NetNut - proxy service review

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A considerable number of Undetectable browser users work using the NetNut proxy. Have you not made a decision yet or ordered services from another service? In any case, it makes sense to get brief but succinct information about this proxy provider. And the information is complemented by a significant bonus - a discount of a quarter of the price!

Conditions for receiving a discount from NetNut

The discount is given to new users of the service and applies to the first purchase. The discount is 25% on all purchases above $100. To get it, you need to follow the link to register on NetNut and write the promo code UNDETECTABLE25.

NetNut proxy service – 85 million residential IPs across the planet and 99.9% uptime

We post objective reviews on the site, with no advertising or exaggerations. Therefore, when reviewing NetNut, we will not use such phrases as "world leader". It is more correct to say that this is a reliable average performer, but an average performer on a global scale. The service has regular users all over the world primarily because:

  • it conducts an attractive pricing policy,
  • It works with high reliability.

The IP service pool consists of 85 million addresses, according to this indicator NetNut is several times inferior to some competitors. But practice shows that this number of IP addresses is more than enough to solve problems not only of medium, but also of large scale. The user reviews confirm this conclusion, and the emphasis is on other important advantages:

  • 2M+ IP addresses from U.S. datacenters trusted by anti-spam systems,
  • 1 million static resident IP addresses,
  • IP addresses from Internet providers,
  • Fast operation of proxy servers,
  • There is no limit on the number of simultaneous requests,
  • Ability to use a dynamic P2P proxy network.

So, NetNut users have every opportunity to use different approaches to perform the corresponding tasks. For example, in some cases it is more reliable to use static resident proxies and IPs, to work on the network through reputable US data centers. In others, to bypass anti-spam algorithms it is more advantageous to send requests to target resources from many constantly changing addresses. In any case, NetNut provides an opportunity to choose the best connection option.

It is equally important that according to statistics, this proxy service works flawlessly 99.9% of the time. This high indicator will be duly appreciated by experienced users who have repeatedly had to deal with hanging parsing processes when using free or dubious proxies, long negotiations with the support service due to technical failures.

Using an Undetectable browser with a proxy from NetNut

After ordering and paying for services to the required extent, the NetNut service provides the user with a list of proxy server parameters. This is the host (address), port and type of server, as well as the login and password to access it. If you need to use a small number of servers (1-4) in the Undetectable browser for the tasks you perform, it is not difficult to enter their parameters into the program separately. To do this, use the "Proxy" element in the profile settings window.

If you need to use multiple servers, it is more convenient to use a Proxy Manager. In this case, you need to prepare a test file marked with special characters with a list of servers. It is not difficult to do this due to the fact that the Manager will generate a hint template at any time. From a ready-made file, many parameters are entered into Undetectable browser profiles at the click of a button!


-25% discount on first purchase over $100