How to use Astroproxy with an anti-detect browser?

It is impossible to consistently engage in social media promotion or commercial data collection without a trusted proxy. Therefore, take a good look at Astroproxy, which has won the recognition of users with its private IP, payment for traffic and a free trial period. The reader of the article also gets a 10 % discount when ordering a proxy!

Conditions for receiving the bonus

The article is about a service that is famous for reliable operation, but at the same time characterized by affordable prices. Despite the low prices, getting a 10 % discount can also save you significant cash and improve your mood. To use the bonus, you need just to follow a few simple steps:

  • Follow the link
  • Select the menu item "Registration"
  • Fill out the first registration form (you need to enter only your email address and password)
  • After confirming the email address, fill out the second form, where in the appropriate field specify the promo code "undetectable.io10%" After completion of registration, you will receive a 10 % discount when ordering specific services.

Astroproxy: basic information and advantages of the service

Astroproxy is a relatively young company, but, what you would call, is a young upstart. The dynamics of the growth of opportunities and popularity of the service pleasantly surprises. To confirm this conclusion, it is enough to mention that at the time of the launch of the resident proxy network in the first half of 2020, there were offered servers in 11 countries. And at the time of writing this article, there were 35 geolocation options, and no one was going to stop there.

In addition to the constant expansion of georeferencing options, the main reasons for the rapid growth in the popularity of Astroproxy were:

  • Private IP addresses
  • Paying for traffic, not for time
  • Convincing impressions of free trial

All IP addresses offered by the service are private, which do not cause suspicion of anti-spam algorithms of social networks, online stores and other resources. And the reason is that they belong to the subnets of real mobile service providers, large data centers, companies and corporations, Internet service providers serving millions of actual users. Therefore, the Astroproxy client is never banned for an initially "dirty" address. Reliable operation requires only the right approach, caution when logging into dozens and hundreds of accounts or when submitting thousands of requests to download data from a resource.

The users of Astroproxy pay not for the time they connect to intermediary servers, but for the traffic flowing through the proxy. In terms of finance it is very profitable, since you do not have to bear the costs due to technological downtime, delays on the side of target resources. Many services provide a free trial period before registration. However, on Astroproxy, users can determine for themselves what features and for how long they will test: the duration of the trial use, during which access to all services and options is provided, has been already set.

How to use Undetectable browser with Astroproxy service

Lastly, to complete this overview of Astroproxy we will provide you with a brief instruction for setting up an Undetectable browser to work through a proxy of this service. There is no point in giving a complete step-by-step instruction, since it is described in the manual section on the website. Let's just explain that in any case, the setup will be simple and will not take much time.

After ordering services on Astroproxy, the service will provide an appropriate list of information – hosts, ports, passwords… If there are used a small number of proxies, it is easy to enter all the required data individually through a special form in an Undetectable browser when creating a virtual user profile.

In the case of dozens or hundreds of used IP addresses, the preferred option is to use the "Proxy Manager" and templates for exporting and importing lists. In the "Manager" it is possible to export a template – it is a text file in which the proxy parameters are set via a character separator. The example given in the template will provide full information for quick and convenient creation of a list using the functions of copying and pasting strings, blocks. You need to save the edited file to disk, and then use the "Import" button to immediately enter all the necessary proxy data into the Undetectable browser profile.

See full guide to connecting AstroProxy to Undetectable!


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