LTEBoost - review of the proxy service

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LTEBoost is a service that provides residential and individual mobile proxies supporting HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. Mobile proxies are IP addresses that belong to real mobile users and change dynamically. They ensure high anonymity and security in the network, as websites and services cannot block or track them.

LTEBoost allows you to choose the proxy location with city-level accuracy in different countries around the world, including Russia, Ukraine, USA, Europe, and others. The service guarantees stable proxy performance on popular platforms such as social networks (VK, Facebook, Instagram), Amazon, Avito, eBay, YouTube, Steam, and more.

LTEBoost is suitable for various tasks, including:

  • Web scraping and data collection from websites
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Internet marketing and advertising
  • Bypassing blocks and access restrictions
  • Testing and analyzing web applications

How to use LTEBoost service?

To start using the LTEBoost service, there is no need to register on the website. It is enough to choose the desired tariff and payment method to gain access to the proxies. The service supports various payment methods, including bank cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and others.

The service offers two types of proxies: shared and individual. Shared proxies are shared among multiple users but have a larger pool of IP addresses and a lower price. Individual proxies are allocated to only one user but have a smaller pool of IP addresses and a higher price.

The speed on shared mobile proxies is 2 Mbps, while on individual proxies, it is 10 Mbps. The service does not provide access to payment systems, e-wallets, banking platforms, as well as betting websites. Proxy servers can be rented for 30 days. If the user does not renew the service, the proxy is returned to the store.

To connect to the proxy, you need to use a special login and password provided after payment. The service provides instructions for setting up proxies for different programs and devices, such as browsers, software, smartphones, and others.

Advantages and disadvantages of LTEBoost service

The LTEBoost service has several advantages, such as:

  • Wide selection of proxy locations worldwide
  • High anonymity and security in the network
  • Stable proxy performance on various platforms
  • Simple and user-friendly website interface
  • Different payment methods and flexible tariffs
  • Free trial period and bonuses for reviews
  • Quality technical support

The LTEBoost service also has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Limited speed on shared proxies
  • Inability to access certain websites and services
  • Need to renew the service every 30 days
  • Lack of registration and personal account on the website

User reviews about LTEBoost service

The LTEBoost service mainly receives positive reviews from its users, who praise the quality of proxies, support, and prices. On various websites and forums, you can find numerous reviews where people share their experience of working with the service and recommend it to others. Here are some examples of reviews:

  • Kostya: "I haven't found a better service yet, it's not cheap, but the service meets the quality. The support team is communicative, they answered all my numerous questions. No complaints about the addresses, the quality is superb, and the speed is good."
  • thyme: "Excellent service, definitely recommend! The proxies are of very good quality, and the support team is always responsive, quickly answering and resolving any issues."
  • Sasha: "I wouldn't say these are outstanding proxies, but now, against the background of a bunch of junk proxy services, LTEBoost is showing itself very decently."
  • Petr: "The most decent proxies out of all I've tried, perfect for classified ads, I recommend."
  • Denis: "Top proxies for Facebook! Before I started buying from LTEBoost, I used other services, some were better, some were worse, but my accounts were constantly getting banned. Now the bans are close to zero, everything is great."


LTEBoost is a service that offers mobile proxies for various purposes. The service has many advantages, such as a wide selection of locations, high anonymity, stable performance, a user-friendly interface, different payment methods, and quality support. The service also has some disadvantages, such as limited speed, inability to access certain websites and services, the need to renew the service every 30 days, and the absence of registration and a personal account on the website.

LTEBoost is a service that deserves attention from those who are looking for high-quality and reliable mobile proxies for various purposes. The service has many positive reviews from its users who are satisfied with its performance and support. The service also offers a free trial period and bonuses for reviews, allowing users to evaluate its advantages without risk. If you want to learn more about the LTEBoost service or try it out, you can visit its official website.