earning?

Joining KMA.biz is very simple. You need to register on the official network website, fill out the application form, and confirm your email. After that, you can log in to your personal account, where you will find all available offers, statistics, settings, and other information. Choose an offer that suits your traffic, copy the link, and place it on your traffic source. Start attracting customers and earning a commission for each order.


KMA.biz is one of the best CPA networks for earning in the beauty and health niche. It offers its partners a wide selection of offers, high conversions, stable payouts, support, and training. If you want to start earning by promoting beauty and health products, then KMA.biz is an excellent choice for you.