FlexCard: reliable payments with unlimited issue for FB, TikTok and Google


Virtual bank cards are needed for mass uploads from Facebook, TikTok, Google or any other site. Arbitrators have a lot of requirements for such a service, such as trusted bins, unlimited fast issue, and of course, price. If you take the specifics of arbitrage, you can't do without team functionality and competent operational support.

The oldest Traffic Light affiliate has publicly released its own virtual debit card issuing service - FlexCard, which is tailored for arbitrage. This means, take it, knit it to kabobs, get it without any hassle, and make a profit.

FlexCard strengths

FlexCards are suitable for running ads on the most and most popular sources: Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, you can also use them to pour from Snapchat and Twitter. The cards are punched in as Visa Business debit cards. The service now has two BINs. The first, Sophia, is defined as Spain, the second, Barselona, as Brazil. These two financial services are allocated a single team balance. But more about this later.

Cards are issued in unlimited quantities and, most importantly, quickly. The cost of issue is low: €2 for BIN Sophia and €4 for BIN Barselona.


Cards are credited via Wire-transfer, USDT as well as from the balance of affiliates. The minimum top-up through USDT or via PP is only 50 euros, and by bank card - 100 euros. There are separate fees for each BIN. The service takes a commission of 6.5% (for BIN Sophia) and 4% (for BIN Barcelona).

As you understood, the currency of the cards is euros, for replenishment by other currencies the commission of 1% will be taken.


A user-friendly interface allows you to issue cards both for yourself and for other members of the team. A distinctive feature of the service is easy management of the advertising budget. Funds are tied to an account, not cards, and spending on cards is regulated by personal limits.

Team functionality and distribution of roles in the personal FlexCard cabinet makes it very easy to work on large volumes.

Cards can issue: Owner - team leader, Manager - manager/TeamLead of the team, manages finances and keeps track of the stats of the barers. But Teammate - barer, can be subordinate to the Owner of the team or team manager, no. Writing-off of funds is confirmed through 3ds, the code comes directly to your personal cabinet.

For each team member is a convenient stats on expenses, available balance, the number of working and blocked cards.

If you are pouring alone, only you will be listed.

Weaknesses of FlexCard

Only two BINs, but they promise a third soon.

Also, the service categorically forbids first-billing.

How to get started with FlexCard, features of your personal account

To get started, you need to register in FlexCard. Enter data, confirm your email and write to support to activate your account.


After activation you refill the balance in the system, issue the card and connect it to the advertising office. BIN Barcelona is better connected to Google, both BINs are well connected to FB and TT.

The interface of the personal account is intuitive, for this special thanks to the developers.

All new members can get one free BIN Sophia card with Undetectable promo code. Write to support and pick up your cards

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