LunaProxy - review of the proxy service

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LunaProxy - the most reliable provider of IP proxy servers. Use our 200+ million residential proxy servers worldwide to support data collection. 100% high level of security, stability, and ease of setup, supporting services such as social media marketing, ad verification, e-commerce platform, sports shoe agency, review monitoring, etc.

  • Over 200 million high-quality residential agents starting at $0.07 per GB.
  • Overcome bans, captchas.
  • HTTP(S)/Socks5 protocol.
  • No fee for invalid IP addresses.
  • Unlimited simultaneous sessions.
  • Average success rate of 99.99%.
  • 195+ country and city-level positions.
  • Rotating/static IP address.
  • Best proxy for browser detection evasion and data collection.

Register with LunaProxy and find the invitation code on the control panel to get up to a 10% bonus.